Advantages of a 21-inch Flat Screen Monitor

A computer system isn't just about the hardware specifications. Sure, you can buy a computer with a quad-core processor with 8 GB of RAM and say that you can be a lot more productive than a midrange laptop. However, the peripherals are also important including the monitor.

No matter how powerful your system is, the monitor can be a limiter depending on what things you need to do. This should convince you to get a large monitor but how large the monitor should be is a valid question.

A standard widescreen 17-inch monitor looks pretty big and is actually enough for many users. These monitors are also reasonably priced and many top brands like to sugarcoat them with nice features like energy saving capabilities and improved color. A 21 flat screen monitor looks even more spectacular and possibly overwhelming but there are more advantages that you may not immediately recognize.

Aesthetic Style

Though this can be a matter of opinion, most computer users would agree that newer models of flat screen monitors available in the market today are much more pleasing to the eyes and can fit nicely to anyone’s workspace and interior.

1080p Potential

Many 21 inch monitors provide support for 1920x1080 resolutions and that is a critical resolution if you want to have a decent multimedia experience.

If you are fond of watching high definition movies, you can watch these movies in full screen without the need of scaling. The same can be said with modern 2D and 3D games that support HD resolutions if you have a decent video card. Using a higher resolution means that you can see a lot more of the gaming environment and the graphics look crisper especially when you tone up the graphics details. If your video card meets the recommended requirements of the game, you shouldn't suffer from any frame rate issues.

Better Full Screen Experiences

A high resolution like 1080x1920 is also good if you want to work with certain applications.

Photoshop is a nice example because this popular application encourages you to edit photos and some of these photos can be several megapixels large. You will need a large screen if you want to do precise edits without relying on the zooming features too much. A 21-inch monitor serves as a nice balance between affordability and functionality. Even something as simple as a web browser is good for a 21 flat screen monitor. When you maximize the browser window, you will see a lot more of the webpage compared to a 17-inch monitor.

Improved Multitasking

As long as you have plenty of RAM, you should be able to run many applications at once. But if you are using a 17-inch monitor, there are higher chances of being forced to minimize some windows just so you can work with other windows.

Your only workaround is making all of your windows smaller which is quite counterproductive for some people. By having that comfortable 1920x1080 resolution, you should be able to work with more windows without the need of much downsizing and minimizing.

Monitor manufacturers continue to roll out new monitor designs so you might find 21-inch monitors that support higher resolutions or even better features. These monitors may take up more desk space but you can work a lot better with them. 

Ergonomics and Space-Saving

New monitor models today are only a couple of inches deep. Because they don’t come with a bulky build, flat panel computer monitors leave more space on anyone’s desk. Older models of computer monitors come with deep and wide body, making it quite a space-hugger in cubicle environments.

Also, because they are compact and occupies less space, it makes using dual monitor and multiple monitors a lot easier. Today's flat screen computer monitors are so ultra-thin that they need just little space and can easily adjust for viewing.

Versatile Mounting

Because they are lightweight and occupy less space, they can be raised off the desk and leave you more space to work on. With the help of accessories like monitor arms and stands, they can be mounted easily on spaces where bigger screens would not fit, be it on walls or even on the ceiling. This is perfect for dual monitors or multiple monitors.

Energy Efficiency

LCD monitors require less energy. This is because the LCD technology they use consists of a panel which is lit by a backlight, creating a visible image. This backlight is usually in a form of fluorescent lamp, while modern displays use LED (light emitting diode). Both lights require less power to run. Flat screen monitors consume 50% to 80% less power compared to CRT monitors, enough to make a difference in your monthly energy consumption. It can also be calibrated to ensure it is not wasting any energy.

Longer Life

The life of an LCD computer monitor depends on the life of the backlights, which is composed of one or more minute fluorescent tubes or LEDs. Older models can last up to 5000 hours, while newer models can live and run for as long as ten years. And it can be lengthened by lowering brightness and contrast levels that you can tolerate.

Affordable and Practical

In the past couple of years, prices for LCD monitors, even for the top brands, has been decreasing, making way for more and more computer users to switch from the old CRT to newer models of LCD flat screen monitor. They are more affordable than ever and they are energy efficient, making them the more practical option in the long run.


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