Dell S2417DG; An In-Depth Review

Dell has long established itself as a respected brand the monitor industry, with lines for every conceivable use. However, it was only until recently that the brand ventured on true gaming displays. Their S-series for example, is billed for both gaming and multimedia, but only a couple of their models have the sufficient credibility for the enthusiasts. One of their newest models that is aimed for competitive gamers is the Dell S2417DG. So what makes this an improved Dell gaming monitor? How does if fair against its competitors? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more.

Who is it for?

Dell S2417DG is definitely designed for avid gamers, especially looking for an improved gaming monitor for big title and demanding games. It has no trouble delivering fast and smooth gaming experience, plus it has the resolution for sharp and highly detailed images. It comes equipped with all the features any gamer would need, most especially the G-Sync technology, which makes a whole lot of difference.



Packed with features primarily aimed for competitive gamers, Dell S2417DG certainly has lots of things to offer that can be quite impressive. For one, it’s a WQHD gaming monitor, meaning it has better resolution than many monitors of its size, giving consumers better value for their money. Other benefits include:



Undistorted Graphics with WQHD Resolution

This Dell gaming monitor covers all major aspects of gaming, though it compromise a little on its other fronts. First off, WQHD means 2560x1440p resolution, that basically doubled the resolution of Full HD. The panel is LED backlit, which means it delivers images with better details and sharpness. But of course, since it’s TN (Twisted Nematic), you can’t expect this monitor to do well for graphics design, picture and video editing.

The sharpness of the image quality cannot be overstated – the screen looks sharp, and liquid smooth, without being blurry. That’s something quite impressive, considering it uses TN panel. Plain and boring windows and webpages look fantastic on its screen.


Ultra-Fast Response Time, High Refresh Rate, Plus Nvidia G-Sync Technology for Superior Gaming Experience

Dell S2417DG (image from Amazon)

As with other high-end gaming monitors in the market, Dell S2417DG runs at 1ms grey-to-grey refresh rate, which is the gold-standard right now for smooth and fast response time. Also, it’s paired with 165Hz refresh rate, which means images on the screen are refreshed way faster. But that’s not all. To minimize screen tearing and stuttering caused by high refresh rate, Dell included the Nvidia G-Sync technology. That makes an ideal combo for superior gaming experience.


Design and Features

Dell S2417DG looks understandably similar to previous Dell monitors. It basically sports that same old competent workplace design that we have been accustomed to see. Simply place it beside any Dell monitor and it will look almost identical. There are however, some good overall improvements in terms of the design of this Dell gaming display. For one, the razor-thin bezel is indeed a good improvement. While the ports and screen’s controls are easier to access.



Buttons and Controls

As said earlier, the bezels of this Dell monitor are impressively thin. For control buttons, that gives an illusion that the buttons are just part of the screen that is sliding from the edge; quite an eye-catching design.

The buttons are nicely hidden underneath the front lip of the monitor, and they slide into existence with the slightest touch. For the settings, Dell provided some preset color schemes for specific games, as well as RGB (red, green, blue) levels that users can tweak. However, it lacks the hue, saturation and other advanced settings. Again, that’s understandable, as this monitor is meant for playing games, and not for graphic-intensive work. Still, it would be nice to have some sort of customization for picture settings.


Razor-Thin Bezel Perfect for Panoramic and Immersive Gaming Setup

Dell S2417DG (image from Amazon)

As said earlier, this Dell monitor sports razor-thin bezels, definitely one of the thinnest we’ve ever seen in the market. What does that mean? Well, users can place two or three of these monitors side-by-side for the perfect panoramic gaming setup, which would be excellent for certain games, especially  FPS and racing games, as users will get to play with wider range of view for a more immersive gameplay.


Connectivity Options

There are only two video inputs for this monitor, namely DisplayPort 1.2 (because of G-Sync) and the HDMI 1.4 ports. There are however, four USB 3.0 ports which could be really convenient for users. For audio, there’s the usual 3.5mm headphone jack. Though these connections pretty much covers the basic things you need, a DVI input could really come in handy.


Fully Adjustable Stand for Ergonomics, with VESA


Dell S2417DG (image from Amazon)

Dell S2417DG comes equipped with a fully-adjustable stand for better comfort and ergonomics for gamers. It allows full tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustments, giving users the freedom to set their preferred angle and position for the display.

Dell S2417DG (image from Amazon)

Also, this model comes with a VESA 100x100mm, this means convenient mounting with third party products, such as monitor stands or monitor arms with better flexibility and ergonomics.


Tech Specs

Package includes the Monitor with stand, Power cable, a DP Cable, a USB Upstream Cable, Drivers and, documentation media, a Quick setup guide, and Safety Information.


Bottom Line

Dell S2417DG may look a simple Dell monitor right off the bat. But the second you turn it on, you will realize the difference of what 1440p could bring – you get uncharacteristically clear and sharp monitor. Design wise, it’s beautiful minimalist look will definitely look perfect in any situation or setup. The bezels where extremely thin, paving the way for dual monitor or multiple monitor setups. Also, consoles can easily be connected with this monitor, thanks to its HDMI.


However, if your goal is to find a gaming monitor that can double as work monitor for editing works, then this is definitely NOT the right choice for you. Colors where a little washed out, and color settings definitely requires some intensive tweaking. The OSD is somewhat cut-down compared to the brand’s previous models. Also, there’s no ‘Low Blue Light’ technology, which would have been a convenient feature for gamers. If you’re an avid gamer who needs ultra-fast response time, and smooth gaming experience that is unparalleled, then this could stop your search.

The high resolution and small form makes a great combo for crystal clear and silky smooth picture quality. However, without gamma, contrast settings and brightness, it can only do so much, which would definitely not enough for graphic-intensive tasks.

Are there better alternatives for this product? Of course there, but that of course depends on how much you’re willing to pay for a monitor. This one’s reasonably priced. And of course, those with more extensive features can be expensive.

If we talk about gaming performance alone, Dell S2417DG definitely receives high praises for gaming. With the combination of ultra-fast response time, high refresh rate and Nvidia G-Sync technology, consumers get superior gaming experience with this monitor. That’s gaming without the tearing and stuttering.

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