AOC i2473PWM; An In-Depth Review

Most monitors that come with built-in speakers today either have hardly usable speakers or tolerable ones. Not many brands offers good-quality speaker that will save you from attaching another peripheral to your computer. In May of 2014, AOC released its newest monitor, and it features one of the best built-in speakers today. The AOC i2473PWM is a 24-inch Full HD IPS display, and its biggest feature is its lifelike sound quality, making it a great option for people looking for a monitor with built-in speakers for entertainment. Its speakers pack enough sound to save users from the need of getting additional desktop speakers. What else does this thing offer? Check out this in-depth AOC i2473PWM review from Dual Monitors Guide.

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Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a mid-sized monitor for all-around use, for work and entertainment, then you will never go wrong with AOC i2473PWMThe product is stylishly designed and equipped with tons of lovely features that you will need for your workstation. But its biggest selling point is its pair of 7-watt speakers that will save anyone from having to purchase good quality speakers for their computer.


The AOC i2473PWM takes pride on its thin razor concept and excellent IPS panel. Its biggest selling point however, is the two (2) Onkyo 7-watt speakers housed on a Onkyo certified logo for improved sound quality experience. 


Great All-Around Picture Performance; Accurate and Rick Colors and Impressive Grayscale Performance

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The AOC i2473PWM is a great all-around performer. It’s fully capable of displaying colors in rich tone, and it is quite accurate in chromaticity test. Colors red and blue are very close to their ideal coordinates, while green is just a little out of the alignment, which is a common thing in almost monitors today, especially on this price range and even with some high-end monitors.

For grayscale performance, this AOC monitor has no problem showing every shade of gray based on the DisplayMate 64-Step Grayscale test. Display shows no evidence of clipping (distinguishing lightest shades of gray) at the light end of the scale. Dark gray shades also appear to be very impressive, and shadow detail showed really good definition based on test images, which are some scenes from Planet Earth Blu-ray. Images are sharp, and like other IPS panels, the wide viewing-angle of this display is quite great as well.


Decent 5ms Pixel Response for Variety of Use

The 5ms (black-to-white) pixel response rate of i2473PWM may be far from the best when compared to excellent gaming monitors out there, but it works good enough to handle fast motion games such as Aliens vs. Predators. There were some motion blur and ghosting in dark backgrounds, but they can hardly hurt your gaming experience.

The 250 cd/m² typical brightness and 50M: 1 dynamic contrast-ratio also contribute for clear and crisp images.


Two Good Quality 7-watt Onkyo Stereo Speakers for Audio and Entertainment

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Not many monitors come with built-in speakers, and the ones that do uses an underpowered version that sound either hollow or tinny (some are both) and don’t get very loud. The AOC i2473PWM however, is different, as it uses two 7-watt Onkyo stereo speakers for loud and full sound. These are better-performing monitors, and can be cranked for higher volume without causing any distortion to the sound quality. The high-end and midrange are both clean, and though not booming, the bass tones help round out the sound, making this AOC monitor an ideal choice for gaming (particularly for gaming soundtracks), watching movies, and playing your favorite songs.

Energy Efficient, with Great Power-Saving Features

Like any other AOC monitors, the AOC e2752Vh’s Eco mode setting is a Picture preset, not really a power-saving mode. Presets include the Standard, Text, Sports, Internet, Movie and Game modes. For picture settings adjustments, this monitor includes the basic brightness and contrast levels, and some advanced options like  Color Temperature, Dynamic Contrast, Gamma, Phase, Position and Clock.

Also, this monitor offers BrightFrame and DCD (Dynamic Color Boost) features. The former lets you highlight specific areas of your screen, while the latter gives you the power to improve certain colors of your display, such as skin tone, blue, green or all colors. The pre-calibrated color quality of i2473PWM though is good enough, and enabling the DCB function will result to oversaturation. Thus, it will be better to disable it for best overall color quality.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Option

As a mid-sized monitor, the AOC i2473PWM is a perfect choice for dual monitor and even multiple monitor setup. Its best features are the Full HD IPS display and two high-quality 7-watt Onkyo Stereo speakers. It’s a great kind of setup for games and home entertainment; loud and powerful audio and great image quality. Also, the razor slim streamlined bezels can easily complement any desk and environment, and you will never go wrong in putting two or three of these together for dual monitor and multiple monitor setup s. You may not need to get extra third-party ergonomic solutions, as speakers are housed on its stand. Of course, you can always upgrade for LCD arms and other ergonomic solutions for more efficient and productive workstation.

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One good example is the Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm. A durable aluminum polished LCD monitor arm for dual monitor setup. It makes a productive multi-display configuration that can lifts and position your screen where you want them to be, while reclaiming valuable worksurface. It is easy to install and setup and effortless to use. You can choose between putting one monitor on top of the other, or let them sit side-by-side. You can also place your laptop in one of its arms for dual monitor laptop setup.

Design and Features

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Razor Slim and Streamlined Silver Bezels That Complements Any Desktop Settings

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This monitor sports a 0.25-inch silver bezel and a 0.65-inch thin cabinet, which makes it one of the sleekest monitors out there. It’s definitely streamlined with nice aesthetics to fit any desktop and workspace.

The 24-inch monitor uses a 23.8-inch IPS panel, which has a 1920 x 1080 maximum resolution, and coated with a non-reflective matte coating that gets rid of glares and reflections.


Basic Inputs/Outputs Options for Basic Needs

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All the inputs and outputs ports of AOC i2473PWM are mounted to the rear side of the base. Yes you read it right, there are no I/O ports on the cabinet of this monitor. The selection includes two (2) HDMI ports, a VGA port, an audio input and headphone jack. Unfortunately, this monitor doesn’t have any USB ports, however, HDMI ports support MHL (mobile high-definition link), which means you can still view content from your MHL-compatible mobile devices through HDMI-to-MHL cable. The MHL ports can also charge mobile devices as well.

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This AOC monitor lets you transfer your multi-media files from your small mobile screen over to the big screen using the MHL to get richer sound and better visual entertainment.


Touch-Sensitive Buttons

Between the powerful speakers is a glossy-black panel that houses the five (5) touch-sensitive buttons for accessing monitor’s menu and functions. This includes the Power switch and four (4) function buttons you can use to navigate the On-Screen Display (OSD). These buttons are usually very easy and pleasant to use. But some users report having to make several swipes before the monitor responds. The good news is that, the AOC i2473PWM comes with an i-Menu software that will help users make their adjustments right from their keyboard and mouse – quite a convenient feature to have.


Decent Rectangular Base the Complements the Display and Desktop

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The AOC i2473PWM is supported by a stand with rectangular base with rounded corners. The stand provides 23° tilt adjustment. But that’s about it for adjustability, as the stand doesn’t support swivel, pivot or height adjustment. The base of the stand measures 7 x 12 x 1.2 inches (HWD), and is protected with black fabric to hide the built-in two (2) upward-facing Onkyo 7-watt speakers.

Tech Specs

Bottom Line

The AOC i2473PWM has tons of great things to offer, and it can be the best choice for computer users who are looking for a display with a good quality built-in speaker. The audio performance of this AOC monitor is one of the best of its kind, and its function and aesthetic design is equally impressive as well. The 24-inch IPS panel is able to show sharp HD images, making it a good choice for watching movies, and even for gaming. It works with good color accuracy and grayscale performance, not to mention the wide off-axis viewing.

If there’s anything to complain about this product, it would be its erratic function buttons and tilt-only stand. AOC can definitely improve this product in these areas to make the monitor more user-friendly and ergonomic. Also, they could have added some few extra features, such as a USB hub, for convenience.

All in all, the AOC i2473PWM is a good all-around mid-sized monitor that will save you from getting an extra pair of excellent speakers to connect to your computer. Above all, it is reasonably priced, if not an affordable option. For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide now!

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