7 Best Electric Adjustable-Height Desk

Here at Dual Monitors Guide we have been advocating the benefits of standing while working on a computer, and preaching the advantage of height-adjustable standing desks, including alternative solutions such as desktop risers, sit-stand workstations or desk mounts with sit-stand functions. And rightfully so, as more and more studies shows the negative effects of prolonged sitting, inactivity and sedentary lifestyle. For people who can’t get themselves off from their workstations, electric sit-stand desks provide the best ergonomic solutions as it offers the best of both worlds: the comfort of sitting and the health and postural benefits of standing. You can stand any time you feel like and sit to rest your tired legs.

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If you’re one of the millions of people out there who suffer from backaches, neck and shoulder pain, etc. after long hours of work in front of your computer, and you’re concerned of your long term health, then this post is for you. We will list down seven of the best electric adjustable-height standing desks in the market today.

There are tons of choices out there, from stand-up desk, to treadmill desk, which easily makes the choosing daunting for first-time buyers of such furniture. Since price is the most basic aspect people look for in an electric standing desk, we have classified the products into to three basic categories, namely premium desks, value desks and budget desks. Premium desks, as its name suggests, require bigger investment. They are loaded with feature and come with great aesthetic design. Value desks offers good set of features and specs, but don’t come with a hefty price tag. Budget desks obviously, are the cheapest solutions out there. This list also make apples-to-apples comparison of the products being featured, making it a good place to start your research. Here’s is our rundown:


Best Premium Electric Adjustable-Height Desk

These high-tier desks are uncompromising in quality, capabilities and features. They come with a lofty price tag, which makes them the best choice for shoppers with no budget restriction and just want to get the best their money can buy. Some desks include digital hand controller, as well as advanced safety and reliability features, with longer warranties. Some come with lifetime warranty for their base frames and even 10-year warranty for all moving parts and motors. They’re not only functional, but also the best in terms of aesthetics, from thicker tabletops, hardwood tops, beautiful finishes, etc. allowing them to suit perfectly to any work environment. Though it’s true that you get what you pay for, expensive price and quality don’t always go hand in hand. So make sure you do your homework and research for the best desk that suits your needs.


Omega Everest

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Omega Everest is probably the ultimate adjustable-height desk available in the market today. It works well in sitting, standing or even walking, as users can slide in a treadmill underneath to promote more activity for people working on computers.



This platform beats almost all desks in the market today in terms of ergonomic adjustability, typing efficiency and rock-solid stability.

This desk features the iMovR propriety SteadyType keyboard tray, which offers a great position for yoru arms to work on your keyboard and mouse. They can be set on any tilt angle, which is simply both comfortable and ergonomic, allowing users to work comfortable or even type faster. There are two keyboard tray, meaning two people can use this desk at the same time, or can easily accommodate dual monitor setup.

For treadmill users, the keyboard tray eliminates ‘palming anchor stress’, making it the best choice out there, as users can type accurately and faster even when walking on a treadmill.



The keyboard tray is a truly a convenient feature, but can be problematic for “tenting” keyboards, such as Kineses Freestyle Ergonomic keyboard. But it works with 99% of keyboards.

For Omega Everest in-depth review, click here.


ThermoDesk Elite

Much like the previous desk featuredThermoDesk Elite is also a stealthy desk with heavy-lifting capability. However, it doesn’t offer the SteadyType keyboard tray, and only consumes less energy. This desk is 100% American-made, which means you can depend on its quality.


This desk features a large base for balance and stability with a large base width adjustment to suit not just sit-stand applications, but even walking (you can slide a walking treadmill underneath it). The 3D laminated hardwood desktop is both durable and elegant, making this desk a very versatile solution for any workstation.

Assembly wise, this desk is pretty easy to put up together or dismantle.  It also comes with unique set of features, such as recessed threads, which users can use for aligning and installation of the base. There are also pre-drilled pilot holes for the keyboard tray upgrade.

It is also backed by a superb warranty, as a matter of fact; the 3D-laminated tabletop has the same warranty as steel frames from other desks.



The lifting capacity of its base has been de-rated to a maximum of 220 lbs. It consumes less energy than few high-tier brands, but it’s not the most energy-saving electric sit-stand desk either. These obviously are minor gripes compared to all the good things this product can offer.

For ThermoDesk Elite in-depth review, click here.

Value Standing Desks

Value means the best bang for your buck, and you can find it among mid-tier adjustable-height standing desks, as they offer a good combination of practical function and selected set of features. Obviously, these desks are targeted for function rather than form, they lack the bells and whistles of a top-tier desk, tables are thinner and less exotic, while the electronic buttons simply consist of two buttons )Up and Down). Make no mistake on desks under this category though, as they are the best-sellers, and they can do the job. They come in different sizes to suit easily on anyone’s small office home office, office space, etc., with one heavy lifting capacity. Most desks under this category can lift loads up to 300 lbs.


Omega Olympus

Omega Olympus is easily one of the best adjustable-height desks out there in terms of value for money. Like its premium sibling Everest, Omega comes with an embedded adjustable keyboard tray for ergonomic positioning of your arms and shoulders.



Like most Omega products, Olympus has the platform that beats many desks in the market when it comes to comfort and ergonomics. It is embedded to the desk, which positions computer users closer to their display, while making the desk more stable.

LED controller has four programmable height presets, which gives users the freedom to customize and save their desired heights. The desk can raises up to 54 inches. This means it can handle any standing or even treadmill desk users, regardless of their height.

The base operates quietly, arguably the quietest base in the market. And like its sibling, it’s also a heavy lifter, as it can support up to 360 lbs. of weight.



Both aesthetic design and warranty are not as good as Everest. Also, the SteadyType tray is a little shorter than its sibling, measuring only 19.5 in x 10.5 in.

For Omega Olympus in-depth review, click here.


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