Asus VC239H; An In-Depth Review

Budget and IPS panel are two words that we don’t normally really see together in the same sentence. It’s just the standards that we know – In-Plane Switching panel being the cream of the top in display technology when it comes to colour accuracy and performance, which is why most often than not, comes with an expensive price tag. As newer technology arrives however, we slowly see the lines being blurred. We see crossover monitors, which can deliver the some of the best features that you would love to have, minus the expensive price tag. Asus, being one of the world’s leaders in innovation, introduced another product that can help blur the lines even more, as its Asus VC239H is an excellent budget monitor that has the image quality of some of the most expensive ones in the market. How does it stand against the big boys in the market? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

Asus VC239H (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Asus VC239H is for people looking for budget-friendly 23-inch monitor that is capable of delivery good image quality for their everyday needs. Actually, it’s not just for anyone on a budget, but even for those who could afford. It’s a good office/work display solution, as it most certainly can keep up with the demands of everyday use. Plus, since it uses IPS, it has strong viewing angle, which pairs perfectly well with its impressive performance.



Asus VC239H is a prime example of an excellent budget monitor – with good image quality and attractive aesthetics, it can stand toe to toe against the big boys in IPS monitors in the market. It may lack the frills and fancy features that we expect from many Asus monitors, but it can sure provide good performance, even for watching movies and playing games.


Good Colour Performance, As Expected For Its IPS Panel

Asus VC239H (image from Amazon)

This monitor runs in a 1080p resolution at 60Hz refresh rate and 5ms response time. Those digits don’t standout by any means, but the IPS is what makes things pop out off the screen, giving users of this display clear and vivid imagery.

Colour reproduction good, as expected for any IPS panel monitors. The same goes with the viewing angle. Out of the box performance however, looks bland and undersaturated in comparison to Asus PG279Q. This however, is understandable, considering the cheap price of VC239H. The Standard mode preset corrected some of discoloration concerns, but it is the sRGB that really improves everything, especially in terms of brightening up the shades, though it limits the contrast at about 608:1. Delta E also drops to an impressive 1.80, which is a performance we expect from expensive monitors.


Decent Gaming Performance for Everyday Gaming

As said earlier, this monitor runs at 5ms Response Time and 60Hz Refresh Rate. But are in no way impressive, but they’re good enough for casual gaming. There were some occasional blurring and ghosting in games like Battlefield 1, but there are no major concerns for its input lag. Of course this monitor is by no means a gaming monitor, because Asus has PG series for that purpose. Many entry-level and mid-range graphic cards can make 1080p look better, so there’s really no big issue on this part. Also, there’s the GamePlus preset which provides some great gaming-centric features.

Asus VC239H (image from Amazon)

HD movies look good in this monitor. We suggest putting the setting at Standard mode, as sRGB pushes the contrast ratio at 1100:1, which is a little better even if you compromise vibrancy and saturation.


Great for Office Setting, Definitely a Workhorse

Office work such as browsing through the internet, document processing, working on spreadsheets, etc., is where the benefits of the IPS panel of this monitor really shines; texts look extremely clear, while images are shown at wider angles. Also, details of images are more pronounced, making Asus VC239H also a great tool for photo-editing, graphic design or even video making and editing.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Mounting Options

Mid-sized monitors like this are ideal for dual monitor or triple monitor setups, and it's where the VESA-compliant mounting holes comes really handy. Truly, there are tons of choices out there should you wish to ditch the factory-supplied stand and choose for a better mounting option. A couple of good mounting options for this Asus display would be:


Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm and  AmazonBasics dual side-by-side monitor arm

Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm (image from Amazon)

Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm allows you to put two displays of up to 28-inch display side by side, or even put one on top of the other. It is made up of solid polished aluminum construction, with high quality materials. It’s equipped with Constant Force (CF) technology, which is Ergotron’s patented technology that holds monitors securely in place, and still allows smooth, convenient adjustment for optimum ergonomics.

AmazonBasics dual side-by-side monitor arm (image from Amazon)

If you’re looking for a dual monitor LCD arm that can support your two 27-inch monitor, but don’t have the budget to spend for premium products, then you can opt for AmazonBasics dual side-by-side monitor arm. This product comes with an affordable price tag, but don’t mistake its price for low quality, as it can certainly stand against the best in the market today.

Design and Features

Asus VC239H (image from Amazon)

Aesthetically speaking, Asus VC239H is a good-looking monitor. It’s a straightforward display though, as it doesn’t come with the fancy aesthetics. The curvy black plastic body and thin “infinity-edge” bezel on the other hand, looks beautiful. The bezels are around 10mm thin, which makes it an easy choice for dual monitor or even triple monitor configuration. Also, the cabinet is less than an inch thick from the side. Rivals of this price tag struggle to look decent with their thick, plasticky and absolutely unremarkable bezels. This one on the other hand, has a dash of style. Basically, this monitor looks fantastic. Understandably, Asus had to cut some corners to keep the price tag low. More on that later.


Buttons and Controls

The menu buttons for this monitor is a slight improvement in many ways compared to Asus’ older VX models; they’re easier to feel and touch compared to the sensor types.   


Asus VC239H (image from Amazon)

The Menu looked sleek, they’re well-laid out and easy to understand and navigate. It has a nice selection of all the basic things you can expect from a good quality display and more. There’s a wide options of Presets that you can choose for whatever work you wish to do with your computer, such as Scenery mode, Standard, Theater, Game, Night View, sRGB, Reading and Dark Room mode. Of course, there’s the ever-reliable and eye-friendly feature called Blue Light Filter that is staple for Asus displays.

Another great feature is the GamePlus feature, a feature we normally only find in ROG Swift line of Asus. It provides the crosshair feature, which is a great boost for FPS games. Of course, as most IPS panels out there, this display is by no means, a dedicated gaming monitor.


Connectivity Options

Asus VC239H (image from Amazon)

The I/O ports are all housed at the backside of the monitor, and each one is placed enough for easy reach. The selection includes an HDMI, a DVI and a VGA port. There’s also an audio port for audio, port adapter for power of course, and a Kensington lock.


Decent, Borderline Weak Speakers

Unlike most monitors that come with 2W integrated speakers, the built-in speaker in this Asus monitor is only 1.5V. If you think 2W speakers are weak, then 1.5V is understandably weaker. Bass is almost non-existent, and sound is obviously distorted. But then again, Asus had to do it to keep its price low for this one. They’re down-firing though, which makes a good setup for wall-mounting – another good reason to ditch its stand and use third-party ergonomic monitor stands.


Stand with Limited Adjustability, But with VESA Mounting Holes

Asus VC239H (image from Amazon)

For adjustability, you get forward and backward tilt, and that’s pretty much it. The monitor can’t swivel, adjust in height, and most definitely can’t pivot. Another way of Asus cutting corners for this monitor. But hey, there’s the good, and always trusted VESA-compliant mounting holes that can easily solve the problem in ergonomic. Also, since it’s a mid-sized display, you can choose dual monitor stands and put two of this display side-by-side with no problem, or pair it with your existing mid-sized display of course.


Tech Specs

Package includes a DVI cable, a VGA cable, a power cord, a power adapter, and a Quick start guide.


Bottom Line

When we say impressive performance, we don’t actually mean this monitor goes over and beyond what the best IPS paneled monitors do in the market. Rather, it stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the big boys, which is actually really impressive, considering the price tag that comes with this product.

As with other products with cheap price tag, this Asus VC239H also has its set of shortcomings. For one, it doesn’t come with an adjustable stand. Two, there is no integrated USB 3.0 hubs. Obviously, you would have to spend more to get these luxuries. The stand is an easy fix though, as you can invest in a good quality monitor stand. We suggest you get a monitor stand with articulating arm to get the best flexibility and ergonomics for your workstation.

Nonetheless, the Asus VC239H is a good quality, compact 23-inch display that cost the bank. The screen quality seems too good to be true for its price, but once you see it in person, you will definitely appreciate this screen. Truly a great value for money for a really affordable, if not cheap price.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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