Crane Stand Pro; An In-Depth Review

 Portability means flexibility, and this could not be truer when it come working on electronic products. It’s what makes things organized, a setup extremely important for musicians working on different tools and equipment along with their laptop, or DJs on their booth on stage. And this is particularly important for places and locations that will make you think there isn’t any good place to put all your gears, especially your computer. This is what Crane products tries to address as they provide good-looking and high quality laptop stands¸ such as the Crane Stand Pro, a product especially designed for life on the road. What makes this one unique and better than all of its competitors? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

Crane Stand Pro (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

As with most Crane products, the Pro is especially made for DJs, especially those who are always on-the-go, doing gigs in different bars and variety of booths multiple times a week. It provides a sturdy and dependable support for your gadget, be it a laptop or a tablet. And it is easily one of the better built in the market today.



Crane stands are not your run-off-the-mill products; they’re a product of good engineering design, with simple, beautiful, and efficient form that works like a tank. The Crane Stand Pro for example, is made up of all steel and aluminum, welded together at joints and designed to last for a lifetime.


Beautifully Constructed Stand and Built Like a Tank

Like other Crane laptop stands, the Crane Stand Pro is received and loved for its sturdy and no-nonsense design. The base may look odd, but it provides strong support and solid foundation. It doesn’t come with the bells and whistles, but its well-thought design, solid steel material and hard-wearing construction are enough to wow consumers. Each joint is fully welded, making sure each segment has the same solid quality.


Highly Portable, Perfect for DJs On The Go

Crane Stand Pro (image from Amazon)

As said earlier, this product is dedicated for DJs, especially on the go. The way Crane laptop stands are designed, they can be folded almost flat, making them easy to slide into the provided string bag along with its removable shelf.


Design and Features

Crane Stand Pro (image from Amazon)

The design is as simple as base, riser and shelf, all connected through pivoting joints that locks in place using a heavy-duty clamp.

Construction wise, as with other Crane products like Crane Stand Plus and Crane Stand Elite, Crane Stand Pro comes in a very high quality all-metal construction. It is easy to setup, fully adjustable and extremely versatile, making it an excellent accessory for DJs who are always on the go for their gigs and shows. The open base design allows wiring, routing of cables and cords from many different angles underneath.

Crane Stand Pro (image from Amazon)

Extremely Strong Clamp

The top work surface is supported and set by an extremely strong clasp that releases and locks the top tier in place. It is made up of heavy-duty steel, definitely not your ordinary clamp stamped out of sheet work. Simply pull it up to release the mechanism and adjust the angle of the top plate. The level position of course, is the best setup for laptop users. The vertical position on the other hand, works best for tablets.

You don’t need to worry about it being too hard to pull though, as it’s quite easy to loosen, release, tighten and lock. Even moving to higher gear for stronger support of heavier equipment is only a matter of twist. The silver knurled grips at the opposite end of clamps can be tightened when clamps are released, improving the locks’ tension, and reducing the chances for slippage to zero.


Wide Range of Adjustment

As said earlier, the top plate is adjusted through the clamp. For the height adjustment on the other hand, there’s another strong clasp at the bottom. Again, release it to adjust the angle and height of the stand according to your preference by simply lowering it back. Then lock the clamp again to your desired position. When fully stretched, this laptop stand adds 12-inch height. It’s also reinforced with rubber bumpers to keep it in place and keep whatever surface it’s on top from scratches.


Four Front Prongs to Keep Your Laptop in Place

Crane Stand Pro (image from Amazon) 

As with other Crane laptop stands, the Pro also comes with four prongs with plastic laminate, which effectively keeps the laptops and tablets in place and from falling off.


Additional Middle Section Shelf

Package includes an attachable middle section shelf users can attach inside the stand. You can choose to use or not to use it. It’s quite a good addition, but the main concern about it is the way it attaches to the body. You have to slide it inside, position it at any height you want and use the rubberized grip to keep it in place. However, it’s not sturdy enough, and you don’t want to put a lot of weight on it.


Rubberized Base to Keep the Whole Thing from Slipping

Crane Stand Pro (image from Amazon)

As with other Crane products, the base of Crane Stand Pro features rubberized rings and support, keeping the whole thing from slipping on any surface you put it, while keeping any surfaces from scratches.

Also, there’s a pair of rubberized ring on the back part of the top surface to raise your laptop very slightly.


Tech Specs

Package includes complete manual and carry bag.

Bottom Line

Crane products are by far, the most solidly constructed laptop stands in the market today. Though this could be a stand that you can use for your desk from time to time or as a permanent feature, it is definitely designed to work best for travelers who need a dependable gear to hold their computers. It allows users to hover their laptop or tablet on top of their work, which is perfect for musicians and DJs working on their booth, with lots of control boards, hardware and electronic tools to work with. It also works for other computer peripherals for travelers, such as projectors or smaller and lighter handheld gadgets like tablets. It feels so good and solid to hold, and you will quickly understand the great engineering behind just by holding it.


Crane Stand Pro provides a really great portable stand solution, which would be very convenient for DJs doing multiple gigs a week. It keeps your laptop safe and secured in place, and will not occupy any significant space in your booth. It’s extremely sturdy, quite possible the sturdiest out there when it comes to material and build quality.

It is made up of solid steel and aluminium, finished with a beautifully matte pain and constructed using stiff fixtures and fittings, which feels military in precision. The visible welding adds a macho and sturdy feel. If that’s not all enough to convince you about its quality, then you should know that the company provides full lifetime warranty in Stand Pro, as with other Crane products.

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