Cooler Master SF-17; An In-Depth Review

Cooler Master (CM) has established its name as one of the household brands when it comes to PC gaming. We have seen some of their best products, such as mechanical keyboards, mice, cases, mouse pads, etc. But as with other brands competing in the PC world, CM has also expanded its brand for laptop users. And as expected, they kept the same brand of quality and functionality. One good example is that Cooler Master SF-17, a cooling pad which has over ten thousand positive reviews in Amazon. What makes this laptop cooler great? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.


Cooler Master SF-17 (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Cooler Master SF-17 is obviously made for laptop users, particularly gamers looking for some significant help in cooling their laptops when playing games for hours. It also features the staple CM design, which is great for users who have previously bought CM peripherals such as mechanical keyboard and mouse for gaming.



Cooler Master SF-17 (image from Amazon)

High Powered Fan for Excellent Cooling

Unlike many cooling pads that uses a couple or more fans, this one uses a large 180mm fan, and interestingly, it provided an impressively powerful cooling as it has no problem pushing air from underneath to the top.


Impressively Quiet Fan

Cooler Master SF-17 sports a high quality fan that is enough to keep any laptop on its top surface to stay cool for hours. But what is more impressive than that is it operates quietly, an area which many gaming cooling pads fail. This means you can easily plug this tool to your laptop and play quietly, as it doesn’t distract anyone in the room.


Excellent Range of Height Adjustment for Comfortable Computing

Cooler Master SF-17 (image from Amazon)

As said earlier, this cooling pad comes with four adjustment levels, giving users all the adjustment and ergonomic freedom to set the laptop’s height and angle. It can raise the laptop up to 7 inches off the desk, allowing users to keep it close to, if not at eye level for comfortable computing and minimizing the risk of neck and shoulder pains.


Cooler Master SF-17 (image from Amazon)

This cooler can also rise high in the back, and with that, they have added a pair of flip up legs to allow you to rest the front edge of the laptop against, which means users won’t be just depending on the friction alone to keep the laptop on top.



Design and Features

Cooler Master SF-17 (image from Amazon)

Cooler Master SF-17 supports laptop up to 19 inches of size. That’s about the largest laptop we have in the market right now, which means this cooler is pretty large as well. It is largely made up of plastic, but it comes with thick rubber to house some of its features; it acts as a padding to secure the laptop on top, and for styling. The top comes with a large steel mesh, which allows the large fan underneath to blow air. There are four adjustment levels from flat where you can rest the top to the base, and up to a whopping 7 inches from back and forth setting. As with most cooling pads, it uses a USB plug to draw power from the laptop to activate the fans.

Additionally, this tool comes with a built-in storage for USB power cable, with three cable routing grooves to help you organize your cables and tidy up your workstation.


With Two LED Bulbs for Ambient Lighting

Cooler Master SF-17 (image from Amazon)

Cooler Master SF-17 also features a couple of LED bulbs, both are long light bulbs that adds excellent ambient lighting to the surrounding area. It’s primarily there for aesthetics, which easily makes the whole thing look cool, but it can also provide some soft light that may be convenient for variety of reasons.


Expanded Connectivity Thanks to Plenty of USB Ports

Cooler Master SF-17 (image from Amazon)

CM has expanded their product’s connectivity in this cooling pad, as it features not one, not two, but four USB 2.0 hubs, a convenient feature for laptop users.

Tech Specs

Bottom Line

What we like about CM is that, they tend to stick to similar theme. Which means no matter what you have bought a couple of years ago, those peripherals will still match the rest of your kit. And they have done the same thing with their laptop coolers, such as the Cooler Master SF-17. Those who have bought mechanical keyboard and mouse can definitely make use of this cooling pad.


Cooler Master SF-17 is solidly built, a common denominator among CM products. It feels tough and stable. It’s however bulky, which means unlike most cooling pads that you can easily and practically place on your lap to use with your laptop, this one feels heavy and uncomfortable. This is because the manufacturer has designed it for flat surfaces. Though this may not be a serious concern for gamers who most definitely place their laptops on their desk, it’s definitely not the best option for people who like to work from the couch or use their laptop on the bed.

In terms of performance, there is no denying that this cooling pad definitely delivers what it’s supposed to do – to cool laptops and allow users to work and or play comfortably for hours. It is also extremely quiet, which is an excellent choice for people sharing the same room with others and don’t want to disturb anyone.

All in all, the Cooler Master SF-17 is an excellent product and definitely a great solution for gamers. For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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