Avantree adjustable Laptop Bed Tray; An In-Depth Review

Tens, if not hundreds of desktop risers and laptop desks have already flooded online retail stores providing almost exactly the same things. While many deliver the things they promise, we all know not all are made the same. Some are simply way overrated with their claims. You can see it easily through reviews from verified purchases. One of the many products that lived up to its claims is the Avantree Minitable Quality Adjustable Laptop Bed Tray, a simple, straightforward, and definitely ergonomic sit-stand solution for laptop users who are always on-the-go. What differentiates this one to other products of its kind? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

Avantree adjustable Laptop Bed Tray (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

This product is definitely made for laptop users, especially users who are always on the go. It folds up easily, can be easily kept inside a bag, light to carry around and easy to setup anywhere. It is compact and has a relative small footprint, allowing users to set it up in almost any surface.



Avantree adjustable Laptop Bed Tray (image from Amazon)

And as with most desktop risers/laptop desks, the Avantree laptop desk folds up flat, making it easy to put inside your bag, carry around when traveling and use it anytime, anywhere.


Multi-Purpose Desk

The open architecture and simplistic design of Avantree adjustable Laptop Bed Tray makes it quite a versatile and multi-functional workstation. It’s obviously not exclusive for your laptop, as you can also work your craft on it, use your tablet, read a book or have a meal on it while on your bed. The parallel base and sturdy legs provide balanced and sturdy support for whatever task you wish to work on it.


Provides a Healthier Workstation

When used with a regular desk, this laptop bed tray can work as a sit-stand workstation and let users use their laptop normally while standing. It’s definitely quite a practical alternative and inexpensive entry-level solution for laptop users looking to transition to standing at work and combat the negative effects of sedentary lifestyle.


Easy to Use

Avantree adjustable Laptop Bed Tray (image from Amazon)

This laptop desk is fairly easy to use, plus, it comes fully assembled right out of the box. Also found in the Avantree laptop desk are auto-lock buttons all in each side, which automatically locks in place to secure the set height and angle.


Light But Extremely Sturdy

Each and every component of this laptop desk tray is made up of high quality materials manufactured to work with the highest quality and provide solid and secured support for your laptop.


Design and Features

Avantree adjustable Laptop Bed Tray doesn’t offer anything fancy. It’s pretty basic and straightforward, which actually worked in its favor, as it simplifies things for laptop users.

Buttons for Easy Adjustments

Avantree adjustable Laptop Bed Tray (image from Amazon)

Each legs of this Avantree laptop desk come with a special button that allows convenient changing of desk’s height or switching from sitting to standing position.


Wide Range of Adjustments for Flexibility

This laptop desk provides adjustment range from 9.4 inches to 12.6 inches. Also, it comes with a couple of clamps with an angle adjustable from 0 to 30˚.


Made from High-quality MDF Wood for Stylishness and Solid Quality

One of the many impressive things about this laptop desk’s build is the wood used for its work surface. It is made up of 100% high-quality MDF wood which is not only aesthetically appealing and sturdy, but also environmentally friendly.


Tech Specs

Avantree adjustable Laptop Bed Tray (image from Amazon)

Bottom Line

As said earlier, the Avantree adjustable Laptop Bed Tray doesn’t offer anything we haven’t seen before. It is compact, light, and portable, making it easy to carry around and use anywhere. However, many products online offer exactly the same thing, so what makes this one different from the others?

Well, for one, the simplified design provides a minimalist, yet elegant feel for the product. The desk surface feels solid and smooth, conducive for any type of laptop use. There’s nothing much to complain about this product, as it is exactly what we can expect from something of its price range. This laptop desk truly delivers its promises, making it quite a good deal, plus, it’s quite cheap as well.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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