AOC Q2963PM;An In-Depth Review

The AOC Q2963PM may not be the most attractive 29-inch monitor we have today, but there are so many things about this display that we can’t help but love. The industrial-slab like design of its cabinet houses the ultrawide screen that is fully capable of multi-tasking. The large screen can both easily provide big real estate for working and good cinematic feel for anyone looking for a good display for their movies and games. How does this product stand against the fierce competition? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

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Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a single widescreen monitor to work like a dual monitor display for your desk, or you want to get rid of the two-monitor setup in your workstation, then you definitely should check out AOC Q2963PM. It’s an ultra-widescreen monitor that can work like a two-monitor setup, with excellent color reproduction, great set of I/O ports and it’s packed with convenient and very helpful features.



Ultra-Wide Display with Excellent Color Accuracy and Performance

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The AOC Q2963PM is packed with features for improved work and entertainment experience, combining the best of work and leisure. It’s equipped with the right set of features that will improve your work productivity and computer experience. The list of features includes the ultrawide cinematic screen, dual link-up and the screen-splitter function. All these three work hand-in-hand to aid you in your work and show movies and games better. You can open multiple applications, documents and windows to multi-task at work, and better enjoy movies and games, thanks to the 29-inch ultrawide 21:9 screen.


Well-Equipped and Features Packed Monitor for All Sorts of Computer Use

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The 29-inch UltraWide screen of AOC Q2963PM is more than just a wide screen. The screen features an LED backlit screen which displays brilliant colors and ultra clear images. It also works in Full HD 1080p resolution, alongside with 50,000,000:1 contrast ratio and a response rate of 5ms, which means it’s fully capable of displaying superior picture sharpness. The excellent viewing angle of its IPS panel lets you view your weekend movies, play games, work on your documents, and read texts from webpages from virtually any angle without compromises in color uniformity.


Panoramic Screen Paired with Screen-Splitter Function for Easy and Convenient Multi-Tasking

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The UltraWide screen of this AOC monitor is easy on the eyes, and it lets you open multiple applications and windows at their full size, making it a great upgrade for dual monitor setups. If you’re looking for a widescreen for a dual monitor-like setup, then this display is for you, as its wide screen real estate is almost as good as two monitors sitting side-by-side. Pair that with Screen-Splitter function and you get a one monitor great in multitasking. All you need to do is drag and drop windows to your preferred panel.   

Viewing angle performance is decent, though there is a slight loss in luminance at the top and bottom angles.


Good Color and Grayscale Performance for All Your Viewing Needs

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Like many IPS panels, the panel equipped in AOC Q2963PM delivers rich color quality and good grayscale performance. Based on Chromaticity Test, this monitor display mostly accurate colors; colors red and blue were close to perfect, while green is a little saturated. The saturation however, doesn’t cause greenish highlight or skewed colors.

In the case of grayscale performance, the monitor is able to reproduce all the requirements in DisplayMate 64-Step Grayscale test. The display shows no signs of tinting at the center of the screen.



Decent 5ms Pixel Response for Flexible Viewing

The Q2963PM is very capable of handling fast motion videos and games, with clear and crisp details, and without obvious blurring or smearing. Though a little far from the ideal in the market today, the 5 millisecond black-to-white pixel response rate of this monitor is good enough for watching movies, whether in a separate window or in full screen.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Options

Big monitors like this need big and solid support. We don’t normally see 29-inch sized displays in dual monitor setup. Most people pair their large screen with smaller screen, or use it as an extension or primary display for their laptop.


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If you’re looking to improve your stand and have all the flexible adjustments like a fully-adjustable stand, then you can opt for Ergotron Neo-Flex Widescreen Lift Stand. This stand adds a huge upgrade through its 5 inches height adjustment, tilt, pan and pivot function. It can support monitors ranging from 20 inches to 32 inches, with weight capacity of 16 lbs. to 36 lbs. It lets you position your widescreen easily, and it comes with the brand’s patented motion technology which keeps your screen stable in place, while giving you easy and hassle-free adjustment without using knobs or levers, all through light-touch adjustments.

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If you’re looking for a more interactive solution, then check out Ergotron MX Desk Mount LCD Arm. It’s a very versatile LCD arm, with choice of wall mount and desk mount option. The 5-inch height adjustment of this arm provides superior arm adjustability. It allows users to position their monitor anywhere in their desk for maximum ergonomic comfort to minimize or even relieve neck, eye and back strain. It also allows the display to extend and retract up to 16.7 inches (424 mm) to push out the display nicely and arrange your desk when not in use. Also, with the integrated tilt and portrait to landscape orientation capability, the arm can support various types of computing tasks and improve productivity.  Portrait and landscape rotation includes position lock.

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If you want a more sophisticated approach to revamp your workstation, then you should opt for WorkFit-LX, Sit-Stand Desk Mount System. This sit-stand desk fits in most any space while providing personalized ergonomic positioning. Users also get the complete control of focal distance and the position of the keyboard relative to the monitor screen.


Design and Features

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The massive 29-inch UltraWide screen of AOC Q2963PM is housed in a black cabinet with thin top and side bezels. The side bezels are designed with gorgeous curve around the back of the cabinet, while the bottom measures 0.75-inch thin and houses the shiny AOC logo, a standard in AOC products.


Buttons, Function, Settings and Preset Modes

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Button of this AOC monitor are not labeled, but it’s not a problem, as pressing any of the buttons will show the on-screen labels. They also come with large icons to describe their functions. These buttons gives easy access to Picture settings, which include Brightness, Contrast, Gamma controls and Eco mode.

For preset options, this monitor has Standard, Internet, Text, Game, Movie, and Sports presets. While the color settings include adjustments for red, blue and green color levels. Dynamic Color Boost (DCB) and Color Temperature offers level adjustments for green, blue and skin tone colors.

Users can also use their keyboard and mouse to access AOC e-Saver power management software and i-Menu to change picture settings. A way easier access than the usual buttons.


Superb Connectivity

The AOC Q2963PM comes with ultra-convenient connectivity. It sports HDMI connection which carries high-definition picture and sound quality in a single cable, and an HDMI with MHL that allows users to connect their gadgets like smartphones easily to the monitor, minus the need for a network connection. This means users can stream videos and various multimedia data from their phone straight to the monitor, while charging their device simultaneously.


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Also, this monitor from AOC is equipped with PIP/PBP Hardware Calibration Ready (Dual Link-Up), which allows two devices to be displayed on the monitor simultaneously. While the DisplayPort connection lets users connect several monitors (perfect for dual monitor or even multiple monitor setup with notebook through a single cable).


Decent Stand with Great Stable Support

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The wedge-shaped stand of this AOC monitor houses the access to its I/O ports. The stand comes with a removable base, allowing you to easily take it off and utilize its VESA standard mounting holes. The stand’s adjustability is quite limited. It allows forward and backward tilt, but that’s pretty much it, but it doesn’t allow the screen to swivel, height and pivot adjustments.


Energy Efficient with Power Saving Features

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This AOC monitor consumes 33 watts at Standard mode, which is a few watts less than many of its 29-inch rivals, such as Dell U2913WM (consumes 36 watts), and way lower than its 30-inch rival Dell UltraSharp U3014 (consumes 60 watts).


Tech Specs

Package includes the VGA, DVI, and HDMI cables as well as a resource CD.


Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a big and wide monitor to work like a dual monitor setup, then you will never go wrong with AOC Q2963PMIt’s a well-made display capable that shows good color and grayscale performance, has tons of video input options and great multi-media support system. It’s a great monitor for work as it allows you to open multiple apps and windows and multi-task, while its big wide screen is great for entertainment, be it watching movies or playing games.

The limited adjustability and weak vertical angle are its two obvious shortcomings, but you can always use the monitor’s VESA standard mounting holes and take advantage of third-party ergonomic solutions like LCD arms and sit-stand height adjustable desks to get the adjustability and flexibility you need to improve your workstation’s ergonomics. Also, this AOC monitor doesn’t come with USB ports, which has been a standard of many new models today.

All in all, the AOC Q2963PM’s ultrawide scren offers a good way to work, and though this kind of aspect ratio is not for everyone, those who love watching movies and playing games on their computer will surely appreciate the big screen. The best part about this display is its affordable price tag; easily one of the best in its price range.

For more in-depth monitor reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide now!

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