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Mod-E desk is a well-made and well-priced desk that forgoes some features to keep its price tag attractive. Users can also get their own preferred tabletop, and choose from different designs and colors, from black, espresso, honey maple, white, etc. There are around 32 possible combinations of base color, table top color and table top size, quite a versatile feature to suit anyone’s work space.



Construction wise, Mod-E skips the bells and whistles, keeping its price low. Also, the company has maintained a good reputation in product support.

Moving at 2 inches per second, this desk has one of the fastest height adjustment systems in the market. Also, it offers a wide range of height adjustment (up to 55.5 inches).



Perhaps too simple, as the height adjustment controller only offers up and down movement, no options to set the presets of your desired height.

Lift speed is indeed impressive, but at the cost of the noisy motor.

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Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk is another example of a good quality product that doesn’t hurt the bank. It’s a low-cost adjustable-height desk. Its versatile design lets users choose the best tabletop that suits their work space. Its work surface is big enough for dual monitor setup.



The desk glides up and down smoothly, keeping your monitor and everything on top of its desk safe and secured. It has good height adjustment range (up to 50.5 inches). A little short that Omega Olympus, but good enough for most users.

It features an electric controller with programmable height settings as well.

The base is also solidly-built, as it can support up to 350 lbs. of load on its tabletop.



The tabletop of this desk is simply an ordinary high-pressure laminate, not the 3D lamination type that provides excellent durability.

Also, though it adjusts smoothly and safely, adjustment speed can be too slow for some users. It moves at 1.25 inch per second, which is at the lower end of the mid-tier electric adjustable-height desks.

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Electra is arguably the workhorse on this list, as it has a maximum weight capacity support of 490 lbs., making it a great solution for workstation with heaviest of loads. You may think it’s a little too much, but you will be surprised of all the things you can put into it to keep your workstation comfortable and conducive for work.


With a base that can reach up to 50.75 inches, this desk is wide enough to accommodate both an office chair and a walking treadmill side-by-side.

Putting together this desk is a walk in the park, as the base comes pre-assembled from box. All users have to do is adjust the width of the frame and then attach the 3D laminated tabletop.



The base is pretty simplified, with only up and down controls. Meaning, you can’t save your preferred preset heights, something that many other desks on this category has.

The telescopic leg also leaves small amount of greasy residue which appears on prolonged use, particularly on the inner lifting leg segments. Though it’s a minor issue, it can get gunked up over time in dusty work environment.

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Budget Standing Desks

Desks in this category are low shelf. They have the affordable price tags, sometimes even cheaper than regular desktop risers or manual-adjustable desks. But don’t let its price fool you, as these products still get the job done. Manufacturers may have cut some corners to keep the price of their products low, but they certainly don’t miss out their most important task – provide sit-stand alternative for computer users. Of course, buyers who are looking for the cheapest price should be mindful of what they are getting themselves into. You will be working on this desk for hours on a regular basis, might as well invest on something that makes you feel comfortable.



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Upsilon desk has been hailed as the ‘King of Cubicles’, as it is purposely built for small spaces and compact office environments. Thus, it’s a perfect fit for Manhattan offices (or apartments), call center cubicles, and for laptop users who simply want to switch from sitting to standing.



This sit-stand desk is specifically designed from ground up for compact spaces, and it’s definitely priced right for its quality and intended purpose. Despite its compact size, it still operates quietly and has no problem carrying heavier loads than what bigger desks can carry. It can carry 360 lbs. of weight, while its 41dB noise makes it a great choice for offices.

It has one of the most durable desktop (3D laminated tops) in the market today.



Its small size is both an advantage and disadvantage. Obviously, the leg room underneath it can’t support accommodate a walking treadmill.

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