7 Best Dual Monitor Stand for All Types of Users

Computer ergonomic solutions such as monitor stands provide a lot of convenience for computer users, particularly those who multitask and work on multiple applications, windows, etc., on their computers on a regular basis. They provide so much comfort and flexibility by holding two displays side-by-side in one single pole, leaving users with more space on their desk, keeping their workstation neat and clutter-free. However, with countless of available options out there in the market, particularly online, choosing the best suitable dual monitor solution can be daunting. Also, different types of users require different type of stand and support. This is why we have decided to narrow your choices down to seven best dual monitor stands for all types of users.


Our list includes the basic, budget-friendly stand, fully-adjustable and sit-stand convertible options for the ultimate comfort and choice. Products on this list are ideal for anyone who has to multitask on a daily basis, as dual monitor stand provides convenient and more flexible solution for any workspace. Here’s our list.


7. Easy Mount Dual Monitor Stand

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This mount allows you to mount two monitors as you’d like. It clamps conveniently to your desk. The best part about this dual monitor stand is there are only parts to assembly, making it the easiest and the most convenient stand to put together and set-up. It allows height adjustment for your displays and can hold up to 27-inch LCD widescreen monitors in each side. However, the arms are quite restricted. They don’t offer much adjustments.

It is easy to install and clamps directly to the desk. Check out our in-depth review here.


6. MonMount Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand

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The MonMount Dual LCD monitor stand look and works very much like the Easy Mount dual monitor stand, both are pretty simple, straightforward and affordable as well. Though limited in choices of adjustments, the individual arms of this stand also offers good range of adjustments for most users. Both arms can move independently in full range. It also comes with a very well-designed clamp that secures the stand on your desk, while holding two monitors safely and securely. It comes with cable management system as well, helping users keep their desk free of messy cables and cords.

One of the best things about this product though is that, it comes with very few components, which means it is very easy to assemble and install. Check out our in-depth review here.


5. 3M Easy Adjust Desk Mount Dual Monitor Arm

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The 3M Easy-Adjust Dual Monitor Arm is a straightforward ergonomic solution that does all the basic things, and more. It is made up of dependable and high quality materials, while its design is on par with some of the best monitor stands with articulating arms in the market, as it features smooth and easy adjustments for any attached displays. Users can even position one display on top of the other. It also comes with a “counter balance” mechanism that allows adjustments for the screens, while keeping the base stable and secured.

This product is easy to put together, and monitors are easy to snap in and mount. Check out our in-depth review here.


4. Ergotron DS100

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This dual monitor stand is easily one of the most durable choices in this list. It is well-built and very easy to put together. It can support two monitors of up to 24-inches of size on each side. The strong steel and aluminum construction can hold monitors weighing up to 31 lbs.

It provides a very stable base of support for the two monitor, while the small footprint offers a great way to reduce desk clutter, while providing the productivity through doubled screen real estate. It also comes with a simple but dependable cable management system to route cables neatly. Check out our in-depth review here.


3. Mount-It! MI-762 Dual Monitor Desk Mount Arm

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This monitor stand comes with a spring arm for easy access and attachment and detachment of monitors. It also comes with a built-in spring mechanism to allow easy and smooth monitor height adjustment. Each arms are fully adjustable for the best comfort and optimum ergonomics. Also, it comes with a robust cable management to route cables and cords nice and neatly off the desk, keeping your workstation clutter-free.

Check out our in-depth review here.


2.  Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm

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Another Ergotron product grabbed a spot in our run down – as the LX Dual Stacking Arm offers innovative and practical dual monitor solution. This stand features an articulating arm, which can provide users the best adjustability and ergonomic freedom, while leaving the desk organized and with more space to work on. It can easily switch displays from horizontal to vertical displays, and can even mount a computer screen on top of the other, making it one of the most versatile choices in our list.

The polished aluminum finish provides both elegant look and sturdy construction. The best part about this stand is it can hold either dual monitor setup with two monitors sitting side-by-side, or a monitor with a laptop on the other harm (using the laptop mount kit). It can put displays completely out of the way.

Check out our in-depth review here.


1. Ergotron WorkFit S

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Claiming the top spot of our list, the Ergotron WorkFit S is more than just a regular dual monitor stand. As a matter of fact, it is categorize as a workstation that can transform work desks to customized height-adjustable workstation as it can be used for sitting or standing. It’s perfect for people looking to vary their work positions and combat the negative effects of sedentary lifestyle.


It provides room not just for the monitors, but also for the keyboard and mouse as well, giving users the best position for their hands, shoulders, and neck when working in either sitting or standing position. It easily adjusts (rises and falls) to your preferred height setting, and it is very easy to put together and install. Construction wise, it brags a sleek and clean design, making it the best choice for either office setup or home office small office.

Check out our in-depth review here.

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