Dell P2715Q; An In-Depth Review

Being one of the first brands to jump into the 4K computer monitor race, Dell have made quite an improvement in their 4K products. Its 2013 4K monitor struggled in running at a good refresh rate, compromising the promise of improved resolution with blurry and rough imagery, and Dell’s early 4K model is guilty of this shortcoming. Now however, Dell is ready to redeem itself with its new line of 4K monitor – the Dell P2415Q and the Dell P2715Q. This Dual Monitors Guide’s in-depth review will take a closer look at Dell P2715Q and why it’s a sensible choice.

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Who is it for?

Dell P2715Q is a 28-inch display designed for professionals and enthusiasts alike. The 4K resolution quality makes this high-end display a great buy for anyone looking for a display with excellent color accuracy, wide colour gamut, rich and vibrant colors and life-like details. Photographers, graphics artists, designers, and even gamers will surely love the improved resolution of this Dell 4K display.



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Dell P (Professional) series is long considered inferior to its U (UltraSharp) series, as the latter are deemed as less capable displays, with massively cut down features to keep the affordable price tag. However, it started a new trend when Dell used an IPS panel in their P2414H, and they keep their momentum rolling with their introduction of their new 4K computer monitors Dell P2415Q and Dell P2715Q, which are both considered as the next ‘evolution’ of Dell Professional series models.


Computer Display in Extraordinary Detail, Exceptional Screen Clarity and Almost Perfect Color Accuracy

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Expect exceptional 4K clarity in Dell P2715Q, as this 27-inch Ultra HD monitor has four times better resolution than the Full HD 1080p monitors, with wider color coverage over a billion colors and well-equipped for reliable performance.

It runs in a beautiful 3840 x 2160 resolution, which is over 8 million pixels than the standard Full HD resolution we have today. This high pixel density results to extremely fine onscreen details, allowing you to view and edit photos in higher resolution, and more. This will give graphics artists, designers, photographers, and the likes, the ability to make their masterpiece with improved color.

This 4K display also provides natural consistent and natural colors across different mediums, as it is factory set to reach 99% sRGB, with factory color calibration that certifies deltaE < 3. This means you get to enjoy precise color right out of the box, with a staggering high-color depth of 1.07 billion colors.


Good Color Accuracy

With an average color accuracy of 1.74 (most in cyan range and green range), this monitor sports good color accuracy. A difference under one is usually undetectable, which means the score of this Dell display is nearly perfect. Gamma on the other hand, is a little off the perfect curve which is at 2.2.

These things add up to nearly faultless image reproduction. Cyan color variance can make scenes look a little cool at times, but even this display is better than most, and its outstanding contrast ratio gives real depth to content.

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Watching Interstellar at 4K for instance, shows that this monitor can handle the inky black of space. It may not be on par with good HDTV, but it is definitely way better than your average LCD monitor.

The gamut spans 100% sRGB and 79% Adobe RGB, while keeping a contrast ratio of 690:1 at a maximum brightness level and 650:1 at half brightness level. Only the Samsung U32D970Q which is significantly more expensive (around $2000) has this wider gamut, as most displays can only manage 70% to 75% AdobeRGB.

Dell P2715Q however, has the highest contrast figure from any 4K monitors to date.


Wide Viewing Angle to Keep Excellent Image Quality Consistent

Each and every hue displayed remains consistent from virtually any viewpoint, as the IPS panel offers ultra-wide viewing angle of 178°/178°. Strong colors and deep blacks in all angles, and combine that with 4K sharpness at a 27-inch panel (which translates to 163 pixels per inch), and you get a spectacular viewing experience.


VESA Compatible for Better Comfort

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If the fully adjustable stand is still not enough for you, then it’s good to note that Dell included VESA compatible mounting holes in this display. This means you can use third-party ergonomic products such as LCD stands, LCD arms, desk stands, and even wall mounts and get the best possible position for your big 4K display.


Good 3-Year Warranty with Advanced Exchange Services for Your Convenience

Dell knows that this product is not your standard consumer display, which is why it receives a better warranty than other products and series under its name, such as UltraSharp. This product comes with 3-year warranty coverage, along with an “advanced exchange service”, which means they can send a replacement immediately if they can’t fix the problem over the phone, you don’t need to wait for them to receive the old monitor you ship back to them.

It’s actually common for displays with this price tag to have a 3-year warranty, but what makes it special is the advanced exchange services they offer.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Mounting Options

As a 4K 27-inch display, Dell equipped this monitor with a fully adjustable stand. However, if you’re looking for a more ergonomic setup, then you should take advantage of the VESA mounting holes. With good color accuracy, exceptional image quality and screen clarity, and wide viewing angle, Dell P2715Q can easily double as a work and entertainment monitor.

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For professionals looking for dual monitor setup with this display, the Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm offers a great solution. It can fully lift two mid-sized displays side-by-side or in stacking position to dual monitor setup.

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If you’re looking to fully upgrade your workstation with a good quality sit-stand desk, then you can choose the Vertdesk Electric Adjustable Height Desk. It is one of the most affordable desks out there for dual monitor setup, and it is fully capable of accommodating any upgrades you wish to have for your work desk. It is equipped with strong German Gear and Spindle Drive systems for smooth adjustments and whisper quiet lift mechanism, very spacious desk, and wide range of adjustability.

Design and Features

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Design wise, Dell P2715Q is not the most attractive 4K display in the market. It doesn’t even impress out of the box. The cabinet is made up of traditional matte black finish, with silver plastic trim. However, its materials don’t even look expensive, even from a far. Other 4K competitors such as Acer B286HK look far superior design-wise, as the latter’s glossy bezel has a unique visual appeal.

When you look a little closer though, you will realize that Dell P2715Q simply means business. It’s a slim panel (relatively slimmer than most of its competition), and doesn’t come with unnecessary bells and whistles. It also feels durable.


Buttons and Controls

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Unlike many of its 4K competitors that come with frisky and cheap touch controls, the P2715Q features chunky buttons that seem ready for daily abuse. The ‘clicky’ buttons still work best; they are easy to find and has better feedback compared to resistive touch-sensitive controls and joysticks.

The on-screen menu of this Dell device is simple to use, and doesn’t have issues on precision. Everything you need is labeled with text, making them easy to find and use. However, there are not a lot of adjustments in this monitor, aside from Brightness, Contrast Sharpness and sRGB adjustments. This is the reason why this display is labeled Professional series, not UltraSharp.


Has All the Digital Connectivity You Need

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Dell P2715Q lets you connect with other peripherals simultaneously, view contents from other devices, such as smartphones, tablets, digital camera, etc. on the screen, all with the same 4K quality.

Connectivity options include DisplayPort 1.2, allowing you to daisy-chain two monitors side by side through the DP-in and DP-out ports. This connectivity feature eliminates the need of linking all your monitors to the PC, reducing cable clutter in your work desk. It’s a great solution for anyone looking to double their display with dual monitor setup, or connect their laptop to the 4K display. It also has mini-DisplayPort.

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Users can also connect their smartphone or tablet and show media files from their devices on the larger display through MHL connectivity.

This 4K Dell monitor also comes with USB 3.0 charging ports to charge various handheld devices and other BC1.2-compatible devices.


Fully Adjustable Stand for Full Ergonomics and Comfort

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Dell P2715Q is an excellent workstation display, as the brand equipped it with a fully adjustable stand that lets you adjust its angle and position on your desk for the best comfort and ergonomics. The stand can tilt 5⁰ forward and 21⁰ backward, swivel left and right, pivot to switch from landscape to portrait mode and adjust in height.


With Cable Management System for Neat and Clean Work Desk

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The stand also comes with cable management system to help users keep their desk neat and clean from cable clutter.

Tech Specs

Package includes the Monitor and stand, Power Cables (varies with countries), DP-mDP cable, USB Upstream cable, Cable Cover, Drivers and Documentation Media, Quick Setup Guide, Safety and Regulatory Information, and Factory Calibration Report.


Bottom Line

Dell P2715Q is quite an incredible monitor, without a doubt. We expect competitive brands like Dell to bounce back from its shortcomings, but what surprises us the most is the competitive price tags that come with this display.

Unlike most monitors that jumped into the screen that offered excellent quality but with a catch and with a premium price tag, this Dell 4K monitor offers excellent quality, has a great ergonomic stand to fit your workstation comfort needs, and Ultra HD performance for the price similar to 1440p model, such as the U2713HM.

The Dell UltraSharp U2713HM may be a little better, as it can comes with few more image adjustability options, such as gamma adjustment, and looks better aesthetically. However, the gap between the two is very thin, and it can actually hard to point out the advantage of the U2713HM over P2715Q with the naked eye.

One drawback of this product is its lack of image adjustability. But then again, other 4K with this price range in the market has the same issue. Thus, you need to spend a little bit more (at least $1000 with Acer B326HK) to get the professional controls.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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