Dell SE2716H; An In-Depth Review

Earlier this year, Samsung launched its first wave of curved-screen monitors, including their 27-inch VA-based model Samsung LS27D590CS-ZA. Being one of the more competitive monitor brands out there, Dell responded with their own version of curved 27-inch VA-panel monitor with Dell SE2716H, and as with its competition from Samsung, it delivers deep blacks, good grayscale performance and viewing angle. But how does it differ? Is it the better deal? Find out in this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide today!

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Who is it for?

For anyone looking to try the curved display experience, this Dell monitor is a great option. Its subtle curve provides a natural and comfortable viewing experience, as it reduces the distance between the side edges of the monitor, allowing your eyes to scan freely and see everything on screen easily.



Dell really embraced the curved-screen competition in their Dell SE2716H. This curved 27-inch Vertical Alignment (VA) panel runs with decent colour accuracy, good grayscale performance, deeper blacks and good viewing angle, while introducing both natural and comfortable viewing experience for the eyes.  It runs at Full HD (1080p) resolution, which is pretty standard these days.


Curved Screen for More Immersive Viewing Experience

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The 27-inch screen is mostly big enough for almost all workstations, but it doesn’t really provide a significant curve that entirely changes your viewing experience. Curved screen still works best for bigger displays, such as on Dell's UltraSharp U3415W and LG's 34UC97-S. This monitor however, does its own thing. The curved screen of this Dell monitor promises gorgeous wrap around view. Combine that with engaging surround audio from the loud built-in speakers and users will get the more immersive viewing experience.


Rich Colors and Deeper Blacks to Make Colors Pop Out

Like most Dell monitors, Dell SE2716H has no problems showing rich colors and deeper blacks, allowing the screen to show more vivid images as the colors pop out better. In terms of colour accuracy however, this Dell monitor is a little short from good. Chromaticity test shows that, colors are way off the mark. Green for example, is completely outside its ideal coordinates, while colors red and blue are just in the borderlines. This could mean oversaturation and tinting of colors. They may not seem obvious from the monitory, but this shortcoming can manifest in secondary monitor or in printers.

For its grayscale performance, this monitor is able to show every shade of gray, that is based on DisplayMate 64-Step Grayscale test. Pair that with the impressive 3000:1 native contrast ratio and you get excellent shadow and highlight details. This makes images in both games and movies pop out more with better colors.


Fast Response Time for All-Around Viewing

The combination of curved screen and built-in speakers makes it easy to believe that this Dell monitor is indeed built for entertainment. Thus, the 6ms (gray-to-gray) pixel response time is simply a necessary feature for this display’s overall functionality. The pixel response time is fast enough to minimize motion blur even in big title, demanding games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops III, or even action-packed Blu-ray movies.

For its Input Lag (the time it takes for the monitor to react from the controller’s command), this Dell monitor scored 12.4ms Input Lag, which means it is good enough for most games, and will not cause any noticeable lags while playing games. BenQ XL2430T is an excellent gaming monitor, which scored a crazy 9.5ms input lag time.


Design and Features

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Dell SE2716H sports a piano-black cabinet with a slightly curved screen that measures 27 inches, big enough for most users, even for those working on multiple tasks at once. Design wise, this Dell monitor is definitely sharp-looking, its modern design is enough to accentuate any office desks.


Beautiful and Stylish Curved Screen

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The curved screen of Dell SE2716H is polished with thin bezels for a seamless view. Measuring only 7.7mm, the 27-inch screen is bordered with a near-continual view, making it a perfect choice for dual monitor or multiple monitor setups.


Buttons and Controls

The lower right bezel houses the four function buttons of this Dell monitor, along with the Power switch. The buttons are unmarked, which means they rely on OSD (on-screen display) for their icons. The OSD however, makes them very easy to identify.

There aren’t many Picture Settings available in this Dell curved monitor, but it does come with eight (8) Picture Presets, namely Standard, Multimedia, Game, Movie, Paper, Cool, Warm and Custom (User defined). There are also controls for Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness and Aspect Ratio. The Energy options lack power-saving Eco modes, and depend on disabling the LED status to conserve energy, which obviously doesn’t do much.


Connectivity Options

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The Dell SE2716H has all the basic inputs/outputs connectivity options you need for your workstation. It has two (2) HDMI video inputs, one (1) VGA video input, one audio input and a headphone jack. There is no DisplayPort input, but this monitor’s HDMI port is MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) compatible, which means you can connect and charge your compatible gadgets (smartphones and tablets).


A Pair of Good Quality 9-Watt Speakers

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Dell really focused on making this curved screen as an all-around monitor that is good even for entertainment (watching movies and videos), which is why they accompanied it with a pair of built-in down-firing 9W speakers. The speakers are loud enough for movies and fires with good bass response for more immersive viewing experience.


Solid and Sturdy Stand, But with Limited Adjustability

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This Dell curved monitor comes with a nice and sturdy silver stand that provides further sophistication and robust and stable support for the large screen. It keeps the monitor from wobbling and allows 26° tilt range, 5° forward tilt and 21° backward tilt. However, it lacks the swivel, height adjustment and pivot.

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Unfortunately, it also lacks the VESA-compliant mounting holes, which means you can’t mount this large screen to a VESA-standard wall mount or to a more ergonomic monitor stand.


Tech Specs

Package comes with the Dell curved monitor, HDMI cable, Quick Setup Guide and resource CD that contains the User Guide.


Bottom Line

If you’re curious about curved monitor and want to experience it for your workstation that doubles as your mini entertainment system, then you might want to check out Dell SE2716HIt may not have the massive screen such as the Dell UltraSharp U3415Wbut its 27-inch screen is big enough for all work and entertainment needs. The Vertical Alignment (VA) panel makes rich and bold colors, and it is paired with loud and powerful speakers to complete your entertainment system.

Of course, you would have to settle to Full HD (1080p) resolution, with just the basic connectivity options, no USB ports, stand with limited adjustability, and lack of VESA-compliant mounting holes. Design wise, it looks aesthetically pleasing, but it is very limited. For only a few more dollars, you can get a different 27-inch screen at a much higher resolution (2560x1440p), with better accuracy, more I/O ports at Acer 272HUL. But of course, it doesn’t have the curved screen.

All in all, the Dell SE2716H is a slick monitor that takes pride in its curved panel. It doesn’t offer anything much than the curved screen experience.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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