BenQ RL2240HE; An In-Depth Review

More and more monitors for gaming comes equipped with tons of features that don’t really improve gaming experience, or affect one’s gaming experience at all. However, when it comes to dedicated gaming monitor, there’s no need for fancy design and long list of features. What is important is color accuracy, deeper blacks, and fast response time and input lag. This is what BenQ has been doing over the years, and BenQ RL2240HE is one of its latest example – a cheap gaming display without the bells and whistles, but does the job right.


Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a mid-sized 21.5-inch display to pair with your gaming rig and play the latest action packed titles, then the BenQ RL2240HE is the one for you. This gaming monitor is especially engineered for RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game enthusiasts who are looking for a competitive edge. It displays bright colors and deeper blacks, with lots of preset modes to optimize your gaming experience. The best part about this gaming display is its crazy affordable price tag.

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Good and Cheap Mid-Sized Gaming Display


There are so many good things to say about BenQ RL2240HE performance wise, particularly in the gaming department. Despite its humble and unassuming design and limited set of features, it comes equipped with the right set of functions and features for optimum gaming experience, such as accurate colors, decent grayscale performance, ultra-fast pixel response time, and great set of features for improved gaming.


Accurate Colors Straight Out of the Box and Decent Grayscale Performance

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Based on Chromaticity test, the BenQ RL2240HE fairs well in color accuracy; colors red and blue are close to their ideal coordinates, while green is slightly out off. Slightly off green is common among TN panels though, and should not cause concern by any means. It may result to slight tinting in specific conditions, but you have to meticulously search for them to take notice.

Colors looked punched up to the screen as well, and the deeper black background simply makes them look more vivid and alive, while skin tones look natural.

For its Grayscale performance, this BenQ gaming monitor performs decently. The monitor can display most gray shades based on DisplayMate 64-Step Gray-Scale test, and does a fine job in displaying the darkest shades. However, it struggles in showing the lightest shades, which appears whitewashed.


Ultra-Fast 1ms GTG Response Time

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As a dedicated gaming monitor, the BenQ RL2240HE brags an ultra-fast 1ms GTG response time. That means dramatic transitions in action packed games and fast-moving objects in racing games are rendered smoothly, without any hint of ghosting and smearing. This lets avid gamers get full control of their gameplay and get total edge in any situation.

This monitor also turned a very low input lag (the length of time it takes for the monitor to respond to controller commands), which is at 10.2 milliseconds (measured by Leo Bodnar Video Signal Lag Tester). It ties BenQ RL2460HT and the Dell UZ2715H, which are the best in the market today.

With Flicker-free Technology for Pleasurable Gaming Experience

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Many of BenQ’s gaming monitors are co-developed by professional gamers, and the BenQ RL2240HE happens to be one of them. This very display comes equipped with the upgraded flicker-free technology, which works by eliminating flickers at all brightness levels to reduce eye fatigue. It’s a great feature for hardcore gamers to play hours of games without hurting their eyes.


With Black eQualizer for Total Visibility of Every Environment

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Poor visibility and dark scenes can cause even the most experienced gamers their edge in the game. The Black eQualizer of BenQ gaming displays’ color engine technology is specially designed to provide the best control level for dark environments and offer great visibility. This feature works by brightening the dark scenes without compromising color quality or resulting to over-exposure, and still preserve vital details, allowing gamers to see their maps fully, spot enemies, and respond quickly in any given situation in the game.

With Exclusive RTS Mode to Let You Play Like A Pro

Each function and feature included in this monitor is meticulously engineered to provide a better avenue for RTS gamers; total control of settings and vital visibility for best gaming performance. The out-of-the-box RTS mode of BenQ RL2240HE automatically fine-tunes the monitor’s display settings for optimum RTS gaming, allowing users to see details of their maps and spot enemies in the gaming field even in dark scenes and areas.

The RTS preset certainly gives gamers the competitive edge, even for specific games. RTS 1 mode is tailor-made for Starcraft 2, while the RTS 2 is especially made for Dota 2 gamers.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Options

Being a mid-sized monitor with features and hardware especially designed for gaming, BenQ RL2240HE is a perfect candidate dual monitor or even multiple monitor setup option.


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For dual flexible and ergonomic dual monitor setup, where you can adjust each arm independently, put one monitor on top of the other, or even use this monitor alongside with your laptop, then then you should check out Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm.  It’s a fully adjustable dual monitor LCD arm, made up of made up of solid polished aluminum construction and high quality materials. Each arm can be adjusted independently, allowing users to reposition their display; up, down, forward and back, with one simple touch, and still keep the displays secured and stable in place through the help of its patented Constant Force (CF) technology.

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If you're looking for a triple monitor setup of this display, then you can opt for LX Triple Display Lift Stand - Works with displays with diagonal screen-size up to 21" when mounting three (3) displays, or holds two (2) larger displays up to 30".


Design and Features

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Despite its bright yellow black cabinet that stretches out to the front’s streamline, there is nothing very fancy about BenQ RL2240HE, but it is quite obvious that it’s a gaming monitor, as its design is all about FUN. The 21.5 inch TN panel displays 1920 x 1080 resolution, and housed in a non-reflective coating, making it perfect for gaming, as it battles glares and reflections. The entire cabinet weighs only 7 lbs., and sits on top of a shiny black oval stand.


Buttons and Functions 

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This BenQ monitor has five (5) function buttons, plus a Power switch. All of which are strategically placed at the right side of the cabinet. The product uses on-screen labeling (OSD) for its function buttons, making it easy for users to navigate the menu and set the display in their preferred settings.

It has ten (10) picture preset modes for users to choose from, namely; Standard, Photo, Movie, Eco, sRGB, and of course, the gaming presets they’re bragging about – RTS 1 and RTS 2 and three Gamer modes. The RTS 1 Preset mode is specially made for StarCraft 2, while the RTS 2 is engineered for DOTA 2, both modes are recommended by pro gamers.

  The remaining three Gamer presets are specially designed to save your custom-user settings, making it convenient for you to set your display settings in every game you play.

Also, Display Mode offers seven (7) aspect ratio settings, which work without distorting image quality.

The function buttons also lets you access the monitor’s Audio menu for volume control and mute.


Great Viewing Angle Performance

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One of the many things we look for a gaming PC monitor is its viewing angle performance, and BenQ RL2240HE doesn’t shy away in this category. The screen has great horizontal viewing angle performance for a TN panel, which results to zero loss of luminance or color tinting, even at extreme angle.

At vertical angle however, the monitor struggles to keep its colors from tinting, as picture appear whitewashed at around 60° (from the center) when viewed both from the top and dim when viewed from the bottom.


Display Mode and Smart Scaling Feature Lets You Customize Your Viewing Experience

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Equipped with Display Mode, this BenQ display lets you interchange your screen size in four different sizes (17" (4:3), 19" (4:3), 19"W (16:10) to 21.5"W (16:9)). Smart Scaling on the other hand, lets you enjoy the free scale for your screen’s content and customize it to any size you need. These two features can work perfectly together to give you the best display for any application or games you wish to have on your screen.


Fully Adjustable Stand

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The shiny black oval stand that comes with monitor is fully adjustable, providing 25° tilt, height, swivel, and pivot adjustments, making it quite a comfortable monitor to have, particularly for gaming.


Power Efficient and Energy Star Certified

BenQ RL2240HE is Energy Star certified with Energy Star version 6.0, which lets you enjoy amazing gaming display and save money in your energy consumption at the same time.

The Standard mode works at 20 watts, while game modes like RTS 1 consumes lower at 13 watts.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

The BenQ RL2240HE is particularly designed for hardcore gamers, it is cheap, performs and supports games with ultra-fast pixel response, and with good color accuracy and dark-grayscale performance. If you’re an avid fan of RTS games, then you will surely love the quality of performance of this display, along with all the features inside that can optimize your gaming experience.

Like most cheap displays however, it has its own share of drawbacks too. Obviously, it falls short of features compared to its rivals, and the weak bright light grayscale performance can be obvious from time to time, while the narrow vertical angle can limit your viewing. However, the blur-free action, smooth pixel response, low input lag, and cheap price tag of this BenQ product will surely help you oversee its minor drawbacks.

All in all, the BenQ RL2240HE is a great budget gaming monitor. It may not have the elegant look and fancy feature of its expensive 21-inch competitors, but it can surely deliver. If budget is not an issue though, you might want to check out one of the best mid-sized gaming monitor in the market, its cousin, BenQ XL2420Z.

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