AOC P2779VC; An In-Depth Review

One of the many trends in digital market today is monitors with accessories for convenience and productivity, such as additional utilities. We have seen many iterations and variety of additions to the monitor screens in the past years, such as webcam and built-in speakers. Now AOC wants to introduce wireless charging ports for your gadgets. Yep you read that right, their AOC P2779VC offers recharging for your gadgets without cables with the goal to cut clutter on your desk. How is this new technology helpful? Is the monitor good in other areas? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more.

Who is it for?

If you’re looking for an affordable monitor with decent performance and functionality for home office or work setup, then you should definitely check out AOC P2779VC. It comes equipped with a techy wireless charging feature that allows users to charge their mobile devices without causing clutter on their desk.



AOC P2779VC is a 27-inch monitor that runs in a 1080p resolution through PLS panel. Nothing special right there, but as said earlier there’s the wireless dock into the base of the stand for convenient charging of your mobile devices.


Good Quality Panel with Inky Blacks and Wide-Viewing Angles

AOC P2779VC (image from Amazon)

The PLS (Plane Line Switching) panel technology (similar to IPS panel technology) has no trouble delivering dark blacks (though it had trouble displaying the darkest shades based on DisplayMate 64-Step grayscale test). Rather than transitioning slowly to black, the darkest shades of gray rather looked pitch black, with muddy shadow details from test images. Light shades however, looked pretty good.

In terms of viewing angles, this monitor has wide viewing angle, there are no noticeable luminance loss or color shifting.

AOC P2779VC (image from Amazon)

Though the screen can only deliver 1920x1080p resolution at 16:9 aspect ratio, it has a peak brightness of 300cd/m2 and contrast ratio is at 1000:1, both are considered decent. It doesn’t wow you with amazing performance, but it can certainly deliver for everyday use.

In terms of colour accuracy, the monitor is understandably less than ideal. Chromaticity test shows blue is close to its ideal coordinates, while red is slightly outside and green is completely misaligned. Though there are no observable oversaturation of picture, green tinting is apparent in grayscale tests.


Supports QI Wireless Charging

AOC P2779VC (image from Amazon)

As said earlier, this monitor features a wireless charging feature; located on its rectangular base is the built-in charging pad, something we have seen from Dell S2317HWi, which wireless charges Qi-compatible devices, like the Samsung Galaxy S6 EdgeThere’s the + sign at the center of the base which marks the charging pad, and a small LED on the front edge of the base which glows amber while the device is being charged and white when the device is fully charged.


Decent Speed for Minor Gaming

Though not really built for gaming, AOC P2779VC performs decently well for gaming with 5ms (gray-to-gray) pixel response time and 60Hz refresh rate. They perform adequately in fast-action sequences. There are of course, some observable motion blurring and minor screen tearing. That’s in no way impressive, but considering its price and the limited features and capabilities, that’s something you can forgive, and maybe can use for gaming to take break from work. Just don’t expect it to be smooth when playing big title games and online games.

Input lag (measured in Leo Bodnar test, and shows how fast the monitor reacts from commands from the controls) is at 10.3ms, which is still pretty decent.


Design and Features

With a unique black and gold color scheme, AOC P2779VC indeed, stands out in a sea of matte-black monitors. The cabinet of the monitor is made up of matte black and half-glossy black, while its 27-inch screen is made up of PLS panel with a non-reflective coating. Plus, it sports a thing (quarter-inch) black bezels on top and both sides, giving users more screen and less plastic on their monitor. The bottom bezel is only a little wider (half inch), which is understandable, as it holds the logo/name of the brand.


Connectivity Options

Connectivity options for this product however, are rather scarce. The backside of the cabinet houses the outward facing I/O ports, which are convenient to reach. However, for the inputs, there are only two HDMI inputs and a VGA input. There’s also a headphone jack for audio and power jack. There are no USB ports in this monitor, neither DisplayPort input, which would have been nice additions.


Fully Adjustable Stand for Ergonomics

AOC P2779VC (image from Amazon)

It’s rare for bigger screens to come with fully adjustable stand, as some manufacturers don’t want to compromise the safety of the big and heavy screen, which is exactly the case in this AOC monitor. It doesn’t allow any adjustments other than tilt. The stand however, looks beautiful with its gold color. Located on the base of the stand is the wireless charging port.


Tech Specs

Package includes the monitor, HDMI and VGA cables and a Quick Start Guide


Bottom Line

AOC P2779VC is indeed, a unique monitor, with all the basic features you can get from a basic monitor. It comes however, with some pretty nice features that some users may want to have, such as the built-in wireless charger for mobile devices equipped with Qi charging technology. It comes with a nice black and gold color scheme, which easily sets it apart from the usual matte-black monitor.


With that said, this monitor is no way the best performer out there, and it doesn’t claim to be. Colour accuracy is definitely questionable, as well as the darkest shades on its grayscale performance. Also, the stand lacks the ergonomic adjustments, as it only offers tilt. Not to mention it doesn’t come with VESA mounting holes, which would have easily solved the stand’s limited capability. There are also no USB connectivity, which would have been a plus, especially since this monitor clearly targets work environment, office setups and home office users. If wireless charging is really your priority, then you can consider a better option in Philips Brilliance 279X6QJSW Full HD Curved LCD Monitor. It too lacks the adjustable stand and USB ports, but it does come with better colour and grayscale performance, as well as a curved screen. Plus, t supports FreeSync anti-tearing technology from AMD for only $50 more.

Clearly, AOC P2779VC has its own specific target market, it’s cheap and basic functionalities makes it a good option for office setups doing for general computing.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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