BenQ EW2750Z; An In-Depth Review

BenQ is known for making upgraded versions of their monitors, and one of the latest example right now is the BenQ EW2750ZL, an upgraded version of last year’s BenQ EW2740L. Both are reasonably priced, if not affordable, VA panel monitors, with great all-around functionality. The upgraded version however, has edge in a lot of areas, especially in convenient features. But how does it really differ? Let’s take a closer look in this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

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Who is it for?

With strong contrast and edge-to-edge slim bezel design, it is easy to say that BenQ EW2750ZL targets multimedia users, particularly those who love to watch movies and videos on their computer. Not to mention it comes packed with eye-friendly features to pamper your eyes for long hours of work and movie marathons.



At first glance, anyone can easily notice the visually stunning screen quality and exterior of BenQ EW2750ZL. It’s a 27-inch Full HD monitor that uses VA (Vertical Alignment) panel. It is actually an improved version of BenQ EW2740L which we have also reviewed here in Dual Monitors Guide (check the BenQ EW2740L review here), sporting added features and better aesthetics.


Good Color Performance Right Out of the Box

The out of the box colors are great, making bright and eye-catching images. Also, the high gamma compliments nicely to the contrast, resulting to great distinction between dark and light colors, however, it keep the monitor from representing many shades accurately. Good thing BenQ comes with a good range of gamma adjustments options (even comes with “0” setting) in its OSD, allowing users to fix the problem.


With Cinema Mode to Fine-Tune Videos and Movies

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Activating the cinema mode will enable BenQ’s exclusive color engine technology; automatically processes and fine-tunes video contents, giving users the best dynamic cinema experience.


With Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light Technology to Help Take Care of Your Eyes

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Rather than using PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) like most monitor out there for controlling backlight brightness at any brightness levels, this display uses DC (Direct Current), making the backlight flicker-free. It’s a perfect solution for users who are sensitive to flickering, or just want to take better care of their eyes.

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Another great feature is the low blue light technology, which provides a desired effect – significantly reduce blue light for a more relaxing viewing, convenient not just for work, but also for watching movies at night.


Upscale Your Viewing Experience with Super Resolution

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For optimal video and movie-watching experience, BenQ EW2750ZL comes equipped with Super Resolution, a simple feature for optimal online video watching experience. It works by simulating high-res images, boosting pixel density of the original video source with Super Resolution image to improve image quality.


With Smart Focus Technology for Distraction-Free Viewing

This feature allows users to pinpoint a window or any part of the screen to make it the focal point, and simultaneously concealing the rest of the visual content. This will help users focus on things they really want.


Design and Features

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BenQ EW2750ZL sports slender and minimalistic aesthetic. It comes with a near bezel-free design, the front of this monitor is highly dominated by the screen, with extremely thin matte plastic bezel at the top and both sides, and slightly thicker bezel at the bottom. Switching the display on will show a thin dark grey panel border at the sides and top. The thin bezels measure only 8mm (0.31in), it is easily one of the thinnest in the market today. The bottom bezel is a also a matte black plastic with the trademark BenQ logo (in silver color) in the middle. The screen surface sports a very light anti-glare coating (semi-glossy).

The back side of the cabinet is generously covered with glossy black plastic, and houses the I/O ports vertically in the middle.


Buttons and Functions

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The backside of the monitor also houses the buttons of this monitor (located at the lower right side when facing the screen) which gives access to the OSD (on-screen display) and power of the screen. There’s also an LED that glows green when the monitor is on. There are dots that on the side of the cabinet to indicate where the buttons are.

OSD are clearly labeled on the screen, however, design wise, it’s a big hard to navigate the Menu settings using the buttons, and you may accidentally press the power button, as it doesn’t feel any different than other buttons. Obviously, not a very intuitive design.

Fortunately, you can customize the options of the menu. The first button shows control for the Low Blue Light. The second buttons is the Picture mode, which gives access to the basic Picture modes, namely Standard, Cinema, Game, Photo, sRGB, Eco, User, along with added modes like Low Blue Light and M-Mode. Third buttons is for volume control for the built-in speakers or any speakers you connect to the monitor. Fourth is the Menu button that provides access to the Main menu of the OSD; Picture (brightness, contrast, sharpness, gamma, color temperature, black level, hue and saturation), Picture Advanced (Picture mode, Senseye Demo, HDMI TGB PC Range, Smart Focus, Dynamic Contrast, Display Mode, and Overscan), Audio and System.


Generous Set of I/O Ports

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Housed vertically at the center of the backside of the cabinet, the inputs/outputs of this BenQ monitor are easy to see and reach. The ports includes (from top to bottom) a VGA port, HDMI 1.4 and HDMI 1.4 with MHL, a 3.5mm line-in, 3.5mm headphone jack, DC power input (external power brick).


2W Speakers for Basic Sound Output

Both sides of the port area comes a 2W speaker, which provides basic sound output. They sound a bit hollow, with small dynamic range, but they’re pretty functional for general use. Pretty convenient for anyone looking to save precious desk space to accommodate this 27-inch monitor.


Excellently Stable Stand But with Minimal Adjustments

The stand’s neck is made up of solid plastic, with matte silver coating, while the base, also made up of solid plastic, sports glossy black finish. It doesn’t provide any ergonomic adjustments aside from screen tilt (5° forwards, 20° backwards).


Tech Specs

Package includes an HDMI and MHL cable. Some retailers may provide additional cables.


Bottom Line

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The BenQ EW2750ZL is undoubtedly an upgrade from its previous version BenQ EW2740L; slimmer bezels and some added feature makes in its OSD makes it quite a competitive display. Looking closely, you will notice the good quality of contrast performance, shades of black and dark grey look good and impressively deep, while bright shades look brilliant and bright, and easily stands out against darker surroundings. The matte screen surface provides smooth appearance to the images, ensuring strong vibrancy. Out-of-the-box color is also admirable, a few tweaks can definitely improve. In terms of colour reproduction, it’s also impressive, considering the VA panel it uses. It has full sRGB color gamut coverage and rich variety of colors on images. As with most monitors using VA panels, there is an issue in viewing angle, as it is highly dependent to the gamma curve of the monitor. There are noticeable loss of saturation to the far edges and bottom of the screen.

The BenQ EW2750ZL is certainly far from great, as it has lots of shortcomings that could have been easily addressed. Design wise, it looks great in any desk for any type of work environment, thanks to its bezel-free design. However, since it’s a monitor for all-around use, particularly for multimedia (watching movies in particular), the limitation of its ergonomics is a big issue to note. The stand has very limited adjustment options, and even worse, it doesn’t come with VESA standard mounting holes. The glossy backside may look nice, but many users will have their displays backside near the wall.

All in all, this monitor delivers quite well in a lot of areas, its well-rounded performance comes in handy for general use, such as general desktop work, a little gaming (both PC and console), and of course, movie watching. Some hobbyist photographers will also love the colour accuracy of this monitor as well, as it is good enough for basic photo editing.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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