AOC Agon AG352UCG; An In-Depth Review

In more ways than one, our gaming rig is only as good as the monitor we attach it with. One can spend huge chunk of money to equip their computer with top-of-the-line graphics card, but if that computer is hooked up to a dated monitor that can only handle low resolutions, all the power (effort and money) of the gaming rig goes straight to the waste basket. This is what gaming monitors are for, and when it comes to high-end rig, one of the best large screen gaming displays there is right now is the AOC Agon AG352UCG – an exceptional 35-inch monitor that offers an advantage of similarly-priced 35-inch displays in the market. As a matter of fact, it makes some of its competition somewhat analogous compared to its superb capabilities, such as the Acer Predator Z35. What makes this large curved screen display special? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more.

AOC Agon AG352UCG (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

AOC Agon AG352UCG is definitely designed for avid gamers looking to be in the midst of the action. It’s 35-inch curved screen gives gamers more immersive gaming experience. It’s feature-packed, making it worthy to pair with your powerful gaming rig.



To start with, AOC Agon AG352UCG has a lot in common with Philips Brilliance monitor. First, they both share the same aspect ratio of 21:9 which is paired with 3440x1440p resolution. The main advantage of the AOC monitor over the Philips is it comes with G-Sync technology, meaning those who have Nvidia graphics card will have better gameplay experience with this screen as it eliminates screen tearing, allowing smoother games. Here are other benefits of this AOC curved screen gaming monitor.


WQHD Resolution Running On A Massive Screen

AOC Agon AG352UCG (image from Amazon)

The colossal 35-inch screen of this AOC monitor boasts a WQHD resolution, or 3440x1440p resolution. That combo of huge screen space and high resolution gives any users more than enough space to work on, or enjoy games, and movies. Those digits are also good enough to provide stunning graphics, while not as taxing on your hardware as many 4K (3840x2160p resolution monitors). Also, if you’re used to working on a 16:9 aspect ratio on a 1080p resolution screen, then this monitor will blow you away.

High resolution also means excellent contrast performance. The screen shows clear delineation between different colors and shades, and absolutely nails the black level as well. The same story goes with the white saturation, meaning you will not lose details whether you’re gaming in oppressively dark of Resident Evil 7, or bright olive drab surrounds of Battlefield 1. Colors look vibrant.


There is however, some color-shifting issues across the screen, which can be noticeable on games. But then again, games usually have large chunks of colours on display, making these issues hard to spot, unless you’re specifically looking for them.

Though this screen’s luminance only peaks at 300 nits, actual images are still crisp and clear. It also comes with lots of different gaming modes for subtle tweaks of the display for different game genres.


Superb Refresh Rate Response Time for Amazingly Smooth and Immersive Gaming Experience

Response Time is another advantage of AOC Agon AG352UCG against Philips Brilliance; it has no problem reducing latency exponentially, improving multiplayer games even for big title games such as Battlefield 1.


G-Sync Compatibility for Even More Improved Gameplay

AOC Agon AG352UCG (image from Amazon)

As mentioned earlier, this monitor is G-sync compatible. This technology from Nvidia is a type of adaptive technology, which works by eliminating screen tearing and allow higher refresh rate for smoother and more immersive gaming feel.

Thanks to the G-sync compatibility, this AOC monitor joins the likes of other excellent gaming monitors, such as Asus MG248Q, Asus ROG Swift PG248Q and AOC Agon AG271QG.For most gamers out there, the G-sync compatibility alone is enough to convince them to get their

However, it’s worth to note that the maximum refresh rate of this monitor is 100Hz, which is not quite as high as what G-Sync allows, though it’s the close to its rival Acer Predator X34.


Feature-Packed, Superb Performance and Fantastic Viewing Angle for All Your Gaming Needs

On paper, AOC Agon AG352UCG packs tons of features that will surely wow its users. Game graphics look amazing in big title and hectic games like Battlefield 1, and resolution really shines. The wide aspect ratio also provides immersive view of the battle field, making the carnage around look stunning. Also, the wide aspect ratio provides great advantage while playing, as you can definitely spot enemies that might miss otherwise in smaller monitors.

AOC Agon AG352UCG (image from Amazon)

Viewing angle is also fantastic; the 35-inch screen and 2000R curvature provides excellent field of view for viewers. Whether you’re playing alone, or watching movies with your friends and family, everyone will definitely get a good view of the screen.

There’s an anti-glare coating on the screen which does a brilliant job in keeping reflections and glares, without compromising the image quality of the screen.

There’s also the familiar Low Blue Light setting, which is great for hardcore gamers, as it provides eye-friendly screen that allows users to play games, or work for hours (even at night) without hurting their eyes.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Options

AOC Agon AG352UCG as said earlier, is a massive screen. This means there's not a lot of options out there for dual monitor setups. Not that many people would also want to have 35-inch screens sitting side-by-side on their desk as well. For this, the only option we have for better ergonomics and versatility in adjustment is a wall mount.


Ergotron Interactive Arm, VHD (image from Amazon)

One good example is the Interactive Arm, VHD from Ergotron. This wall mount can support screens ranging from 30-inch to 60-inch in size and weight of 35 lbs. to 70 lbs. It is fully adjustable, allowing you to swing, lift and turn your display to any direction, and make the screen look like it’s floating in the air. This monitor lets users move their monitor or TV into multiple positions with one simple touch; no more sore necks and caused by awkward angles.



Design and Features

AOC Agon AG352UCG (image from Amazon)

Design wise, this AOC monitor is expectedly striking, though not aggressive as many of its competitors. This allows the display to stand out from the crowd (as if giants like this need more attention). The front comes with a black finish and sports the ‘Agon’ logo at the center of the bottom bezel. Aesthetically, this monitor looks pretty nice, and will never look out of place on your desk and rigs. Also, it’s not as ‘in-your-face” as most monitors with gaming-centric designs, so it will not stick out like a sore thumb on straight-laced environments.

AOC Agon AG352UCG (image from Amazon)

There are two LED strips along the bottom that displays green, blue and red light, depending on users’ preference. It gives cool gaming effect, but the three color choices quite limit the customization. The brightness of these lights can be adjusted through the on-screen menu, and can be turned off as well. The LEDs reaches the back side of the cabinet, which is plastic black and silver in design.


This Beast Needs Huge Space

Size is probably the major downside of this product, as with other 35-inch monitors out there, AOC Agon AG352UCG is a colossal monitor, which means expect it to take up a considerable amount of space on your desk. It’s incredibly bulky as well, weighing about 26 lbs. (11.8kg). That means you definitely need a sturdy desk and a big space to accommodate this massive screen. However, as soon as you plug it in and hook it up to your computer, the concern for the size will surely fade away.

This AOC monitor is a beast on your desk; the manufacturer certainly didn’t go for slim and modest look in this screen. The bezels for example are quite thick (0.7 inches), especially at the bottom, which increases the footprint a little.


Buttons and Controls

The on-screen menu for monitors of this kind is usually pretty awkward to navigate, this one however, works quite well, allowing users to cycle through the various options easily.

The controls for the OSD (on-screen display) are accessed through the center of the bottom bezel, near the logo. Control buttons includes a single joystick (JOG button) which controls the whole menu system, and pushed in to turn the monitor ‘off’. There’s also a faint power LED which illuminates the joystick, though the light is only visible from below. It glows dark blue under normal operation, and amber when it loses signal from the computer and low power state.

Press the button towards you for the adjustment of the volume of the integrated speakers, or anything connected to the 3.5mm headphone jack. Press it to the right and you will have the main menu of the OSD.

Selections for the OSD include Luminance (Contrast, Brightness, Game Color, Shadow Control, Gamma, Overdrive and Game Mode), Color Setup (Low Blue Light, Color Temperature, Red, Green, Blue), OSD Setup (Language, Timeout, H. Position, V. Position, Transparency and Break Reminder), and Extra (Reset, Deep Sleep, USB Charge, LED Color, and LED Intensity). There’s also a Factory setting.

The selections in the OSD of this monitor are a little bit cut down, which is quite normal for monitors equipped with G-Sync. At the bottom section screen in any section of the menu, shows the current resolution the monitor is running at, as well as the refresh rate and the G-sync.


Wide Array of Connectivity Options

The back side of the cabinet houses a wide selection of connectivity options for this monitor. The selection includes an HDMI port, a DisplayPort (supports G-sync) and four USB 3.0 ports (the one with yellow color supports fast-charging) and a DC power input (with external power brick). There is also a 3.5mm microphone jack and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The ports are down-firing, which means you can easily push this monitor to the wall (or through wall mount) and have no problems with your cables and wires. They’re located underneath one of the wings, behind the neck of the stand.


With Decent-Sounding Built-In Speakers

Most larger screen monitors right now come with integrated speakers, most especially those designed for gaming, and rightfully so, as you certainly don’t want to hassle of finding the right position for your external monitors when there’s a 35-inch monitor hugging most of the space on your desk.

The problem with built-in speakers however, is most of them are subpar. It’s like they’re put there just for the sake of having them. That’s also the case with this AOC gaming monitor – it sports the very basic pair of 2W speakers. Sound quality obviously, is not there – it sounds tinny and lacks the bass. Something you would expect from an integrated monitor. They’re not completely bad though, they’re actually decent for basic use. For avid gamers looking for immersive gaming, you would be better off with your trusted headphones. For watching movies with friends, you can always hook up a high quality speakers.


Adjustable Stand, Plus VESA Mounting Holes for Better Ergonomics

AOC Agon AG352UCG (image from Amazon)

As with many newer models of 35-inch screens right now, this too comes with an adjustable stand. We can still remember the days when monitors 32-inch and bigger were not allowed to move a lot. Time has changed since then, as more and more manufacturers now care about ergonomics and users’ comfort. AOC AG352UCG comes with an adjustable stand (you need to screw yourself) that allows swivel, tilt and height adjustments, making this gigantic screen comfortable to use, as users can easily adjust the screen to their best viewing and gaming preferences.

For users who want to mount the screen to the wall for more versatile adjustments and ergonomic setup, there’s a set of VESA-compliant mounting holes for wall mount options.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

There’s no denying that AOC Agon AG352UCG is an excellent monitor worthy of its hefty price tag; it’s a premium monitor which understandably comes with a premium price. This kind of premium gives you G-sync technology and superb viewing angle, that’s if you can live with the limitations of its VA panel.

It runs in a 100Hz refresh rate, which is nothing short of amazing, even for the most demanding gamers. There were no noticeable input lag during games, thanks to the G-Sync technology and incredibly combo of size, curvature, and resolution which offers responsive and immersive experience. The colossal screen and the high resolution also provide more space for multiple windows and programs for Windows 10. This means users can open multiple applications at once and multi-task with ease.

Color saturation and performance are both easily maximized by correcting brightness and gamma through the control options, which in turn also maximizes the ultra-wide curved screen.

The design may not fit everyone’s taste, although the same thing could be said to every monitor. In fairness for this product, it’s pretty subdued for a ‘gaming monitor ’; it doesn’t come with brightly painted stripes, etc. Performance wise, gamma is pretty average, even for its optimal gamma mode. It’s pretty decent however for its intended uses.

If you have the desk space to spare, a powerful graphics card, and the budget, then you should definitely check AOC Agon AG352UCG out. It’s truly an excellent investment for gamers; it’s huge, enough to give anyone more immersive gaming experience, and we can’t stress that enough.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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