ASUS MX34VQ; An In-Depth Review

In mid-2016, Asus announced that they’re making big steps for bigger curved screen monitors with its Designo series, and the name has won over fans for its head-turning style. This new series is undeniably beautiful and artistic, which is very different from the usual ‘funky’ models. Most monitors in the line is restricted at 60Hz refresh rate, which is something that put many gamers off. Their new release called ASUS MX34VQ however, sports 100Hz refresh rate, and supports AMD FreeSync (via Adaptive-Sync on the monitor), while also embraced some of the most recent trades, like the 5W Wireless QI charging. What makes this monitor special aside from its massive curved screen? Is it worth the price? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more.

ASUS MX34VQ (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

ASUS MX34VQ is for computer users who want to switch into a significantly larger screen. The curved screen does the trick for better viewing experience, whether it’s for work or entertainment. It runs at 3400x1440p resolution and it’s beautifully designed to dramatically improve the aesthetics of your desk, be it your office or home office desk.



ASUS MX34VQ (image from Amazon)

3440 x 1440 Resolution at 34-Inch Ultra-Wide Screen

The widescreen really made good use of the 1800R curvature. Panel manufacturer Samsung, said this particular curved screen technology makes viewing experience better by making a natural and more uniform viewing distance between the center and the edges of the screen. Certainly, the 34-inch screen is really comfortable and natural, but so as similar-sized monitors with lesser curved screens. The curve was easy to get used to, making it a good choice even for daily and general computing purposes.

In gaming, the 34-inch curved screen runs at 21:9 Aspect Ratio, which worked really nice as it definitely improves gamers’ Field of View. Battlefield 1 and Dirt Rally felt like being played on a 27-inch monitor with 16:9 aspect ratio, but with definitely more contents on both sides, which is something extra for more immersive gaming experience.


Pleasing Picture Performance In Both Game and Movies

ASUS MX34VQ (image from Amazon)

Big title games like Battlefiel 1 look great in this big curved screen of ASUS MX34VQ. The overall atmosphere of the game, which is dark scenes, looks pretty good, thanks to good depth of dark shades and strong static contrast. The VA (vertical alignment) panel shows a little ‘VA glow’ at the bottom of the screen, which causes the lighter shades to appear lighter, but not in any way obtrusive as the noticeable ‘IPS glow’ which comes in many IPS monitors.

For Blu-ray movies like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the strong static contrast once again, aided the look of the movie, with tons of scenes being showcased nicely; from flames, burning projectiles, explosions, glowing light sabers, etc., all these things stood out perfectly from their dark background.

For its colour reproduction, the monitor has no trouble covering the sRGB at 100%, with some over-extensions for colors green and red. This means the screen can provide picture with extra touch of vibrancy without obvious oversaturation. It also provides accurate colour reproduction, although users who wish to work on their colour-sensitive tasks may be aware that this model uses VA panel, which a panel with almost always has an issue in colour consistency.

ASUS MX34VQ (image from Amazon)

Also, though not really built for extensive gaming, this Asus monitor comes with Asus GamePlus feature, an exclusive feature that provides an in-game enhancements for various games, such as onscreen timer, fps (frames per second counter), and a crosshair overlay.


Wireless Charging Through Stylish Stand

ASUS MX34VQ (image from Amazon)

The base of the stand of ASUS MX34VQ is easily one of its most interesting features, as it comes with a 5W Qi wireless charger. It is surrounded by a stylish transparent plastic plate with a powder coated metal trim. Mobile devices with Qi wireless charging capability, such as Samsung Galaxy S7, can be placed on the base of the stand and it will be automatically charged. No need to press anything from the monitor to activate the charging, or even on your mobile device. This wireless charging is obviously not the fastest way to charge your mobile device, but the idea of having it there and being able to charge your mobile device as you carry on with your tasks makes it quite a convenient feature to have.

When charging is activated, the base will light up its turquoise LEDs, which are located underneath the central rim, reflecting off the outside of the plastic circle. Asus calls this the ‘aura lighting’. If you find the light distracting, you can always turn it off from the monitor’s OSD (on-screen display)


Design and Features

ASUS MX34VQ (image from Amazon)

The ASUS MX34VQ is stylish right off the bat; from its front side you can see the stylish aesthetic that Asus prides about in its Designo monitor series. The top and side bezels come with dual-stage design which is a thin black panel border, with a very slim hard outer silver plastic components. It measures around 8.5mm including both of the components. The bottom bezel on the other hand, features the silver-colour matte plastic, which is around 19mm and includes a tiny silver of panel border. The screen itself is coated with a light matte anti-glare surface with a screen curvature of 1800R.

Looking at the side of the monitor, you will notice the curve and the stand more clearly. The monitor is about 0.71 inches at its thinnest point (at the edge) and quickly bulks out further inwards. The depth of the monitor, including the stand, is at 9.45 inches.

ASUS MX34VQ (image from Amazon)

The monitor itself is packed with amazing features for a more productive and efficient day at work; one good example is the Asus MultiFrame management software, a program that allows users to divide the screen into multiple windows and see everything at once.


Buttons and Controls

The On-Screen Display (OSD) of this monitor is primarily controlled by the joystick called JOG button, which is located under the central Asus logo. There’s also a button on either side of the joystick as well as a downward-facing and fairly dim white power LED, which glows amber when the monitor is on standby and turns off when the monitor is off, and white when the monitor is on. The light of the LED is actually not visible from normal viewing position, as it’s tucked away, users would have to lower their head to see it. Which is actually good, as it’s unobtrusive.

The first button underneath is the power button. If you press the joystick in, the OSD will show the functionality of all the buttons, which is Power for the first button, the Joystick itself for middle button, and the third button which is for the Source (Input Select).


ASUS MX34VQ (image from Amazon)

To get the Menu, you will have to press the Joystick again. From here you will get the Main OSD menu, which is split into various sections; the Splendid menu has the presets, which include Standard, sRGB, Scenery, Theater, Game, Night View, Reading, and Darkroom mode. The Second menu has the Blue Light Filter mode, which blocks off harmful blue light from the screen, giving users eye-friendly display. The third menu houses the Color mode, which include Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Color Temp. (cool, normal, warm and user mode), and Skin Tone. The third option in the menu is the Image, which include Sharpness, Trace Free, Aspect Control, and ASCR. The fifth option takes charge of the integrated speakers (which are actually pretty good) and includes Volume, Mute and AudioWizard mode, which enhances audio quality from music mode, movie mode, gaming mode and user mode. The sixth option has the controls for the PIP/PBP setting. The seventh option is for the input. The eight option is for the System Setup, which includes Splendid Demo mode, GamePlus, DisplayPort Stream, ECO mode, Wireless Charging, Shortcut, OSD setup, and More.


Connectivity Options

ASUS MX34VQ (image from Amazon)

The backside of the monitor features the usual matte black plastic that we commonly see in other monitors. It comes with a textured look towards outside and smoother on the inside. Underneath the stand attachment ports is a detachable port cover, which houses down-firing ports, namely DC power input (external power brick), 3 HDMI 2.0 ports (supports Adaptive-Sync), 1 DisplayPort 1.2 (supports Adaptive-Sync) and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Note that the both DisplayPort 1.2 and the HDMI 2.0 ports support 3440x1440 resolution at 100Hz refresh rate. For AMD FreeSync to work properly, you need to use the DisplayPort or the HDMI ports on a compatible GPU.


With Good Quality Built-In Speakers

Most speakers that come built-in in many monitors are weak; sounds tinny with low bass quality. The speakers on this monitor however, deliver theater-quality audio, thanks to its integrated Asus SonicMaster technology. It’s 8W, which is far more powerful than the 2W speakers in many monitors.


Stylish Stand, But with Limited Adjustability

ASUS MX34VQ (image from Amazon)

The stand itself is slick stylish. The neck features a silver matte plastic at the back side and black matte at the front side. It offers tilt adjustment, but that’s pretty much it for adjustability. It doesn’t offer ergonomic adjustments, which is understandable for a monitor of its size. Asus definitely looked into the quality and sturdiness of the stand.

The bottom of the screen is about 3.66 inches above the desk, with the top at 17.95 inches off the desk. Though the stand is not as low to the desk as it could be, a height adjustment would have been a nice feature for the stand.


Tech Specs

Package includes the 34-inch curved screen monitor, a power cord, power adapter, DisplayPort cable, a Quick start guide, Acrylic LED light covers, an HDMI cable and a warranty card.


Bottom Line

ASUS MX34VQ is easily one of the most gorgeous big monitors we have in the market today; design wise, it’s stylish, plus the curved screen really worked wonders for its aesthetic appeal. In terms of performance, it’s far from being the best out there, but it certainly has lots of good areas that consumers would definitely consider. For one, its UltraWide VA panel provides a unique experience with 3440 x 1440p resolution, at 100Hz refresh rate and steep curve of 1800R. The curve added a nice depth for more comfortable and natural viewing experience. Also, the wireless Qi charging is a plus, especially for office workers or people who work at home and want to keep their mobile devices at arm’s reach.


In terms of performance, this Asus curved monitor is largely impressive; it has strong static contrast with pleasing balance and color after a few tweaks on its OSD. For the 100Hz refresh rate, it’s undoubtedly a good improvement that makes gaming enjoyable. Pair that with the large resolution and you get a quality piece for entertainment, whether for watching movies or playing games. There were some signs of weakness in pixel responsiveness, but nothing as obnoxious as many VA models suffer from.

Unfortunately, this monitor don’t come with VESA holes, which would have been extremely great, as we would really want to have 34-inch monitors mounted on the wall, or at least, held by a high quality, fully adjustable monitor stand or mount.

All, in all, the stylish design of ASUS MX34VQ is enough to wow anyone. It comes equipped with some great integrated features and it’s surprisingly good for gaming.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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