Crane Stand Elevate; An In-Depth Review

Crane has been manufacturing professional-grade products for years. Though there are a lot of similarities in their first models of products to the newer ones, their drive for innovation is undeniable, as they continue to address the shortcomings of their earlier models and have made better ones. And that is exactly what their newest model Crane Stand Elevate Electronics Laptop Stand is about – to provide superior ergonomics than the previous ones. But is it really that much of an upgrade? Is the new one better than the old ones? Check this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more.

Crane Stand Elevate (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Crane Elevate laptop stands are much like the brand’s previous models – it’s especially made for laptop users looking for a reliable and tough-as-tank laptop stand for home, office or on the go. However, unlike the previous models that are especially made for musicians and DJs, this leans more for corporate use, though it can perfectly work for musicians and DJs too. It can also work for tablets, projectors, controllers, or any comparable electronic device that can fit to its size and weight capacity.



Crane Stand Elevate (image from Amazon)

Crane Stand Elevate Electronics Laptop Stand brags superior ergonomics with incredible flexibility and space-saving capabilities. It is definitely more stable and has the best quality possible. What’s even more interesting about it is that, unlike its older products that are actually dedicated for musicians and DJs, this one actually works perfectly in the corporate world, providing excellent laptop support for home, office or on the go.


Multiple Angle Adjustments

Crane Stand Elevate (image from Amazon)

As with other Crane products, Crane Elevate ensures optimum ergonomics through multiple angle adjustment system that allows users to adjust and set the laptop stand to their preferred position and angle. Experts suggest a proper eye-level height and angle in both sitting and standing position. DJs who work on their booths of course, may opt to set it however they like or comfortable working with.

Raising the laptop display between 4 inches to 8 inches off the desk dramatically improves ergonomics, minimizing the risk of neck strain which usually results forward head posture of long-term laptop use.


With Geared Hinge Mechanism for Secured Hold and Precision Adjustment

Crane Stand Elevate (image from Amazon)

Crane products are known for their stability, and Crane Stand Elevate is no different, as with other Crane stands, it does come with its own unique precision and secured hold mechanism – geared hinge mechanism, which is pretty similar to Crane Stand Elite. It allows precision adjustment while keeping your computer (laptop or tablet) in stable and secured hold and still allow easy and quick changes should you want to change height or angle of adjustment.


Quickly Changes from Sitting to Standing, and Vice Versa

Crane Stand Elevate (image from Amazon)

Crane products come with simple and straightforward design, making them extremely easy to setup and re-adjust. This includes fast and easy switching from sitting to standing position. Users can raise the Crane Stand Elevate Laptop Stand to its full height, making a simple and minimalist standing laptop desk.


Design and Features

Crane Stand Elevate (image from Amazon)

Design wise, the Crane Stand Elevate is a work of excellent craftsmanship. Crane laptop stands are built like tanks, and this one is no different. It is built tough, sturdy and stable, and it can be folded flat for easy portability. It is simple in design, no unnecessary bells and whistles, but it does provide the quality you can expect from a high end product. 


Ultra Durable, But Light Weight

One of the biggest strengths of Crane products are their portability. All Crane models take pride in their quality and portability, and Crane Elevate lives up to this expectation. It is built like a tank, thanks to its solid steel and aluminum construction. Also, each of its segment are meticulously welded, making sure it will not fail whatever the size or weight of the laptop you wish to use it with.


Telescopic Legs for Wider Range of Adjustment

Crane Stand Elevate (image from Amazon)

As said earlier, the Elevate has tons of similarities to Elite, and one of their most obvious similarities is the telescopic legs. Unlike Crane Stand Pro and Crane Stand PlusElite and Elevate comes with telescopic legs that can extend from 1.5 inches all the way to 15 inches. This means users of any height can perfectly use this laptop stand as a standing desk, be it in their at home, at work, or on the booth for DJs.


Wider Foot, Wider Base

The narrow foot design of Crane Stand Pro and Crane Stand Plus has seen mixed reactions from consumers. Yes it was pretty useful for sliding and slotting into tight spaces, especially for DJs who would have to work with lots of hardware, mixer and control panels in their booth and need their laptop at the center. But some find it a little unstable when placing the stand under mixers or controllers. The new and improved foot offers wider footprint, which provides more stable base, while maintaining a low profile, allowing users to slide it through tight spaces.


With a Nice and Compact Faux-Leather Bag

Crane Stand Elevate (image from Amazon)

Unlike Crane Stand Pro and Crane Stand Plus that comes with a string bag, the Elite comes with a good-looking, durable, and compact faux-leather bag, with the end of the foot serving as a handle.



Tech Specs

Bottom Line

Crane Elevate, like other models from its brand, offers the highest quality laptop stands in the market today. It utilizes superior craftsmanship, offering reliable and sustainable support for business practices. As said earlier, design wise, it is without a doubt a professional-grade product, thanks to its perfect combination of durability and portability. Like its brother Crane Stand Elite, Crane Stand Elevate is built like a tank. The robust design gives you the stability, flexibility and space-saving capabilities you need for a portable laptop stand.

It comes with all the good things Crane can offer, from limited lifetime warranty, read-to-use no assembly required, traction pad, and the faux-leather carry bag (a freebie that started from Crane Stand Elite).

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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