Avantek 17-Inch Laptop Cooling Pad; An In-Depth Review

Though it’s true newer models of laptops today now come with better internal cooling system, many are still unable to manage their temperature, forcing people to turn off their computers before they burn their lap and/or hands. In some cases, they simply shut down abruptly. This is why we have cooling pads. Cooling pads are amazing tools for people looking for help cooling their laptops while doing their extensive work or playing games for hours. There are hundreds, if not thousands of them in the market. Anyone looking for their first laptop cooling pad will surely have a hard time figuring out which one they, or which one suits their laptop best. To help you narrow your search, here’s one of the best cooing pads out there – the Avantek Laptop Notebook Cooling Pad Chill Mat. What makes it one of the best? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more.

Avantek 17-Inch Laptop Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Avantek Laptop Notebook Cooling Pad Chill Mat is designed for laptop users, particularly gamers or anyone looking for help to keep their laptop cool while doing their thing. It’s slim, light and portable, excellent tool for traveling. It also comes with the staple blue light that provides cool look for gaming.



Avantek 17-Inch Laptop Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

AVANTEK 15"-17" Ultra Slim Laptop Cooling Pad is a high performance cooling device designed to accommodate laptops ranging from 15 to 17 inches of size. It comes with a couple of huge fans with LED light, giving an attractive and cool gaming look. It come a lot of good and practical things, which easily makes it one of the best out there.


Dual 160mm Fans for Optimal Cooling

Avantek 17-Inch Laptop Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

One of the many good things about this product is the quiet operation of its two giant fans. They measure 160mm and spins at 1000RPM, which pretty much suggests the efficacy of its cooling system. However, it doesn’t compromise quiet operation. It’s impressively quiet, allowing users to use it even when on the plane, or in their office.


With Full Range Metal Mesh for Optimized Airflow

Unlike other cooling pads that only comes with ventilation holes directly on top of their fans, this one’s top surface is made up of full metal mesh, ensuring excellent ventilation, better airflow and rapidly allow heat from the laptop’s housing to dissipate. Also, this design maximizes the large cooling fans.


Design and Features


Ultra Slim Profile for Portability

Most cooling pads with two or more high quality fans are bulky. This is to provide the space needed for the fans to function efficiently. However, this makes the cooling pad bulky. Unlike many cooling pads with high quality fans, this one comes in a slim profile, making it extremely portable and light. It’s a great solution for travelers and students.


Broad, Spacious and  Smooth Top Surface for Compatibility

This cooling pad is designed to provide superb comfort for laptop users. And as with most high quality cooling pads, it comes with a broad and spacious top surface to accommodate laptops up to 17 inches of size. It’s also extremely sturdy, while the metal mesh I polished, providing great stable support,


With Adjustable Height Setting for Better Ergonomics


Avantek 17-Inch Laptop Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

Adjustability is probably the biggest selling point about this product. There are a lot of good quality cooling pads out there, and they definitely can keep your computer cool. However, most of them offer the same thing, and don’t come with adjustability features that make them comfortable to use. This one however, comes with an adjustable feet that could offer a couple of height settings. It may not put the display at eye level, as with most cooling pads, but it’s a generous and practical solution that provides a huge difference in gaming, viewing and typing.


USB Port to Connect

Avantek 17-Inch Laptop Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

As with many cooling pads today, this one comes with USB ports to connect with your laptop and power up. No need for power adapter. Quite a convenient and practical feature.


Tech Specs

Avantek 17-Inch Laptop Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

Bottom Line

As promised, this one provides an efficient cooling for your laptop and improvement for the airflow. In terms of the design, it’s simple and industrial, which is nice and works great for people who don’t intend this cooling pad for gaming per se. The LED lights are cool as well, not too bright    . It would be nice if they have included a switch for them, but it’s a minor annoyance. Also, it comes with a pair of adjustable stands, which are great ergonomic features. Construction wise, it looks like it’s the most durable out there. Which is expected, as the brand definitely made it portable, compact, thin and light. However, the aluminum mesh top and plastic bottom can support laptops of all sizes, and weight.


For its cooling, it’s easily one of the most efficient out there. Thanks to two large fans, but quiet fans.

There isn’t much to complain about this product. But based on the reviews in Amazon, many complain about their laptops sliding down after popping up the adjustable feet. The easy solution for this would be is to cut strip of “grip shelf liner” and place it under the laptop. The mesh surface is huge enough to provide efficient ventilation, and the strip will not block the airflow.

All in all, the Avantek 15"-17" Ultra Slim Laptop Cooling Pad really works. You may need to adjust a little and deal with minor annoyances, but it’s definitely a great deal for your money.

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