Dell P2314T; An In-Depth Review

While all-in-one touchscreen desktop computers are becoming more and more common, many still choose standalone monitors for their flexibility and upgradability. Dell P2314T, the smaller sibling of P2714T, is an example of flexible standalone touchscreen monitor, with aesthetically slimmer and pleasing design and competitive performance. Its IPS panel is able to display colors accurately. But does it live up to its price? Check this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide and know more.

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Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a well-equipped mid-sized touchscreen monitor to pair with your computer with Windows 8 OS, then you should definitely consider Dell P2314T. Its IPS panel has solid color and grayscale performance, and it is loaded with ports for your convenience. The highlight of the display is the 10-point capacitive touchscreen system, which makes Windows 8 experience so much better.



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Whether you’re a fan of Windows 8 OS, its user-friendliness and convenient navigation system, or someone who hasn’t used touchscreen system before, you will appreciate the smooth and sound interface and interactive features of Dell P2314T. It uses IPS panel for accurate colors and good grayscale performance, and its well-engineered 10-point capacitive touchscreen system is specially made for nice and easy Windows 8 experience.


10-Point Capacitive Touchscreen for Better Windows 8 Experience

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The high-quality touchscreen system of Dell P2314T supports 10-point capacitive touch, which makes swiping, pinching, flipping pages, and zooming in and out of pages effortless and quick. The same goes as typing the on-screen keyboard. Quite a great hardware feature for better Windows 8 experience.


Good Color Accuracy and Decent Grayscale Performance

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The color accuracy and reproduction of this Dell touchscreen monitor is also impressive. The IPS panel delivers accurate colors CIE chromaticity test shows colors red and blue are right on-spot in their ideal coordinates, which means the screen is able to show these colors without any problem, and with on-point accuracy. The color green is slightly off its ideal coordinates, but it’s inside the acceptable range – a common thing among IPS panel display, and doesn’t really affect display performance. DisplayMate Color Scale test shows colors are well saturated, and without signs of tinting.

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The 64-Step Grayscale Test also showed that this Dell touchscreen display has decent grayscale performance, but like its cousin Dell S2340T, it has trouble showing the darkest shades.


Outstanding Viewing Angle Performance

One of the biggest strengths of this touchscreen display is its amazing viewing angle performance – it is outstanding. There are no signs of color fidelity or saturation, even at the most extreme end of its viewing angle range, picture remained bright and clear in any angle, left and right, top and bottom.

One of the Most Energy Efficient Touchscreen Display

Dell P2314T consumes only 16 watts of power at Standard mode, making it one of the most power efficient and energy saving 23-inch displays out there in the market. To compare, other 23-inch displays like Acer T232HL and Viewsonic TD2340 consumes power significantly higher, at 26 watts and 24 watts respectively. Also, P2314T comes with Energy Smart dynamic feature that dims the display, pulling the power consumption down even more.


Dual Monitors and Multiple Monitors Setup Options 

As a well-equipped touchscreen display, the Dell P2314T makes a great workstation monitor. Pairing it with a fully adjustable and flexible stand will bring out its best purpose as a workstation display.

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If you’re looking to use this monitor as a standalone display in your workstation, then you can opt for Ergotron LX Wall Mount LCD Arm. It is one of the best monitors arms you can find in the market; one-touch adjustment system allows you to position your touchscreen display anywhere you want on your desk, while cable management system lets you keep your desk neat and conducive for work. 

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If you want something that you can simply clamp to your desk, then check out Ergotron MX Desk Mount LCD Arm. It’s also a great option for touchscreen monitors, as it is especially designed to provide extension, retraction, tilt, height adjustment and pivot for touchscreen displays. This means you can pull your monitor closer so you can touch the screen or push it away for better viewing experience.



Design and Features

Like other good quality touchscreen displays in the market today, the Dell P2314T features edge-to-edge glass design, reminiscent of a big tablet or a small LCD HDTV – quite attractive. This design leaves more room for finger commands; swiping and flicking through the screen.


Buttons and Functions

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Dell monitors usually only have four control buttons located at the right side of the cabinet, which are easy to comprehend and use, and P2314T is no different. When activated, the buttons display the Menu, which offers context-based adjustments for brightness, contrast and image preset mode. Learning the menu and navigating through it is easy.

However, the basic adjustments don’t support adjustments for Gamma and Color Temperature, which are common among many non-touch monitors in the same price range.

Glossy Edge-to-Edge Glass in a Curved Matt Black Cabinet

The curved matte black cabinet of Dell P2314T measures 1.7 inches thick, one of the slimmest displays you can find out there today. However, the curved edges make it look a little thicker, but it provides modern and elegant look.

The glossy edge-to-edge glass gives it a luxurious look, making the screen look elegant in any setting. It is quite reflective though, but Dell included one inch black borders to help alleviate reflection issues. The trademark Dell logo is embedded right in the middle of the bottom border of the screen. Also, it only weighs 10.6 lbs.


Sleek Metallic Stand and a Cabinet with VESA Standard Mounting Holes

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The sleek silver metallic stand contributes nicely to the monitor’s sophisticated look, adding a premium tone and stylish appeal. However, it is more for aesthetic than function, as it doesn’t support tilt, rotate and height adjustments, which limits the monitor’s ergonomics. Rather, it is limited to recline adjustment, making way for convenient touchscreen use.

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The cabinet however, comes with VESA mounting holes, a great option for users with separate LCD monitor stand or anyone looking for dual monitor or even multiple monitor setups.


Wide Selection of Connectivity Options

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Dell P2314T comes with wide selection of connectivity options, including two (2) HDMI ports, a DisplayPort, one VGA, USB ports and an audio output jack, which can also be used to route sound to display through HDMI to the external speakers. The reclining stand however, somehow protrudes and makes attaching of cables a little difficult. Also, all the USB ports are inconveniently located at the back, which can be a hassle to use.

Tech Specs

Bottom Line

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There are certainly a lot to like about Dell P2314T. The 10-point capacitive touchscreen is one of them, as it provides precise and smooth pinching, swiping, and zooming gesture control of the screen. Also, the screen is able to display images and scenes in accurate and rich colors, with wide viewing angle. The wide array of video inputs and connectivity options like USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 hubs also adds to its appeal. Performance wise, it doesn’t have the most attractive out-of-the box quality, but a little calibration can help. You can always use the Spyder4Elite calibration utility to conveniently adjust the monitor’s display settings to your liking.

It is pricey, yes, but it is something we can expect in touchscreen monitors right now, since there are not a lot of touchscreen options out there yet. If there’s anything we can complain about this product, it would be its reflective glass coating, black shade performance and lack of ergonomic adjustments.

All in all, the Dell P2314T is a good option for people looking for a mid-sized touchscreen display. It offers decent image and performance quality. Such a shame they didn’t pair it with a fully adjustable and ergonomic stand. Good thing it comes with VESA mounting holes though.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide now!

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