BenQ PG2401PT; An In-Depth Review

More and more manufacturers call their high-end monitors “professional”, if they come with expensive price tags. One of the biggest reasons behind this is that, prices for LCD monitors are on a standstill. This is especially true in 27-inch displays, particularly WQHD screens. However, you should know that a real professional monitor doesn’t need a large panel and high pixel count. What it should have is perfect accuracy and Adobe RGB color gamut. And this is what BenQ PG2401PT is about; a professional-grade monitor with perfect color authenticity, certified print quality, excellent default setup and packed with wide range of features, extras and options to work with. Here at Dual Monitors Guide, we take a closer look at this highly rated professional monitor.

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Who is it for?

If you’re a photographer or a printing professional, and you are looking for a display that gives perfect accuracy, then the BenQ PG2401PT is for you. Its IPS display panel is industry-certified for accurate colors, plus it is finely tuned out-of-the-box.



Perfect Color Accuracy, How Professional Monitors Should Be



Professional picture quality is the biggest advantage of BenQ PG2401PT. Its IPS-panel has its own shares of strengths and weaknesses. It may not have the best contrast performance, but it can cover color spaces of both Adobe RGB and sRGb with high degree of accuracy, which is by far, the most important aspect for a professional printing monitor.


With the RevolutionEyes Technology for Accurate Colors, Faster Response Time, Intuitive User Interface and Extended Comfortable Viewing

The PG2401PT comes equipped with the brand’s RevolutionEyes monitor technology, which handles and improves multiple image factors at once. This technology helps improve the monitor’s resolution, response time and refresh rates, empowering its users to work more, play and enjoy their movies better.

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Also, RevolutionEyes monitor technology helps in comfortable viewing, thanks to its G7/Fogra certification, accurate color with Delta E≤2, a smart and intuitive user interface for comfortable extended viewing.


Pro Graphic Printing Certified for Professional Print Quality

This BenQ monitor is one of the very few monitors out there that comes certified with Pro Graphic Printing. Each model of the PG series is individually calibrated and tested with industry standard. It passed the standards of G7, FOGRA, and UGRA, Which means users can get exactly the same color quality on both their screen and printed copy, which makes soft proofing accurate and simple.  This ensures that all the photos and designs you are working on will have the right colors on any of the thousands of certified printers. This monitor is fully capable of reproducing challenging colorations, great news for professionals looking to deliver the best image and color accuracy all the time.


Perfectly Accurate Colors, Perfect for Different Types of Digital Media and Printed Media

BenQ PG2401PT makes sure that its users get all the colors perfectly for any form of media, be it for digital media like the latest smartphones and tablets or glossy fashion magazine. It covers the Adobe RGB and SRGB color spaces accurately.

It adheres to the strict standards of G7 needed for consistent accuracy and uniformity in multiple colors, not just white. This function gives the monitor the ability to display RAW files and native materials in the most accurate way possible, an important step before the retouching process, as it reduces the need for multiple proofs. This makes the monitor a perfect choice for photo editors, graphic designers and any professionals and non-professional computer users looking for the best color performance.

Aside from that, this BenQ monitor is also equipped with plenty of preset color modes which handles different lighting conditions such as Adobe RGB, sRGB, D50, D65, etc., to make sure that proofing environment always perfectly matches to your printing environment.


Decent Response Rate Performance for Flexible Use

One of the very few aspects this BenQ monitor isn’t great is in rendering computer games without latency. The IPS panel can certainly ace color tests, but it is not the ideal choice for fast-paced action-packed games that require very quick response time. After all, BenQ doesn’t market this product to gamers. The display however, is one of the fastest among IPS-based screens today, and it is decent for variety of use, even in high definition movies and slower-paced titles.


Carefully Fine-Tuned Presets for All Your Computing and Viewing Needs

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This monitor from BenQ is well-calibrated right from its assembly stage. Each unit is fine-tuned for different viewing conditions. It offers the Standard, Adobe RGB, sRGB, illumine options, and A, D50 and D65 for standard graphical work.

If well-calibrated presets are not enough, BenQ also equipped this monitor the ‘Calibration Mode,’ allowing users to set their display at specific calibration, save their settings and switch between different sets of settings as they work. This heavily customizable Custom Mode can be used for delicate color tuning as well.


Embedded with X-rite Software for Perfect Color Calibration on Multiple Computers

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Like other displays in BenQ’s PG series, PG2401PT comes equipped with the Palette Master Software, co-developed with X-rite and works for calibration with G7, FOGRA and UGRA printing standards. Once you calibrate using the X-rite calibration device (i1 pro, i1 pro 2 or i1 Display Pro), any computer using the particular monitor will get perfect color. This makes the product the best there is for classroom, color lab, or other settings where multiple users share the same display. This program features intuitive UI design and wide range of setting options to easily calibrate color profiles quick and easy.

The software supports both Windows (WinXP SP3 32-bit and above) and Mac OS X (10.6.8 - 10.8).


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitors Setup Options

Ergonomically speaking, the stand that comes with BenQ PG2401PT can be enough for general use. If you’re looking for an upgrade however, or if you want a more flexible LCD monitor stand or if you want to revamp your workstation for dual monitor setup, then you have plenty of choices.

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Tyke Supply Dual LCD Monitor Stand Desk Clamp can hold up to two (2) 16 lbs 24” widescreen LCD monitors (32 lbs total). This stand is one of the cheapest products of its kind out there. It is very solid and stable, considering its price, and it can clamp to any desk easily.

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If you’re looking for optimum ergonomics, where you can adjust each arm independently, put one monitor on top of the other, or even use this monitor alongside with your laptop, then then you should check out Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm.  It’s a fully adjustable dual monitor LCD arm, made up of made up of solid polished aluminum construction and high quality materials. Each arm can be adjusted independently, allowing users to reposition their display; up, down, forward and back, with one simple touch, and still keep the displays secured and stable in place through the help of its patented Constant Force (CF) technology.


Design and Features

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Most of the time, we see professional monitors to be all about function over form. Simple, straightforward, nothing fancy, but gets the job done. At first glance, BenQ PG2401PT looks no different than this standard, but a closer look will show you good, if not attractive details. Also, this monitor has lots of great features worth highlighting.


With Detachable Shade Hood for Glares and Reflections

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Glares and reflections caused by ambient lighting can easily distract your eyes and affect your productivity. The BenQ PG series comes with a detachable shading hood specially designed to solve glare problems; a perfect tool for areas with uncontrollable ambient lighting.


Ergonomic and Well-Designed Monitor Stand

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The hood is paired with the product’s uniquely designed stand, which stands sleek and solid, with blue detailing designs and wide range of adjustability features. The dedicated stand allows tilt, pivot and swivel adjustments, and even rotate to switch between landscape and portrait orientation, allowing users to find the best configuration for their computer and see the images exactly on how they should be printed.

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The “W” shaped stand is flat, with angular arms protruding from its circular base. It’s not the most mind-blowing design, but it is still a unique stand. The neck has the playful blue cable organizer that clamps all your cables and cords in place, and help keep your workstation nice and neat.


I/O Ports: Full Range of Connectivity

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Like many BenQ monitors, the BenQ PG2401PT offers wide range of connectivity options, as it comes with variety of I/O ports. PC users can connect this display to their computer through DVI-D, HDMI or DisplayPort, while MAC users can connect this monitor through Mini DisplayPort input. There is also a USB 3.0 port and a card reader for fast and hassle-free file transfer and storage solutions.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

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BenQ PG2401PT is definitely an impressive monitor, especially for the fact that it is the brand’s first attempt to venture in color enthusiast niche market. This monitor certainly lived up to the expectation of on-point color accuracy and some other extras you normally see in high-end screens.

It comes with a very versatile stand that offers great adjustability, and it is packed with features that will certainly revamp your color experience, such as excellent setup and finely-tuned calibration, wide selection of connections, and decent uniformity compensation function.

Of course, it has its own share of shortcomings as well, such as the limited lower brightness adjustment range and overshooting issues with response times, even when turning the AMA off.

All in all, the BenQ PG2401PT is a stellar display. The impressive color accuracy, good and flexible performance and customizable function make it a great choice for professionals, especially professional printers, graphic designed, photo editors, and the likes.

For more in-depth monitor reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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