AOC E1759Fwu; An In-Depth Review

One year since AOC first release its own USB monitor E1659Fwu, they released its bigger brother AOC E1759Fwu. The newest model has is anticipated because of its predecessor’s promises. Indeed, the earlier version was a smart idea for busy businessmen who work on-the-go, as it can conveniently provide extra screen for their work laptops. But is the new version worth the wait? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to find out.

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Who is it for?

Like its earlier version, the AOC E1759Fwu is perfect for individuals who work on-the-go. It gives an easy and convenient way for dual monitor setup with laptops, making it easier to work with spreadsheets, multiple applications, pages and software windows all at once. It can also work well with desktop PC. It has the portability and qualities you can rely on-the-go.



Sporting 17.3-inch screen, the AOC E1759Fwu offers quite an upgrade from its earlier mode. As a matter of fact, it offers more screen real estate than any other portable USB monitors you can find in the market today. Working with 1600x900 resolution, it has the highest resolution we have ever seen to date as well. And there’s so much it can offer.

Easy Installation for Easy Use

Installing and using this portable USB monitor is quite easy. It’s a plug-and-play device, which means all you need to do to make it work is plug the included USB cable to the back side of the monitor and connect it to your laptop or desktop PC. Of course, you need internet connection to download the latest drivers and DisplayLink software.

It has a Y-connector that you can use with older PC models, and may require using two (2) USB ports to supply needed power to work. When connected though, the monitor will power up automatically, and Windows will install the necessary drivers and DisplayLink software. The second the software is installed, the monitor can be used as an extended display in your computer’s Graphics control panel. From here, like in any other dual monitor or multiple monitor setups, you can choose whether to use it as your primary display, extension from your current display, or have it mirror your original display.


Accurate Colors and Sharp Image Quality and Decent Grayscale Performance for All-Around Use

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In terms of performance quality, the AOC E1759Fwu performs admirably well in many aspects of display quality. Color accuracy test shows that colors red and blue are closely aligned to their ideal coordinates (based on CIE standard chromaticity test). Green is a little off, like in most monitors out there, but it is still in acceptable range, and doesn’t cause color saturation or hue problems. Colors look bright and well-saturated in test images, while high-definition titles like The Avengers in Blu-ray look sharp and perform smoothly, without noticeable stutters or delay.

If you have properly calibrated your primary display, then there is no problem, as this monitor can automatically match your color settings nicely, giving you an extended display with the same picture quality.

In terms of Grayscale performance, DisplayMate 64-Step Gray-Scale test graded this monitor pretty much evenly on dark shades, but with lighter shades appearing a little whitewashed. This is a common thing among USB monitors though, as Lenovo LT1421 and the AOC E1659Fwu has the same issue.

Automatically Re-Orients Image Settings with Your Main Monitor’s Settings

Like other USB monitors we have seen, the AOC E1759Fwu doesn’t offer much picture settings, nor does it come with other functional buttons that lets you change the display’s image quality. However, it automatically re-orients the screen’s image when you flip the screen from portrait to landscape mode, and vice versa.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Options


Portable USB monitors have been getting respect and praises as of late for their ‘portability’ feature. How can you improve its amazing use? Put VESA mounting holes on it. This is what AOC did in their new AOC E1759Fwu. The good thing about portable monitors is that, they are small and lightweight, which means you don’t need the most sophisticated and tough-as-nail monitor stand, which usually cost hundreds of dollars.

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Something like the Arctic Z1 Desk Mount Monitor Arm will do, cheap, simple, straightforward monitor stand. It is designed to lift monitors 13-inch up to 30-inch. It is smartly Integrated with 4-port USB data hub for convenient data transfer/low-power USB devices. Its ball joint design makes way for easy adjustment.

Design and Features

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With 9 x 16 x.6 inches (H x W x D), and weighing only 2.7 lbs., the AOC E1759Fwu is a little heavier than its predecessor, but it certainly offers more good things for people working on-the-go. It can slide easily into most laptop bags, and it comes with a protective carry case that fits and protects the monitor like a glove. The cabinet and its bezel sports glossy black finish, which proves to be a magnet for battling fingerprints smudges, the same goes for its screen. Thus, make sure you bring along a polishing cloth with you as you carry it around.  Its streamlined and lightweight display makes it perfect for people working on-the-go.

With Built-in DisplayLink Technology for Multiple USB Monitors Connection

The lone connector in this monitor is a USB 3.0 port, which is tucked away around the back, where the stand folds into the cabinet. The device gets its power and signal from its host PC through this USB cable, and a DisplayLink Core software.

If you need to, you can connect two or multiple USB monitors for dual monitor or multiple monitor setup with a single laptop, whether it’s PC or MAC. Thanks to the built-in DisplayLink USB graphics of E1759Fwu, you can add multiple USB monitors to your current setup for more external displays, and without using excessive hardware. Simply install the DisplayLink software and you can enjoy the benefits of having multiple monitors without any complications.


The Same Elegant and Functional Stand for Stable Support, Plus VESA Mounting Holes for More Ergonomic Setup Options

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This new model uses the same silver picture-frame-style stand as its earlier model. When not in use, the stand can easily be folded and stowed inside its protective case. It provides good support for the screen in any work desk.

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The back side of the cabinet also comes with 75x75mm VESA mounting holes. Quite a convenient feature for home users who wants to use the portable USB monitor as an extension monitor for desktop PC or laptop, as it can be mounted to third-party ergonomic solutions such as desk stands, desk mounts, and wall mounts.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

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The AOC E1759Fwu really makes it easy for laptop users to bring the second monitor on the road. It features the most spacious screen (17.3) you can find among portable USB monitors today, making it an ideal choice for laptop users who work with multiple programs, windows, word files and spreadsheets while on-the-go, and a good choice for giving presentation in business meetings, etc. The slim profile and lightweight makes it a travel-friendly choice. Combine these qualities with 1600x900 resolution, accurate and bright colors, and crisp image details, and you get the best monitor you can have while away from your home.

As with other displays using TN (Twisted Nematic) panels, the viewing angle of this monitor is less than the ideal. There is noticeable but minimal color shifting, as the screen loses its luminance at around 60° from the middle, quite something you can expect from a portable USB monitor

All in all, the AOC E1759Fwu is still the best portable USB monitor in the market today, and it has garnered a lot of rave reviews and respect from expert reviewers and users.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide now!

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