7 Best 4K Monitors for Work and Gaming

Whether you’re in need for a razor-sharp 4K monitor for your daily work of editing photos or graphics design, PC gaming, or simply a dependable display that can withstand the daily rigors of office work, Dual Monitors Guide got you covered with this round up of seven best 4K monitors for gaming.

4K is slowly dominating the market right now. Though there are not enough 4K contents available, it is clear that more and more people are jumping into the bandwagon to future-proof their computers with best display possible. This entry lists the best 4K monitors, cheap business monitors, and cheap gaming monitors. Also in the list are the some of the best monitors in 24-inch to 32-inch range. These are monitors that can double as work and gaming displays. Here’s our list.

Top 7: Dell UP2414Q

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The Dell UP2414Q sports a sharp and accurate IPS screen, along with excellent ergonomics, making it easily one of the best 4K monitors in the market today. The extra pixel density suits everyone’s work and play requirements; it has excellent 4K video and photo quality, and can be a really good gaming monitor, given that you pair it with a good and powerful PC. The size is also great for gaming, as users can easily put two or three of these display side-by-side for dual monitor and triple monitor gaming setups.

It lacks some of the workstation basics such as USB ports, while its contrast ratio and contrast level is a bit underwhelming. But these shortcomings can be easily forgiven if you don’t really care about Full HD video-viewing and multimedia works.

All in all, this monitor is a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their work desk with a really nice mid-sized 4K display. Two things that makes Dell UP2414Q a good option is superb color accuracy and affordable price tag. Though contrast is a little disappointing, the 4K performance alone makes this monitors the perfect choice for colour critical work. It’s quite a fantastic product with OS support and GPU that is a little ahead of its time.

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Top 6: Samsung S32D850T

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If you’re looking for a 32-inch large display for your office that you can easily put up, but not too tough on your wallet, then the Samsung S32D850T is a good choice. The 2560x1440p resolution is a step lower than 4K, but it is fully equipped to deliver excellent image quality with good brightness and viewing angles. Not to mention it comes with a fully adjustable and versatile stand that is usually absent in most monitors of its size.

The VA (Vertical Alignment) panel may fall really short for gaming, and though we know we’re listing the best 4K gaming monitors, we felt it is right to include this product on the list because of its versatility and affordable price tag, which most users who want their work monitors to also work well with gaming look for. It comes with a gaming mode which tries to improve performance a bit, but the screen’s response time is still relatively to be considered “gaming”.

The Samsung S32D850T has better image quality than many of its rivals, and overall performance is always dependable. This is a great choice for anyone looking for a huge and lovely display but can’t afford the price for 30-inch 4K monitors.

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Top 5: Viewsonic VP2772

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Another non-4K monitor that cracks in our 4K gaming list is the Viewsonic VP2772. Now before you stop reading and click exit, let us justify the pick first. This product sports an IPS display, which despite of only running at 2560x1440p WQHD resolution, is still the best panel technology for brilliant color accuracy. This monitor is probably the best deal out there for its price. The 27-inch screen has 12-bit color engine, with 14-bit LUT, which should give you a good idea of its professional-grade monitor quality.

Aesthetic wise, there’s nothing head-turning about this product, as its cabinet look utilitarian. However, once you turn it on, you can definitely feel how great it is to work on.

Aside from not being a 4K monitor, it’s very hard to find faults in Viewsonic VP2772. It may be a little expensive, but it certainly provides the best bung for your buck, as it is well-equipped to deliver outstanding performance and quality, with great set of features that any professionals can really take advantage of, along with excellent ergonomics needed for any work desk.

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Top 4: Philips Brilliance BDM4065UC

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With a jaw-dropping size of 40-inches, the Philips Brilliance BDM4065UC is the biggest 4K monitor in this list. This is definitely not your every-day monitor, but it’s the ultimate solution for people who have long dreamed of working on multiple apps and windows simultaneously on a gigantic screen. The intriguing part about this colossal screen is that, it is actually cheaper than many smaller 4K screens.

This Philips monitor looks sleek, sharp and huge, and can easily double as an HDTV. Performance wise, this monitor has excellent image quality. Pair that with the smart design and work-centric features like MultiView technology to conveniently split the enormous screen, and you get the ultimate monitor on your desk.

The size of this monitor may feel quite odd to work on, and its viewing angles may be subject to criticism. Also, it lacks the adjustability and ergonomics, but that’s something you can expect from a monitor of its size. However, this monitor undeniably provides the most out of 4K super resolution quality. Movies and games look really good in its big screen. Also, it comes with a decent pair of 7W speakers, which is quite a nice gesture from Philips, as they know the cabinet alone will take up most of your desk space.

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Top 3: NEC EA244UHD

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The NEC EA244UHD may look utilitarian at first glance, but it is actually a great high-end monitor, good for imaging professionals who are in dire need of excellent colour accuracy, contrast, and black levels. Packing 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160p) resolution in its humble 24-inch screen IPS, this NEC monitor has no trouble delivering sharp and bright images, with excellent viewing angles and exceptional colour accuracy.

It may not be particularly stylish, but it’s the brand’s flagship product for its category simply because of what it’s able to bring to the table. Pixel Response Time may be a little short for hardcore gamers, but they can work well in most action-packed games, with a little blurring of artifacts from here and there. This limitation is common among IPS panels that are almost always built for image quality performance, rather than rendering fast motion artifacts.

The NEC EA244UHD may not be the best screen out there for artists and designers, but it certainly can deliver professional-quality performance with crisp and sharp images. It also comes packed with extensive work-centric features, making it a convenient and dependable companion for design professionals, such as graphic artists, designers and photographers. Also, it mid-sized cabinet is great for dual monitor setups, should you want to work on multiple apps and windows at the same time.

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Top 2: Dell UltraSharp UP3214Q

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The Dell UltraSharp UP3214Q represents the future of 4K Ultra HD monitors – huge 32-inch screen with spectacularly sharp colors and inky blacks. The razor-sharp image quality is definitely a great choice for any professionals working on colour demanding works. Out-of-the-box colour accuracy and grayscale performance are already good, making it convenient for users to work as soon as they get their hands on this display.

Also, this monitor comes with advanced color settings to further fine-tune the image performance. It comes equipped with colour calibration software that can go with third-party colorimeters as well. The stand is fully adjustable, which makes it a very ergonomic screen to work on.

It may be expensive, but Dell is able to deliver to justify the hefty price tag of this product. It simply has better all-around performance than many of its 32-inch 4K competition. Graphic designers, photographers, content creators, etc., will surely appreciate the beauty of Dell UltraSharp UP3214Q.

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Top 1: Samsung UD970

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Samsung UD970 also known as Samsung U32D970Q, is especially designed for serious work and professional design environment. It’s 32-inch 4K screen is exceptionally well-rounded, with image quality performance you can expect from a top-of-the-line screen. The large screen runs contents in crisp and sharp colors, with ridiculous precision, making it a perfect choice for colour critical work. It delivers excellent colour accuracy, with good contrast and superb uniformity.

Though this is not designed for heavy gaming, only those demanding gamers will find issue on its gaming performance. It does however, comes with ‘Faster’ mode, which helps amp the Response Time a little for gamers.

The monitor is lovely to look at – well-built with fine details in every corner. It’s minimalist design makes sure it works well with any desk. It comes pre-assembled out of the box, which is quite a convenient bonus for anyone who hates assembly and setup, and it feels nice and sturdy as well. It’s also fully adjustable, which is impressive, as not many 32-inch monitors come with fully-adjustable stand.

All in all, Samsung UD970 notched the top spot in our list because of the monitor’s versatility, image quality, uniformity and work-centric features.

Check out our full product review here.

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