7 Best Budget Monitors for 2016

Prices for quality computer monitors have dropped significantly in the past years, even thinner, and fancier displays are now available for very affordable prices. If you haven’t treated yourself to a new monitor for a while, then now is the best time to do so, as there are more than enough affordable choices out there in the market that can provide excellent value for your money. Here is Dual Monitors Guide’s rundown of seven of the best budget monitors for 2016. 


7. ViewSonic VX2452mh

ViewSonic VX2452mh (image from Amazon)

ViewSonic VX2452mh is an example that you don’t need to spend huge chunk of money for a quality gaming monitor. It runs with incredibly fast response time for smoother gaming experience and paired it with incredibly high contrast ratios to cater the needs of gamers on a budget, be it for desktop or game consoles games.

For more about this monitor, check out our ViewSonic VX2452mh here.


6. NEC MultiSync E243WMi

NEC MultiSync E243WMi (image from Amazon)

NEC MultiSync E243WMi is for anyone looking for a decent business monitor for their corporate environment. It is designed to improve work performance, and it uses AH-IPS panel technology for excellent all-around performance.

For more about this monitor, check out our NEC MultiSync E243WMi review here.


5. AOC i2369Vm

AOC i2369Vm (image from Amazon)

The AOC i2369Vm is easily one of the better entry-level 23-inch monitors in the market today. It is well built, delivers superb image quality, and comes with sleek frameless design perfect for dual monitor setup, straight out of the box. Plus, it offers wide selection of I/O ports, along with a decent warranty.

For more about this monitor, check out our AOC i2369Vm review here.


4. Asus VN247H

Asus VN247H (image from Amazon)

Asus VN247H is a budget monitor has no problem running games with ease. It comes with incredibly thin-bezel, making it an excellent choice for dual monitor or even multi-monitor setups. It falls short in colour accuracy though, and its stand has very limited ergonomic features.

For more about this monitor, check out our Asus VN247H review here.


3. Acer GN246HLBbid

Acer GN246HLBbid (image from Amazon)

The Acer GN246HLBbid may be one of the more pricey ones on this list, but if you’re a gamer who don’t want to spend a fortune on a display, then this is a good choice. Colour accuracy is unimpressive though, along with viewing angle performance. But then again, you will be sitting directly in front of your computer when playing games.

For more about this monitor, check out our Acer GN246HLBbid review here.

 2. ViewSonic VX2457-mhd

ViewSonic VX2457-mhd (image from Amazon)

The ViewSonic VX2457-mhd is a budget monitor has no trouble hand handling fast-paced action-packed titles with relative ease, especially if your gaming rig comes with a graphics card with AMD FreeSync technology enabled. Colour accuracy is pretty pleasant, but as with most gaming displays dedicated for faster response time and high refresh rate, viewing angle is not that great. The relatively cheap price will make you want to consider it for your gaming setup though.

For more about this monitor, check out our ViewSonic VX2457-mhd review here.


 1. BenQ RL2460HT

BenQ RL2460HT (image from Amazon)

The BenQ RL2460HT is easily one of the best budget gaming monitors out there in the market. What makes it comes with good colour accuracy reproduction gamut coverage, making it a good monitor for editing images and videos. Also, it comes with an HDMI output, making it a better choice for users who love to play games seriously from time to time and record their adventures and exploits.

For more about this monitor, check out our BenQ RL2460HT review here.

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