Cooler Master C-HS02-KA Lap Desk; An In-Depth Review

Height-adjustable sit-stand desks and are truly on the rise right now, as more and more people are becoming aware of the health risk of extended sitting and the benefits of changing your work position to standing from time to time. Those who can’t or don’t want to replace their existing desk opt for sit-stand workstations or laptop desk riser to elevate their computer from their desk and get the benefits of standing. However, laptop users, especially when at home or on the go, can’t always bring their sit-stand workstations with them, and though there most laptop stands are portable, they don’t always let you use your laptop on your lap, or while lounging on the couch. This is where lap desk enters the scene – to provide laptop users flexibility and versatility in their laptop. One of the better products out there in this category is the Cooler Master C-HS02-KA Laptop Lap Desk with Pillow Cushion. What makes this product tick? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

Cooler Master C-HS02-KA Lap Desk (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

The Cooler Master C-HS02-KA Laptop Lap Desk with Pillow Cushion is obviously designed for laptop users, particularly college students on a budget, for casual websurfing, paper writing, movie watching, etc. It’s a portable accessory, meaning users can bring it with them anywhere, and use it anytime. This product is perfect for computer users who run several programs simultaneously for their work on a daily basis, and want to give their laptop its much needed cooling help.




Cooler Master C-HS02-KA Lap Desk (image from Amazon)

Shields Your Lap from Heat from Your Laptop, and Actually Dissipates Heat

Our laptop generates heat, that’s a fact. This is why though they’re originally designed to be placed on our laps; it’s often uncomfortable after only a couple hours of use. Also, it comes with a mesh belly, white together with the concave shape, effectively dissipates heat and keeps your laptop safe from the risk of overheating. This is where the benefits of lap desk comes into play – to provide a heat shield, allowing users to continue working on their laptop for extended hours, even when on-the-go.


Works Perfectly with Various Gadgets As Well

Cooler Master C-HS02-KA Lap Desk (image from Amazon)

The decently large surface of this laptop desk allows it to not just accommodate large laptops, but even other handheld devices, such as tablets. You can even use it for writing on your lap and taking notes with your trusted pen and notebook. Also perfect for kids for their tablets, iPads and laptops. And, it also has no trouble supporting various laptops, from Ultrabooks, Notebooks, Netbooks, Apple MacBook Pro and Air, gaming laptops and even laptops for graphics design.


Design and Features

Cooler Master C-HS02-KA Lap Desk (image from Amazon)

Combining unique design and superb ergonomics, Cooler Master C-HS02-KA lap desk offers supreme comfort. It’s well-engineered to allow laptop users comfortable computing experience.

The angled and curved design can be used in three different ways; placed on a table, on a lap, or on the leg while lounging around, while the curve top ensures better air flow, while the underside comes with soft cushion to provide comfort for the lap. It’s large enough to comfortably support laptops up to 17 inches of size.


Lightweight and Unique Shaped

Laptops are meant to be portable, and so must be other products relevant for its use. Unfortunately, to provide comfort, most laptop cushion pads design, size and weight aren’t as convenient to bring with as they should be. This Cooler Master lap desk on the other hand, ensures portability through its light weight and unique shape. You can slide it easily inside your backpack or laptop bag and bring it along with your laptop anywhere you go.



Reversible Design

Reversible design is probably the most unique aspect of Cooler Master C-HS02-KA Lap Desk. This makes the lap desk ergonomic for lap use, as users can simply switch from one side to another, depending on their most comfortable work position. 


Grooved Storage for Cable Management

The ergonomic shape of this desk ensures comfortable computing, including dedicated space for miscellaneous items, such as cables and cords. It features a groove storage section for laptop cables and cords, allowing users to work on their laptop without the hassle of their cables getting in the way.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

Cooler Master C-HS02-KA Lap Desk (image from Amazon)

Cooler Master C-HS02-KA Laptop Lap Desk with Pillow Cushion is everything you can ask for a laptop lap desk; it’s well-designed for optimum ergonomics, dissipates heat, provides cushion for both the laptop and your lap, lightweight, compact and durable. It’s reversible design also makes it extra ergonomic, as it lets you choose whatever work position you like.

Some people complain it’s not keeping their laptop cool enough. Well, of course, it’s not meant for heavy processing and gaming. Rather, it’s meant for casual and every office use. Users with larger laptops who do a lot of heavy processing and heavy gaming should opt for lap desks with cooling fan to efficiently keep their laptop cool.

All in all, the Cooler Master C-HS02-KA Laptop Lap Desk with Pillow Cushion is a great buy. It’s heavy-duty, versatile and dependable for regular laptop use.

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