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Here is Dual Monitors Guide's library of in-depth computer monitor reviews, complete with suggestions for dual monitor setups and use and honest verdict.


All-Around Monitors Reviews

BenQ EW2740L (image from Amazon)

Monitors for all-around purpose, general use and versatile displays that can take on almost any tasks for general computing.

Office and Business Monitors and MultiMedia Monitors Reviews

Acer S277HK (image from Amazon)

Companies big and small will do good to pick the best business monitor suited for the work they are intended for. Here are some of the best office and business monitors that should get the job done. Here are some great choices for you.

Professional-Grade Monitors /Photography/Graphic Design Monitor Reviews

Acer H257HU (image from Amazon)

If you’re a professional who demands for excellent monitor performance quality, color accuracy and excellent connectivity, say a photographer, or graphic designer, then here are some of the professional-grade monitors for you. 

Ultrawide and HDTV Monitors Reviews

LG 34UC97-S (image from Amazon)

Not enough room to accommodate 40-inch or 60-inch TV? Want your computer monitor to double as TV and watch movies? Here are some of the best HDTV monitors out there satisfy the movie buff in you.

Gaming Monitors

Philips 242G5DJEB (image from Amazon)

Getting the right gaming monitor will give you the edge you need for victory on gaming grid. If you’re an avid PC gamer, then you should invest in good display especially designed for gaming. Here are the things you should look for.

Budget-Friendly Monitors Reviews

Asus PA248Q (image from Amazon)

Shopping for computer monitors can be tricky, there are definitely lots of things you want to have to get the best bung for your buck. For those who don’t have the luxury to spend big, here are the best budget monitors you can get.

Touchscreen Monitors Reviews

Samsung C770 S24C770T (image from Amazon)

If you have decided to upgrade to a touch screen computer monitor you currently have a couple of options including laptop, desktop, and a range of monitor sizes.

Portable Monitor and Multiple Monitors for Laptops Reviews 

Laptops and desktops require different configurations for dual monitor and multiple monitor setups. There are also practical and physical limits, and you have to consider your laptop’s graphics card resolution as well. Here are some of the best monitors out there for dual and multiple monitor for laptop setup.

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