7 Best Single Monitor Stands and Mounts For All Types of Users

Monitor stands and mounts provide significant comfort and convenience for computer users, particularly those who work in front of their computers for extended period of time on a daily basis. The adjustment options provide flexibility and viewing comfort, and still leave more desk space for a neat clutter-free desk. But with tons of choices out there, choosing the best single monitor stand or mount can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time to purchase for such third party product. This is why Dual Monitors Guide have decided to narrow your options down to seven best single monitor stands and mounts for all types of users.


This list includes all the best available options out there in the market, from budget-friendly, mid-range to expensive, from basic to more sophisticated, to sit-stand single monitor stands and single monitor mounts. Products on this list are ideal for anyone looking to improve their desk to a more comfortable workstation.


7. Rosewill RHMS-13001 Dual Swivel Arm

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For anyone looking for an affordable yet versatile monitor mount for, be it for entry-level gaming or high-end gaming, or for daily workstation tasks, Rosewill RHMS-13001 Dual Swivel Arm is a good option. The brand may be known for monitors, but the product pretty much carries the same brand quality, and lives up to the brand’s performance and elegance.

It’s made up of lightweight aluminum construction and quick snap configuration and C-clamp support to provide strong and stable hold for displays weighing up to 30 lbs. It also provides VESA mount support for Apple monitors.

For more about this product, check out our in-depth review here.


6. Dell Single Monitor Articulating Arm

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Dell monitors are common among office and home office workstations, this is why Dell manufactured a better support to hold their monitors. Dell Single Monitor Articulating Arm is like any good quality monitor stand with articulating arm, it provides wide range of movements through multi-adjustment system. It’s advantage of course, is its easy setup and mounting with Dell monitors, as many newer models of Dell monitors lets you snap the cabinet to its stand, which works perfectly well with this product. The VESA mount needs no screws to snap in and hold your Dell display. Of course, it can also work with monitors outside of its brand.

For more about this product, check out our in-depth review here.


5. Ergotron LX Wall Mount LCD Arm

The Ergotron LX Wall Mount LCD Arm allows superb display positioning adjustments for greater productivity. This product offers a great way to revamp your workstation, as it lets you mount your display to your wall and make it look like it’s floating off your desk. It’s also a great way to save some precious desk space, and a good option for people with their desk pushed against the wall and can’t make grommet holes on their desk for some reasons.

This LCD arm is great in both functionality and aesthetics. It comes with the brands’ patented Constant Force technology, which holds mounted displays in firmly in place and still provide smooth and easy adjustments. Like other products from Ergotron, it’s built with toughness and longevity in mind, from major parts to every single component. It can also hold laptop using the laptop tray upgrade.

For more about this product, check out our in-depth review here.



4. Ergotron MX Desk Mount LCD Arm

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Ergotron MX desk mount is a sleek adjustable arm designed to lift mid-sized monitors and all-in-one computers. Its improved ergonomic adjustment is perfect for people working on touchscreen monitors, as it allows ergonomic adjustments and position the display anywhere, even for touchscreen purpose. Like other Ergotron products on this list, it also comes with Constant Force technology.

For more about this product, check out our in-depth review here.


3. Ergotech Freedom Arm Mount Single for PC

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The Ergotech Freedom Arm Mount Single for PC is one of the few products that lives up to its promise of high quality monitor mount. It’s a solid and hard-wearing piece of equipment that can hold monitors up to 27 inch of size and has all the adjustments you can expect from an expensive product. The best thing about it is it does NOT come with an expensive price tag. It is easy to install and comes with few assembly components. Its biggest selling point is its durability, as this single monitor mount is built like a tank.

This product is a good example of great value and quality features. If you’re looking for a durable mount that doesn’t hurt the bank, then you should consider this one.

For more about this product, check out our in-depth review here.


2. AmazonBasics Single Monitor Display Mounting Arm

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AmazonBasics single monitor mounting arm offers smooth-flowing motion and very easy to setup.  It’s designed for mid-sized display and it comes with a tension system that holds and lets you position your monitor all over the desk. The best thing about this mount is you can pull it down even lower than its mounting bracket.

For more about this product, check out our in-depth review here.



1. Ergotron Neo-Flex LCD Arm

Ergotron Neo-Flex LCD arm landed the number one spot in our list simply because of its hundreds of positive reviews in Amazon. Design wise it is one of the best-looking monitor arms or mounts in our list, which can easily blend in any workstation or home office with its cleaner and minimalistic design. Quality and performance wise, it provides excellent adjustability and versatility with its solid but elegant build.

For more about this product, check out our in-depth review here.


There you have it, the seven best single monitor stands and mounts in the market today. Our list is based on rating and verified purchase reviews from Amazon. For more guides like this, check our Dual Monitors Guide today!

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