p-Dell Optiplex 9020 Micro; An In-Depth Review

Desktops are also following the trend of getting things lighter, thinner and smaller, and more and more people are embracing this kind of trend for its benefits. For one, small PCs require small space, which is convenient for small office workstations and home offices. Second, they’re cute, and easy to incorporate with to your work desk. Third, they’re easier to move around and setup. One good example of micro mini desktop is the Dell Otiplex 9020. Despite its small size, Dell advertises this computer as a business desktop as it is equipped with some of the higher-end specs to deliver premium and quality performance. But what makes it unique from regular-sized desktop? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more.


Who is it for?

Dell Otiplex 9020 is the perfect solution for people looking for high quality desktop that doesn’t take a lot of space on their desk. It’s also a great option for computer users looking to feed multiple monitors with multiple systems.



Dell Optiplex 9020 Micro (image from Amazon)

Sporting Intel i7 into its small, compact but stylish chassis, Dell Otiplex 9020 is by all means, an excellent mini business desktop capable of almost all types of work you want to run it with. As a matter of fact, it is even more powerful than many mini PCs in the market, including the top-notch Lenovo ThinkCentre M93p Tiny.


Equipped with High-End Quad-Core Processor with Good Built-in Graphics


Dell Optiplex 9020 Micro (image from Amazon)

Dell Otiplex 9020 comes equipped with the Intel Core i7-4785T as well as Intel HD Graphics 4600 built in. This allows the computer to score 3062 points on PCMark 8 Work Conventional test, while its 3D test scores are on par with other mini PCs in the market in terms of integrated graphics performance. It works fine in many games, but as expected for a business PC, it doesn’t offer the best gaming experience.

The i7 processor is clocked relatively low, with a base clock of 2.2GHz and Turbo Boost of 3.2GHz, but for regular business/office use, it provides ample performance for almost any tasks. Dell Optiplex 9020 is also available with Core i5-4590T processor, which is still considered fast mid-range processor.

The 8GB RAM is more than enough for multitasking, while the high-performance but low capacity SSD helps in fast startup and shutdown time with Windows 8.1 Pro. Also, the Core i7-4785T processor comes with built-in Intel HD 4600 graphics, which would suffice for casual gaming, but not for heavy 3D related games/tasks.


Great for Multimedia

In terms of multimedia performance, this Optiplex mini PC beats many of big name competitors, as it scores 1 minute and 27 seconds in Handbrake and 4:25 in Adobe Photoshop CS6. Acer Aspire AXC-605-UR11 scored 4:37 in Handbrake and 4:41 for Adobe Photoshop CS6 while Apple Mac mini had 3:31 and 5:27 for respective multimedia programs. These scores show you the benefits of Core i7 processor, which is highly efficient for running heavier workload. Lenovo P300 tops the market in this area, but not by a large margin. If you’re not looking for a particular workstation-grade ISV certification computer to run crunching and graphics artwork, then this Optiplex PC might just be for you.


Excellent Choice for Businesses In Need of Dependable Computer Power

The Dell Otiplex 9020 is definitely one of the better choices in the market for businesses, especially companies with large number of users in need of dependable computer on their workspaces, but don’t have the space to accommodate big PC towers. It is small, but it is powerful enough to run highly demanding applications and programs fast. Thanks to the Core i7 processor, double system memory, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Plus, it comes with VESA-standard compliant mounting holes, allowing you to position the mini PC better by mounting it under your desk, or to a wall, and free up your workstation.

The small storage space of 128GB SSD could be an issue for some businesses, but then again, you can always get cloud storage setup for your business. Also, the SSD still allows users to run and load programs a lot faster.



Design and Features

Dell Optiplex 9020 Micro (image from Amazon)

Model ranges of the Dell Optiplex 9020 line ranges from full-size mini tower to micro desktop (Optiplex 3020 Micro). The small and compact box can be hidden all the way behind the monitor, or bolt it under the desk to free up space, you can basically stash it anywhere, depending which mounting options you choose. You can also use the small side stand or lie flat to your desk.

Design wise, the Optiplex 9020 is straightforward, business-like. No chrome accents or fancy colors, just simple all-black exterior with square corners and rectangular sides. The chassis is mostly made up of metal, except for the front panel, which comes with plastic front piece.

The front side of the panel has perforated grills for air flow, which is paired it exit holes at the back, and assisted with a single fan.


Generous Set of I/O Ports

Dell Optiplex 9020 Micro (image from Amazon)

Despite its unassuming size, the Optiplex 9020 comes with a generous set of connectivity options you would expect from any business PC. There’s the standard headphone and microphone jacks on the front side, as well as two USB 3.0 ports. The backside of the chassis houses the DisplayPort, Ethernet port, 4 USB 3.0 ports, and connector for WiFi antenna, Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi for convenient wireless connectivity. For multitaskers wishing for a triple monitor display setup, you can use a DisplayPort splitter and built-in VGA port.

Dell Optiplex 9020 Micro (image from Amazon)

The PC would look even smaller if you opt to attach a large wireless antenna to the gold-plated rear port and use the dual-band 802.11ac WiFi module. This wireless antenna comes with excellent flexibility, allowing users to position it anywhere with its 360˚ range of motion.

To disassemble the chassis, simply lie the computer on the side and unscrew the thumbscrews. Then, slide the entire top piece out. There’s no power supply inside, as this PC uses 65W AC adapter, similar to laptops.


Small, Compact, Easy to Open and Upgrade Chassis

Dell Optiplex 9020 Micro (image from Amazon)

Dell fully optimized the available space of the small box of Optiplex 9020, and with that, they leave no space for internal expansion. It is however, very easy to open and replace/upgrade components, which is convenient for people looking to replace the some of its inside components, such as the 2.5-inch 128GB SSD, or add to the existing 8GB DDR3L memory (one available DIMM slot). Also, everything inside the chassis of this mini desktop is easy to remove in minutes, even the motherboard and processor.


With VESA Mounting Holes

Dell Optiplex 9020 Micro (image from Amazon)

The chassis features micro VESA mounting holes for easy mounting. It can be wall mounted behind an Ultra HD monitor. This is quite a significant feature, as other small desktops don’t come with VESA mounting holes. Those who wish for more space flexibility and ergonomics can always use a monitor stand with articulating arms and turn the whole system to an all-in-one desktop and mount the Optiplex between the display and the articulating arm.


Or simply mount it underneath the desk.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

Dell Optiplex 9020 Micro is quite an impressive computer system. Despite its small size, it packs impressive performance and has all the capability to provide dependable computing solution with its versatile package. It’s an excellent choice for businesses looking for small and compact computers for their cubicles and small office spaces.

For its price range, the Dell Optiplex 9020 is easily one of the more products in the market, aside of course, from its aforementioned compromises due to its small size, such as lack of optical drives and limited expandability.


Dell provides good choices for the setup of this computer, and people will surely love the VESA mount, which is an excellent ergonomic choice. It can be easily attached to the back of flat screen monitors, mount to a wall, under the desk, lay on top of the desk, etc. Also, the Core i7 quad-core processor, along with 128GB SSD provides fast performance. All in all, it’s an excellent choice for business-savvy system users. Unit comes with either Windows 8.1 Pro standard or Windows 7 Professional.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!


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