Asus PG278Q; An-In-Depth-Review

Many gamers from all around the world are confused on what monitor to purchase. As 1080p become the norm, many still love the idea of future-proofing their desktop PC with WQHD and the lovely 2560 x 1440 resolution. WQHD monitors usually use IPS, PLS or VA-panels. The Asus PG278Q on the other hand, gets the best of both worlds with fast and low latency performance with the TN panel paired with Nvidia G-Sync technology – quite a smart move if you ask me. What really makes this display great? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide and know more.

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Who is it for?

If you’re a serious gamer who likes to have all the advantages in the playing field, then you must know the importance of having a great gaming-quality display that can keep up with your games. The latest gaming monitor from Asus named ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q is designed just that – it keeps you two steps ahead of your competition with its gaming specific features and functions.



To start off this review, the Asus PG278Q is easily one of the best gaming monitors you can find today. It features the Nvidia G-Sync technology which syncs the display’s refresh rate to GPU’s frame rate, which is said to make gaming experience way better than ever before. Other features that contributes to great gaming experience includes the 3D Vision 2, WQHD, 1ms response time, 144Hz refresh rate, 1440p, and super-slim bezels. Read on and find out more.


Get the Best In-Game Advantage with Great Graphics

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The ROG SWIFT PG278Q is the next generation in gaming displays niche. This WQHD monitor works in 2560 x 1440 resolution, which delivers 4x the resolution of the standard 720p most displays have today. It has 109 pixels per inch or 109 RGB matrices per inch, which results to greater image detail and up to 77% more onscreen desktop space than standard Full HD (1920 x 1080) displays. When added up, these minor details give major boost in your in-game advantage.


With Ultra Low Motion Blur Technology to Remove Blurring and Ghosting of Fast Moving Images on Screen

This Asus WQHD monitor is equipped with ULMB (ultra-low motion blur technology) that ensures clear and crisp images, and decreases motion blurring and ghosting on screen in both games and movies. It works by turning the backlight on in the right time with the screen’s refresh rate, and darken the backlight quickly as soon as the pixels are ‘strobed’. The result is sharper images, with less frame to frame motion blur. Enabling the feature however, will cause drop the screen’s brightness by half; which means it’s a trade of gamers have to decide in specific situations within the game.

Incredible 1ms Rapid Response Time and 144Hz Refresh Rate, the Best for Gaming

It’s no secret that Asus engineered the PG278Q to provide the best gaming advantage, and two of the many factors that make it great for gaming are the 1millisecond Response Time and 144Hz Refresh Rate, both are the best in the market today. These two work hand-in-hand to deliver the smoothest gameplay even in most graphically-demanding, intensive and fast-paced action sequences.

Great response time means ultra-smooth gameplay performance, which is the true hallmark of gaming monitor. The 1ms response time of this Asus ROG Swift PG278Q G-SYNC monitor is the fastest available response time in the market today. It supports action-packed high-paced scenes in movies and games without any signs of motion blurring, smearing, and tearing, allowing every gamer to play and react quickly to the game.

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The 144Hz Refresh Rate on the other hand, gets rid of lag and also helps in smooth transitions against motion blurs, allowing gamers of FPS (first-person shooter) games, racing games, sports titles, and RTS (real-time strategy) games to enjoy more of each and every action and display more natural movement. It’s twice faster than the refresh rate of most LCD monitors today.


Stay 2 Steps Ahead with Nvidia G-Sync Technology

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For those who haven’t heard about Nvidia’s newest flagship technology, the G-Sync is a feature that syncs the monitor’s refresh rate with the drawing frame rate of the GPU. This process eliminates the lag and smearing, which is commonly found in V-Sync displays. This technology allows the monitor to deliver the smoothest, fastest and most breathtaking gaming experience you can imagine. Scenes show up your screen instantly, while everything displayed on your screen will look sharper and more vibrant. Gameplay is fluid and responsive as well, ensuring you to keep two steps ahead with smooth and stunning visuals.

For this technology to run however, it requires special chip, and your system should not be running anywhere lower than GTX 650 Ti Boost. You can check Nvidia’s website for their full list of GPU.


3D Vision Ready for 3D Movie

Movie lovers would surely love this gaming monitor even more, as it supports 3D viewing, thanks to the Nvidia 3D Vision ready build. This device lets you see things on your screen in a new dimension, as it is compatible with Nvidia Vision 1 and Nvidia Vision 2 kits, and can support up to 3 WQHD displays for improved 3D gaming experience as well. Also, it works with the finest 3D gaming titles, thanks to the growing library of over 700 3D Vision ready games, 3D Blu-ray movies and YouTube 3D Playback support.

Equipped with Exclusive Asus GamePlus Technology for Improved Gaming Advantage

Asus also equipped PG278Q with their standard gaming features called the Asus GamePlus hotkey. When activated, this feature will show an overlay crosshair in the middle of the screen and a timer functions. There are four (4) different crosshair designs to choose from to fit with your game and the environment. The timer is also a great addition for keeping track of build times, spawns, etc, on screen. It’s a great function for specific areas in games. Simply press the GamePlus key on the monitor to activate.


With Flicker-Free Technology for Comfortable Gaming

Like most gaming displays today, Asus PG278Q is also equipped with Flicker-Free technology that removes onscreen flickers, allowing gamers to play their favorite games in extended period of time comfortably, and without hurting their eyes. This monitor in particular, has undergone stringent performance test and gained flicker-free certification from TÜV Rheinland laboratories, an international provider of technical, safety and certifications services.

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Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Options

Hailed as one of the best gaming displays out there today, the Asus PG278Q is designed for gamers’ convenience. Those who are looking for more immersive gaming and take full advantage of the viewing capabilities of this display can definitely make good use of its VESA mounting holes.


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Anyone looking for dual monitor setup with this display can opt for the Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm. A fully adjustable dual monitor LCD arm, made up of solid polished aluminum construction and high quality materials. Each of its arms can be adjusted independently, allowing users to position and reposition the monitors however they want in their desk. Also, the patented Constant Force (CF) technology makes way for smooth and easy adjustments.


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If you’re looking for an affordable option, you can opt for Tyke Supply Dual LCD Monitor Stand Desk Clamp. It is very solid and stable, considering its price, and it can clamp to any desk easily.



Design and Features

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Design wise, the ROG Swift PG278Q Gaming Monitor is top-notch. The angular design of the cabinet looks aggressive and attractive. The side bezels are impressively narrow (at just 6mm thin), giving the screen more prominent look. This monitor is specially designed for marathon gaming sessions, the narrow bezel and slim profile makes it ideal for dual monitor and even multiple monitor setups.

Functions and Buttons

The PG278Q Gaming Monitor has intuitive 5-way navigation keys for function buttons. This gives quick access to the On-Screen Display (OSD) settings in one simple flick, and switching Menus has never been this so easy; it’s clean and fast. The control buttons are located on the back, at the lower right corner of the cabinet, with labels facing the front. The small joystick gives the access for primary navigation, which moves up, down, and in, which represents the click.

The monitor also comes with the Asus-exclusive Refresh Rate ‘Turbo key’. It’s a hotkey specially designed to toggle refresh rate on-the-fly. This saves users from the hassles of going to the graphics driver control panel, as users can quickly choose from 60, 120, or 144Hz refresh rates and get straight back to gaming.


Smart Air Vent Design to Keep Your Monitor Cool at all Times

Design for marathon gaming, the ROG SWIFT PG278Q Gaming Monitor has a smart air vent design that helps in heat dissipation, keeping your display cool even in extended period of use.


Fully Adjustable and Ergonomic Stand

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The stand is more than just an attractive stand, as it is fully adjustable for all your ergonomic needs. It is height adjustable, can tilt up or down, swivel, and support pivot for landscape and portrait mode. Though pivot is less desirable like in most TN displays, because of standard viewing angle limitation, the feature is there for you to use anytime you want.

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At the base of the stand comes a set of awesome LED light-in-motion effects that gives the monitor an attractive lighting, perfect for gaming enthusiasts.

Also, this stand has VESA standard mounting holes, which means you can always hook it up to third-party wall mounts or LCD monitor arms for dual monitor or multiple monitor setups or simply for more ergonomic setup.


I/O Ports with Smart Cable Management for Advanced Connectivity

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This monitor only supports DisplayPort input for native WQHD. No DVI and HDMI connectivity. Asus made it this way because of their G-sync technology, which only require DisplayPort, and since G-sync takes over the controller duties for the display.

However, Asus made a great effort for convenient connectivity for your peripherals and gadgets, as it comes with two (2) USB 3.0 ports.

The back of the monitor also allows nice and neat cable management, as it hides cables from your desk and keep your desk tidy and ready for gaming.


Tech Specs

Package includes Power cord, Power adapter, a DisplayPort cable, a USB 3.0 cable, a Quick start guide, support CD and a warranty Card.


Bottom Line

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If you’re a serious gamers looking for every gameplay advantage in the playing field, then you should check out Asus ROG Swift PG278Q G-SYNC monitorThis display is well-equipped for gaming, keeping you two steps ahead against your enemies. Its crisp 27-inch screen works at 2560 x 1440 resolution, combine that with ultra-fast 1ms response time, 144Hz refresh rate and Nvidia G-Sync technology and you get the ultimate display for all your gaming needs. It’s packed with gaming-centric features such to improve your gaming experience in almost all areas, and it’s paired with a fully adjustable and ergonomic stand for comfortable gaming, even in extended period of time.

You may have to see this display in action yourself to truly appreciate its G-sync technology. However, rest assured that it’s a very fantastic feature overall. It’s certainly the best display not just for gaming, but for anything that requires demanding graphics, accurate color reproduction and more, such as graphics design, photo and video editing, watching movies, etc. The slim bezel also makes it great for dual monitor and even multiple monitor setups.

All in all, the Asus PG278Q is gamer-focused monitor and a formidable product in its competition. It’s a small, yet significant revolution in display technology. It does an incredible job in almost everything, making it a great investment.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide now!

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