BenQ BL3200PT; An In-Depth Review

While Ultra HD resolution has become the thing in the monitor market as of late (with the likes of 28-inch Asus PB287Q leading the way), BenQ has tried on something quite interesting with their 32-inch matte AMVA monitor displaying QHD at BenQ BL3200PT. It’s a monitor with 2560x1440 pixel resolution aimed for graphic designer and imaging pros. It has garnered raving reviews for its practicality and versatility, which is aimed to appeal a wider range of users. What’s more to know in this amazing monitor? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

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Who is it for?

If you’re a computer professional, graphic designer, imaging professional, etc., who depend a lot on your monitor’s display for precision design, then the BenQ BL3200PT is right for you. It’s well-engineered VA-panel display fully-equipped to suit the needs of design professionals or anyone looking for plus-sized screen for hardcore gaming, editing photos and videos, or watching high definition videos and movies.



Graphics-Centric Features and Great Extended Viewing

With 32-inch screen working at 2560 x 1440 resolution, BenQ BL3200PT is quite a massive high-resolution monitor packed with features especially engineered for professionals such as graphic designers, photographers, and CAD/CAM operators, but also great widescreen option for hardcore gamers looking for more than 27-inch 1440p standard.


Fantastic Panel for Exceptional Image Quality and Consistent Colors All Throughout

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The VA panel of BenQ BL3200PT is simply fantastic; image quality is great, quite similar to its closest competition Acer B326HUL. It has a whopping 1.07 billion colors, and the out-of-the-box performance is able to display 100% sRGB color gamut, quite a crucial trait for those who work on color-sensitive tasks.

The display has a high contrast level of 2472:1, with 0.1cd/m2 black for inky depths. Meaning, colors of images pops out nicely, together with its details. Colors look more bright and vibrant, while blacks remained deep.

Colors remained consistent all throughout the screen, and there is only very little shifting of colors in brightness along the corners when you move your head.


Equipped with RevolutionEyes Monitor Technology Turns, ZeroFlicker and Low Blue Light Mode Feature to Let You Work Without Hurting Your Eyes

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BenQ is known for its revolutionary features, and the BenQ BL3200PT, along with other monitors in BL series are fully equipped with these innovations. The RevolutionEyes technology allows users to work better and play comfortably for extended period of time.

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Combine that with Low Blue Light technology, users won’t be hurting their eyes, as the monitor is designed to deal with the harmful blue spectrum of light that causes eye discomfort and eye strain. It has four (4) preset Low Blue Light modes specifically made to provide extended comfort for daily applications. These modes are accessible through the OSD hot key; Multimedia--30% reduction, Web-surfing--50% reduction, Office--60% reduction, Reading--70% reduction, and reward your eyes with the most comfortable visual experience.

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The ZeroFLicker technology also helps in taking care of your eyes, as it eliminates screen flickering at all brightness levels. These flickers may not be visible from the naked eye, but they can greatly affect viewing comfort.


CAD/CAM and Animation Modes for Professional Precision Design

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The strongest upside of this product is its CAD/CAM and Animation Modes, which are designed to improve work efficiency and easy eye discomfort for CAD/CAM designers. It has an incredible 3000:1 color contrast, with every line perfectly distinguished. This feature is made so designers will not miss any line again in their work, and clearly see texture details even in dark areas.

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BenQ also included Animation Mode in this monitor, improving brightness levels in dark zones without overexposing its bright areas. It has 10 brightness level, providing comfort and flexibility for every designer.

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Decently Responsive for All-Around Use

This big monitor has a response time of 4ms (gray-to-gray) pixel response time, decent for all-around use, but far from ideal when it comes to playing hardcore FPS games, action-packed racing games, etc. Clearly, it not the monitor for top-level gamers, as the 27ms input lag is a bit too slow for competitive gaming. However, it’s perfectly fine for watching HD movies.


Decent Power Usage

The power usage of BL3200PT is pretty decent for its size and capabilities; it consumes 48W at out-of-the-box settings, that’s with the 275 cd/m² brightness level. Dropping the brightness to 69 also brings down the power consumption to 39W, which is within the range with monitors of its size.

Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Options


Big widescreen monitors like this are usually used as a standalone displays for both work and entertainment. Many computer professionals like CAD/CAM users on the other hand, are usually not satisfied with one big display, which is why they opt to invest in two monitors and sit these two displays side-by-side for dual monitor setup.


32-inch screens can be massive when it’s sitting on top of a computer desk, this is why more and more people who are working on multiple applications and using multiple windows a day, are now switching to big screens for convenience. The thing about 32-inch screen though is that, because they are so big, they need good quality stand with that offers fully adjustability and ergonomics. BenQ understands this need, which is why they equipped their BL3200PT with a good quality stand. However, if you’re looking to free up your desk from the big footprint of this monitor for a better alternative, then your best choice is a wall mount.

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If you’re looking to use this monitor as a simple standalone display for your workstation, then you can use the Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Arm. The durable and polished construction of this product is well tested and proven to last 10 times longer the expected life expectancy of many competitive brands out there at roughly half the price.

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One of the best wall mounts you can get for this monitor today is the Ergotron Interactive Arm, HD, a wall mount with an articulating arm that provides great flexibility and versatility to position the huge 32-inch display wherever you want. It can swing, swivel, or turn it into any direction you want to get the best viewing position and make your monitor look like it’s floating in mid-air. It supports displays of up to 55-inch size and weighing up to 40 lbs.

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There aren’t many choices out there for dual monitor setup of 32-inch monitors. The Planar Monitor Stand 997-6504-00 is your best bet. This stand can support two displays of 24 inches to 32 inches big, with maximum weight limit of 26 lbs. per arm. The all metal construction ensures a solid built. The only plastic parts you will find are the tightening knobs and some washers. It offers flexible adjustments; you can slide your monitors in and out the pole, twist, pivot, etc.  It comes with a cable organizer to help keep your desk or workstation neat, and it is very easy to setup and install.

Design and Features

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Featuring an imposing 32-inch screen, it is understandable why BenQ BL3200PT is a pretty heavy piece of display. It weighs 28.7 lbs. and comes with a simple understated design. It has a wide base with brushed aluminum stand that gives it a stylish touch. The cabinet is finished decently, and the overall build quality is solid and robust.


Buttons and Functions

BenQ BL3200PT sports touch-sensitive buttons for access to its onscreen menu, all located at the bottom right corner of the screen bezel through the included remote control which plugs into the backside of the cabinet.

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Perhaps the most interesting idea design-wise is the new “OSD controller.” It’s a small circular switch that you can sit on the indented bottom of the stand, or position anywhere you want near the display. This switch is connected to the monitor via small mini USB connection. It acts like a joystick for the OSD menu, cleverly designed and very simple to use. It has three (3) quick access buttons, which can be all customized through the main OSD menu, giving you quick access to the things and settings you need and often use in your workstation (brightness, aspect ratio, preset modes, volume, inputs etc.). The main menu is also accessible through this controller, which makes it easy to navigate.

The Preset picture modes include the usual set of options, including Brightness and Contrast adjustments. BenQ however, added color temperature and gamma adjustment to give the users the power to fine-tune the display’s image quality. The monitor also comes with an overdrive function called “AMA” (which can be found in many BenQ monitors), which is set at ‘High’ by default. Finally, the monitor has infra-red presence sensor, which automatically turns off the monitor when no user is detected in front of the screen.


I/O Ports

BenQ BL3200PT sports tons of I/O port options, it has DVI, HDMI, VGA and DisplayPort sockets. All of these video connections are strategically located on the right side of the screen, rather than the old-fashioned lower edge rear casing. Quite a strange design, and a little tricky in using the cable feed hole on the stand to connect the cables nearly and discreetly.

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Aside from that this monitor comes with two (2) USB 3.0 ports and two (2) USB 2.0 ports, alongside with an SD card reader. These are simply great and generous add-ons for workstation convenience, particularly helpful for people who connect their workstation peripherals and gadgets to their computer. For audio, there are two 3.5 mm jacks and two built-in 5W speakers that let you easily hook up you Blu-ray player and game consoles and enjoy the widescreen. However, it’s not surprising that the speakers are far from the ideal, it doesn’t have good base and the sound distorts when cranking up the volume. Still, the speakers are quite a generous extra feature to have, considering the hardware and capabilities of the monitor.


Fully Adjustable Stand for Full Ergonomics, with Display Pilot Software for Convenience and VESA Mounting Options

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This BenQ monitor features a lot of adjustment options. The screen can swivel left and right up to 45°, tilt vertically up to 25° and pivot 90° from landscape to portrait mode. The stand also allows height adjustment of up to 15 cm. The screen is simply clipped on the stand, allowing users to remove the monitor and use the VESA mounting holes for wall mounting or with third-party desk mount solutions.

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With Display Pilot Software, the monitor is able to detect rotation, and automatically rotates the content for your convenience. Each and every window opened will be equally proportioned and will be displayed on screen by simply clicking the Desktop Partition icon. This lets you compared designs quickly and even preset various picture modes for each applications used. Also, Display Pilot automatically switches your preferred viewing angle.

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Also, it has the VESA mounting holes for wall mounting setup, perfect for monitor of its size. You can also user third party ergonomic options such as desk arms and wall mounting arms for better flexibility and ergonomics.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

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The BenQ BL3200PT is truly designed for CAD/CAM users, and much like the BL2710PT model, it comes with generous range of features, add-ons and ergonomic options, with all focusing on user comfort. As its website says, this product has the accurate color gamut and a large screen that extends your design space. It has the high resolution to show you every detail you need to see, and ergonomic feature that lets you work for hours without hurting your eyes and neck.

The 32-inch may be too big for many users though, and combine that with high resolution, there is quite a huge desktop to move your head and neck than you would in mid-sized screens. Being comfortable with this amount of desk space is a matter of personal preference, but it’s really a big bonus when working with multiple windows and applications with multiple toolbars such as video and photo editing programs.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide now!

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