7 Best Monitors for the First Quarter of 2016

In the past couple of years, we have seen quite a leap in display innovation from different display manufacturers. We have seen much improved professional-grade monitors with precision color performance, higher-end gaming monitors combined with IPS panel for ultra-fast and smooth gameplay with better colour accuracy, curved screens for gaming and entertainment, etc. The line that separates different types of monitors is getting thinner each day, as more and more manufacturers make hybrid computer monitors to address the different needs of any type of user. In 2015, Dual Monitors Guide made a new roundups for the best monitors for different types of use and user requirements. For our first roundup post in 2016, we will gather the best monitors available in the market as of the first quarter of the year.


7. BenQ XL2420G

BenQ XL2420G (image from Amazon)

BenQ XL2420G is quite an excellent gaming monitor because of three major factors – G-Sync technology and ultrafast Response Time and Refresh Rate. G-Sync technology is a gaming feature from Nvidia that helps the display copes with the demands of fast-moving and high impact games, which works by eliminating screen tearing and providing fluid gameplay. The 1ms Response Time and 144Hz Refresh Rates are the fastest digits you can find in the market today.

This BenQ gaming monitor also has good colour accuracy and grayscale, making it a good all-around monitor.

This monitor is definitely dedicated for hardcore gamers. For more about this monitor, check out our in-depth review here.


6. AOC E1659Fwux USB Monitor

AOC E1659Fwux USB Monitor (image from Amazon)

AOC E1659Fwux is one of the newest and most innovative USB monitors in the market today. Unlike the earlier models of AOC usb monitors, this one right here comes with an improved image quality, showing more accurate colors and providing sharper definition.

This monitor is made for frequent business travelers who are in dire need of extra screen real estate to multi-task and for business presentations on-the-go with their laptops. It is light, compact and very easy to carry around and use anytime, anywhere. For more about this monitor, check out our in-depth review here.


5. Acer Predator XB271HK

Acer Predator XB271HK (image from Amazon)

Acer Predator XB271HK is another high-end gaming monitor on this list, and as with bigger brother Predator X34, it is especially designed for dedicated gamers looking to revamp their gaming system. It runs 4K Ultra HD resolution, with improved technology such as G-sync for smooth and fluid gaming performance, and packs tons of gaming-centric features. Aesthetic wise, it sports quite a futuristic and gaming-centric design, fit for any gaming station.

For more about this monitor, check out our in-depth review here.


4. NEC MultiSync PA322UHD

NEC MultiSync PA322UHD (image from Amazon)

The NEC MultiSync PA322UHD is one of the better 4K Ultra HD resolution (3840x2160) monitor that flooded the market last year, and many consumers have jumped in to its bandwagon. Fortunately, more and more contents are being made each day for this kind of display. It has excellent colour accuracy and grayscale performance right out-of-the-box, extensive calibration settings and robust set of features for professional use, and a decent pixel response for entertainment.

This monitor is for people looking to future-proof their display, as 4K UHD resolution is where display manufacturers are heading. For more about this monitor, check out our in-depth review here.


3. Dell UltraSharp U3415W

Dell UltraSharp U3415W (image from Amazon)

The Dell UltraSharp U3415W is one of the few curved screens made quite a splash in 2015., Curved screen monitors promise for better and uncompromised image quality to improved viewing angle is quite intriguing, not to mention curved screens are real eye catchers that can make anyone’s work desk look sleek and sophisticated. The IPS panel of this monitor ensures excellent color accuracy and grayscale performance, making an excellent choice for professional users, particularly for media- heavy tasks such as graphic designers, photographers, etc. It comes with a boat load of I/O ports, as well as a pair of 9W speakers to complete your workstation. Also, this curved monitor is quite a good all-around display, as it runs decently fast response time and input lag, which are essential for gaming.

If budget is not a limitation for you, then you should definitely check out this monitor. For more about this monitor, check out our in-depth review here.

2. Asus PA328Q

Asus PA328Q (image from Amazon)

Asus PA328Q is made for professional users, particularly those who need uncompromised 4K UHD image quality, colour accuracy, and grayscale reproduction, with extensive set of image settings and calibration options. Performance wise, this monitor runs with exceptional image quality, delivering UHD pictures in sharp, rich and more vibrant details. It’s not a cheap monitor to have, but it is definitely worth every penny, especially for professionals with graphically demanding works.

The 32-inch screen provides more monitor screen space, which is particularly convenient for multitasking. For more about this monitor, check out our in-depth review here.


1. Acer Predator X34

Acer Predator X34 (image from Amazon)

The Acer Predator X34 is a high-performance gaming monitor, and it received the first spot in our early 2016 rundown because of its amazing hardware, features and specs. The curved-screen runs any games smoothly, with excellent colour accuracy and grayscale performance. It also comes packed with features to help gamers play and dominate in their chosen games, along with other convenient features such as the 7W speakers. It also has the viewing angle for an entertainment display for multiple viewers.

As described above, this Acer gaming monitor is especially designed for the most discerning gamers, fully equipped with technology and high-end specs to meet the demands of even the most demanding games. For more about this monitor, check out our in-depth review here.


For more rundowns ad in-depth reviews of monitors, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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