Asus MG248Q; An In-Depth Review

Asus has established itself as one of the better brands for gaming-focused monitors. Their Republic of Gamers range is headlined by Asus PG348Q, a pretty impressive gaming display for itself, and includes lots of options, even cheaper ones, catering gamers from all financial scale. The Asus’ gaming monitors bridges the gap between the graphics card and the monitor through improved frame-refresh synchronization, making a super smooth action. With this, they released a trio of monitors last April 2016, one of which Asus MG248Qa 24-inch Full HD gaming monitor with Adaptive Sync tech for smooth gaming visuals, and comes with tons of gaming-centric features. What makes this gaming display stand out from its competition? Read this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to find out.

Asus MG248Q (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Like its batch mates in its release, the Asus MG248Q is truly a gaming monitor designed for competitive gamers. It’s aimed for gamers looking for a dependable screen for fast-twitched games such as FPS, racing games, etc., where every millisecond counts.



Asus MG248Q (image from Amazon)

The premise behind Asus MG248Q is to provide excellent gaming performance in Full HD (1080p) throughout wide range of refresh rates.  This gaming monitor can run games up to 144Hz refresh rate, with a minimum of 40Hz, which is actually the gold standard of today’s gaming market. Its biggest selling point however, is its Adaptive Sync technology, an anti-screen tearing feature from AMD.


Incredible 1ms Response Time, 144Hz Refresh Rate for Fast and Smooth Gaming Experience

Asus MG248Q (image from Amazon)

Asus MG248Q sports TN (Twisted Nematic) panel, which means you can’t expect it to produce accurate colours. It’s a compromise for fast and smooth gaming performance provided by 1ms Response Time and 144Hz Refresh Rate. Both digits are the fastest in the market to date. This means gameplay feels so much smoother and better.

Asus MG248Q (image from Amazon)

The combination of ultra-fast response time and high refresh rate also means the screen is free of blurring or ghosting effects, which are proven to be the most annoying when gaming. Gamers will never suffer from motion blur and experience significantly reduced smearing, allowing them to react quickly and instantaneously on what they see onscreen. Crucial for FPS and racing games.


Fast Input Lag for Games

Input Lag is at 12.2ms (refers to the time it takes for the monitor to recognize and act to the commands from the keyboard, measured by Leo Bodnar Test), which is actually quite good for gaming, especially when playing at high frame rates, such as FPS games, where fast-twitch and quick decision making is crucial.


 Plus Adaptive Sync Technology from AMD

Aside from the fast and smooth gaming performance, the Adaptive Sync feature is Asus MG248Q biggest selling point. It has a range of 40Hz to 144Hz, and works wonders by eliminating choppy gameplay and screen tearing by completely syncing the monitor’s refresh rate to the output that your graphics card renders.


Decent Colour Performance, As Expected In A TN Panel Monitor

Datacolor Spyder 4 Elite test shows, this Asus monitor is able to run 99% sRGB and 76% AdobeRGB space. The latter figure is obviously the average we have in the market today, but Asus never claimed this monitor to be a wide-gamut display.

For its colour accuracy, the Delta E figure shows colors are close to real-life colors, which is quite impressive for a gaming display sporting TN panel. The panel does a pretty good job in keeping its deviation down to a minimum, with an average of 1.81 score.

For the screen uniformity, MG248Q is great at the top part of the screen, but feels slightly off at the bottom, especially around the lower right.


Dual Monitor or Multiple Monitor Setup Options

Asus MG248Q (image from Amazon)

The bezels are extremely thin, making it a great choice for dual monitor or triple monitor setup.


Ergotron LX Wall Mount LCD Arm (image from Amazon)

The Ergotron LX Wall Mount LCD Arm really makes a good dual monitor setup for this Asus gaming monitor. Each of its arm is independently adjustable, and it's made up of solid polished aluminum construction, giving it a sturdy construction. It also comes equipped with the brand's very own CF (Constant Force) technology, which keeps the monitors stable and secured in place, while allowing smooth and easy adjustments with the soft touch of your finger.

MonMount LCD-194 Dual LCD Monitor Stand (image from Amazon)

If you're looking for a cheaper alternative for dual monitor setup, then there's the MonMount LCD-194 Dual LCD Monitor Stand. It doesn’t come with independently adjustable arms, but it works pretty much the same in holding two monitors side-by-side. It's cheap but hard-wearing, thanks to its simple and straightforward design.



Design and Features

Asus MG248Q (image from Amazon)

The Asus MG24UQ looks exactly what you can expect from a quality gaming monitor. Design wise, it comes with tons of gaming-centric accents, giving anyone who see it the first time of what it is about. The bezels are extremely thin, measuring for only 1cm, perfect for dual monitor or triple monitor setup, which is a common setup for immersive gaming.

The panel sports a matte coating which does a pretty good job in keeping the screen free of glares and reflections, even in a well-lit room. It also helps the screen sit slightly recess from the bezels.


Buttons and Controls

Monitor’s functions are accessible through the five buttons. There’s also a joystick up top. As with other Asus monitors, the OSD controls feels intuitive and easy to use. It doesn’t take long to familiarize the controls, and it’s easy to navigate. However, Asus added a twist in this product, as the controls is accessed through DisplayWidget, a Window-based program.

Asus MG248Q (image from Amazon)

Those who are familiar with the on-screen display of gamer focused Asus monitors will easily recognize most setting options in DisplayWidget, and it works through Data Display Channel Command Interface through both DIsplayPort and HDMI, similar to its two other batchmates in MG series- Asus MG28UQ and Asus MG24UQ.  Changing settings are immediate, while some settings provide calibration on a pre-application basis. Most of us may set the OSD once, and just leave it there, but those who demand better calibration can definitely benefit on DisplayWidget. The RGB settings can also be set individually.

Loaded with Gaming-Centric Features

Asus MG248Q comes packed with gaming-centric features, such as the GamePlus hotkey, which is exclusive for Asus monitors, and works by improving gaming visuals by boosting gaming performance.

There’s also the crosshair overlay, a particularly helpful for FPS games.

Asus MG248Q (image from Amazon)

Plus, this Asus monitor is compatible with NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 kit, which means you can add 3D gaming on your PC through a compatible NVIDIA graphics card. It’s actually an improved version of the previous 3D gaming feature, with better and brighter 3D effects, as well as better-fitting 3D glasses.

There’s also the FlickerFree technology and Low Ultra-Low Blue Light feature, both of which work to improve viewing experience, prevent eyestrain. The latter limits the harmful blue light emission of the screen, to keep the screen easy for the eyes and allow users to work for hours. Both of which are staple for Asus monitors too.


Extensive Option for Connectivity

Fortunately for gamers, the MG248Q comes with extensive options of I/O ports, such as DisplayPort 1.2 port and HDMI 1.4 port, and dual-link DVI-D connector.


With Smart Cable Management to Help Keep Your Desk Neat

The arm of the monitor stand includes a smart cable management system that lets you route the cables and cords of the monitor, helping you keep your desk neat and clutter-free.


With Integrated 2W Speakers

As with many new models of gaming monitors in the market today, Asus included a pair of 2W built-in speakers in Asus MG248Q. As expected, it sounds tinny, but it’s still a welcome addition for users looking to use dual monitor gaming or triple monitor gaming setup, as it frees the desk from external speakers.



Fully Adjustable Stand for Ergonomics, With VESA Mount Too

Asus MG248Q (image from Amazon)

As any other reliable gaming monitor, the Asus MG248Q comes paired with a rectangular stand with gaming-centric design. It doesn’t only provide stable and secured support, but also provides full adjustments for comfort and work and gaming ergonomics. It allows tilt of -5° to +33°, swivel range of +90°to -90°, pivot +90°to -90° and height adjustment of 130mm. Attaching the stand is as easy as other Asus monitors too.

There’s also a 100x100mm VESA-standard mounting holes, which should come in handy, should you decide to mount the monitor to a fully-adjustable monitor mount, to a wall mount, or for a dual monitor or multiple monitor setup. After all, the screen size and thin bezels makes MG248Q ideal for multi-monitor setup.

Tech Specs

Package includes Power cord, Dual-link DVI cable (Optional), DisplayPort cable , USB 3.0 cable, Quick start guide, HDMI cable (Optional), Support CD and Warranty Card.


Bottom Line

Asus has truly improved its prominence in the gaming market, especially in their latest line ROG (Republic of Gamers). Their new MG line sought to improve the brand’s stance in the gaming world, and one particular model is dedicated for gamers on a budget – the Asus MG248Q, a stylish, quality and highly competitive 24-inch gaming monitor that runs in Full HD with 1ms Response Time and 144Hz Refresh Rate.

Of course, gaming is lovely, and smooth. The fast response time and high refresh rate are paired with Adaptive Sync, allowing users to enjoy ultra-fast and smooth gaming action, without screen tearing.


In terms of colour performance, it is something we can expect from a TN-based panel; it’s no way anywhere close to stellar, but colour performance is impressively decent. Viewing angle is expectedly mediocre.

Unlike its two other batch mates Asus MG28UQ and Asus MG24UQ which are both 4K gaming monitors (3840 x 2160 pixels), the Asus MG248Q is a Full HD gaming monitor, which helps a lot in keeping its price low. One could argue that the resolution of this display is not meant for productivity. But then again, it’s not meant for productivity, rather, it’s dedicated for competitive gaming.

All in all, the Asus MG248Q is an impressive good monitor if gaming is what you’re after. It’s affordable and packs a lot of power and features.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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